Nov 6 - 20 // Transformative RYT200 Isla Mujeres // Steph Spitzer

      Isla Mujeres, Q.R., México

      81 reviews
      Nov 6 - 20, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 25
      Nov 6 - 20 // Transformative RYT200 Isla Mujeres // Steph Spitzer
      Isla Mujeres, Q.R., México

      81 reviews

      Nov 6 - 20, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 25

      About this trip

      Join Kootenay Yoga School in the unmatchable tranquility of the Isla Mujeres. A transformative and immersive experience that is designed to honor the shift you so are seeking.

      Picturesque beaches, warm waters, and a colorful community rich with culture. This 200-hour course is designed to inspire, challenge, and encourage internal growth. Join Stephania Spitzer in paradise and experience all that this comprehensive course can offer to you, while on your journey towards deepening your practice 

      What We Will Cover

      The 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Foundations course is designed to deepen your practice and give you the tools to guide your very own dynamic, original, safe and well-rounded yoga class upon graduation. Practice, Practice, Practice will be the central theme for this 15 day-long training. Daily practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation and by engaging in discussion, debate, and discourses the aim is to go beyond the theoretical and to embody the multidimensional yoga experience. After graduation student/teachers will be teaching from personal experiences rather than a memorized scripted  


      This program follows the guidelines as required by Yoga Alliance.  Here is the breakdown of hours : 

      Techniques, training, and practice - 100 hours

      Teaching and methodology - 25 hours

      Anatomy and physiology - 20 hours

      Yoga philosophy, ethics, lifestyle - 30 hours