Nourishment- Nature, Nutrition, Hiking, Piyo and Art.

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Christie Elliott
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4 reviews
Oct 21 - 23, 2022
Group size: 6 - 9
Nourishment- Nature, Nutrition, Hiking, Piyo and Art.
Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Christie Elliott
  • Email address verified
4 reviews

Oct 21 - 23, 2022
Group size: 6 - 9

About this trip

           (Christie Elliott Host/Guide)     

            This weekend you will experience nourishment for your body, mind, and soul. This is a hands on sensory journey using nature, cooking, and physical activity, located in the quaint town of Medicine Park, Oklahoma. Medicine Park is a small charming community filled with cobblestone structures, eateries, small shops, and a town lake that runs throughout. It is also the gateway to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge with acres of granite rock to explore, lots of wildlife including buffalo, and many quiet places waiting to be found.

        (Kelli and Darrell Myatt-Chef/Piyo/Bartender)

         You will learn how to prepare a flavorful plant based organic meal and drinks (non and alcohol based). You'll make a delicious, organic and healthy Margarita, plus a seasonal mocktail using fresh herbs and local kombucha. We will also talk about what makes a wine Vegan while watching Darrell entertain with his bartending flair. We are offering physical movement through Piyo, Pilates/Yoga combination , and mindful hiking in town and in the refuge. When we move our bodies and are in the moment our perspectives and nervous systems make a shift to benefit our health.  

          (Karen Foster-Artist and Painting Teacher)

           Neographic art moves your mind into a therapeutic state that helps you explore, relax and have fun. This art form is a way to capture how the inner being reacts to the outer world. Neurographical art is a way to transform the fear and chaos of our world into something more calming and peaceful.

           (Emily Tuck-Life Coach/Energy Medicine Wellness Practitioner)

            Emotional First Aid and Energy Psychology is a practical and wonderful tool to use for balance in your daily life. You will learn some of these techniques to better your stressors, trauma, or help in the mind body connection.  You will be able to take home a new interest, tool, or awareness to encourage a healthier or inspired lifestyle. You will make new connections with self, others, and the Wichita Mountains.

Kelli and Darrell Myatt

Kelli Myatt is a naturalist who has lived a plant based lifestyle for decades and has traveled the world, experiencing a multitude of culinary flavors. Kelli has created a program to help people detoxify and reset their bodies through whole foods, which in turn helps shift toxic mental and emotional eating habits into sustainable, life-changing, healthy behaviors! From generously sharing her recipes & prepping hacks to coaching people to be their best, Kelli’s dream has grown from her start at a local farmers market to owning and operating a full service cafe and bar! She is certified through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Plant Based Nutrition at ECornell University, she has owned and operated a restaurant since 2017, and has created hundreds of recipes for customized detox plans.

Kelli walks the walk by tending her own organic garden, teaching and taking Ballet, Pilates & Yoga classes, hiking, traveling, and living a faith filled life of gratitude. Her mission statement is, "To educate, inspire, and empower people to obtain optimal health through a clean, Plant Based lifestyle. "   


Kelli is a certified Group Fitness, Pilates, and Aquafit instructor with 35 years of teaching experience! She was trained by Romana Kryzinowski who was the only living prodigy of Joseph Pilates. (She recently passed away at the age of 90.) Piyo is a pilates and yoga combination for all levels and physical accommodations. This will be a one hour class.

 Darrell Myatt  has enjoyed mixing and serving drinks for a wide variety of people across four states. For thirty-eight years he has served in countless restaurant/bars, resorts, and iconic entertainment venues including Walt Disney World, The Gaylord Texan, and Cowboys Stadium.

Darrell and Kelli are co-owners of The Healthy Hippie Cafe & Bar in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. Their mission is to shine the Light of health in mind, body and spirit to all who they encounter.

Karen Foster

 Karen paints in response to the people and places she loves. Her work is an interpretation of the sacred, the humorous, and even the mundane.  She draws inspiration from close relationships and physical surroundings including personal photographs and sketches which capture her unique perspective. In her work you see many objects found in nature with an approach of drawing the image out from the painting while focusing solely on the negative space. This sets Karen’s art style apart from others. While her painting began as a personal creative outlet, her work was quickly noticed and recognized by the Greater Fort Worth arts community. Her work has been on display throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Karen has led a life driven by creative expression, particularly painting. In any given year you will find her attending artist residencies, mentoring young painters, teaching fine art classes, or most often off somewhere with her head buried in her sketch book. 

Artist Statement

"There’s a saying that encompasses my love of painting."

Art speaks where words are unable to explain’ – Mathiole

"Each of my pieces carry a part of me I long to share with the world and captures my heart, my thoughts better than my words ever could."

"I am never at a loss as to what to depict in my work. I am instead overwhelmed with choices from all aspects of life. I am in inspiration overload."

Christie Elliott

Christie is organizer of Good Vibrations Wellness Retreats and manager of Earthkeeper cabin. She loves to share this gem in the Wichita Mountains. Bringing people together for a magical or new experience is a dream she has had for years. Christie has been working with clients for 31 years in the salon industry. Her journey in yoga and meditation began 20 years ago which led to a yoga certification in 2009. She is currently working on her Reiki masters level 3 certification. Yoga, meditation, and reiki can benefit and heal the mind, body, and soul/spirit. She is passionate about art, nature, and travel. She enjoys helping others gain self confidence, self awareness, and connecting spiritually through mindfulness in nature and activities. She believes mental health is important and improved through a small loving and supporting group setting.

"When we step outside of our daily box we can see things from new eyes and have a shift in our heart and mind. We have the ability to create daily health for positive vibrations in our self and each other."

Emily Tuck


Emily Tuck is an Energy Medicine and Mental Health and Wellness Practitioner.   She is also a Certified Life Coach, and an Ordained Minister.

Emotional First Aid is an evidence-based technique using breathwork and tapping acupuncture points on the body to calm the nervous system's response to stress and trauma.  

We will learn how to use Emotional First Aid in every day living to navigate and reduce stress when it affects the body's systems.  We will also learn how to use our emotions as a compass to connect us with our values.   When we can turn an emotional reaction into a response, and apply strategic action to meet a value, our lives become less stressful, and more joyful!     A booklet of additional techniques and information on the Mind Body connection will be yours to take home after the session.

What’s included

  • Most meals/coffee tea
  • Piyo
  • Hiking
  • Mixology
  • Cooking class
  • Hot tub
  • Lodging

What’s not included

  • Saturday lunch
  • Transportation
  • extra drinks or snacks
  • hiking shoes
    or shoes with good tread

Available Packages

Earthkeeper Top Bunkbed

Downstairs room in the cabin where the sessions will be located with a shared bathroom. This room has 2 bunkbeds and this is for a Top bunkbed. Meals included and all sessions. 

Deposit: $200
Earthkeeper Cabin Lower bunkbed

Bottom bunkbed in a shared room with 2 bunks and a shared bathroom downstairs located in the house where sessions will take place. Meals included and all sessions.  

Deposit: $200
Earthkeeper Cabin Queen size bed

 Downstairs room in the cabin where the sessions will be located with a shared bathroom.  Meals included and all sessions.   

Deposit: $200
Cottage bedroom 1 Queen bed

This cottage is next door to the Earthkeeper cabin. This room has a queen bed with a shared bathroom. Meals included and all sessions.   

Deposit: $200
Cottage bedroom 2 Loft queen

 The cottage is next door the the Earthkeeper. This room has a queen bed with a shared bathroom and the bed is upstairs in a big loft space. It also has a sofa, sink, and sleeper chair. This room could accommodate a friend for an additional 425.00  Meals included and all sessions.    

Deposit: $200
Cottage bedroom 3 Master king

  This cottage is next door to the Earthkeeper. This room has a king bed and a master stand up shower bathroom. Meals included and all sessions.     

Deposit: $200


Day 1

3:00pm    Check in at Cottage or Earthkeeper Cabin

4:00pm    Welcome meet at the Earthkeeper Cabin

Intention setting

5:30pm     Mt Scott sunset

7:15pm      Experience what it takes to make a creative plant based organic meal, cocktails, and enjoy eating together. 

9:00pm     Star gaze in the hot tub

Your Organizer

Christie Elliott
4 reviews
I have a passion for creating retreats for people for wellness and adventure. Being in good mental health and finding beauty in art, nature, and the daily things brings me joy.


Fabulous weekend. Relaxing, inspiring, healing, informative, wonderful cabin, laughter. Christie and Lori are wonderful hosts. Thanks and looking forward to our next adventure! Loved!!!!
By Twana S for Autumn Unwind- Adventure and Healing on Oct 14, 2023
What an amazing experience! From the very first activity to the final goodbyes it was such a fun, and unique trip. I enjoyed the hiking, sound bath, drumming, despacho, yoga, reiki, & cacao ceremony all equally for different reasons. To be able to spend the weekend with such a fantastic group of ladies, most of whom I didn’t know and leave knowing I made friends and feel connected to them through the shared experience we had, is just the cherry on top. Christie and Lori really covered all the bases. There was lots of activities, but still plenty of time to just relax or journal. The accommodations in the cabin are great. The views alone are enough to just want to sit an soak it all in. I would highly recommend.
By Liz R for Winter Reset Retreat on Feb 18, 2023
Wow what a wonderful review. We agree, a magical weekend shared for us all!
By Christie Elliott on Feb 20, 2023
I thought the whole weekend was perfect. Lodging, food, activities were on point, even with a closed road, hostess’s back up plan was phenomenal. Would do it again and again!
By Cyndy B for Winter Reset Retreat on Feb 02, 2023
You added so much to the group and thank you for the feedback and open for the adventure!
By Christie Elliott on Feb 02, 2023
The Good Vibes Retreat was just what I needed to reset in nature and enjoy special time with new friends (and old) who remind us that we are here for a greater reason...connection. Through hiking, mediation, cacao ceremony, yoga, and shared time together, I had such an amazing experience with a phenomenal group of ladies. The hostesses did a wonderful job making sure everyone had everything they needed and were super comfortable. Can't wait to attend another retreat!
By Cathleen M for Good Vibrations Wellness Retreat on Aug 18, 2022
Thank you so much for you bright spirit you added to the group. Had a lovely time with you.
By Christie Elliott on Aug 18, 2022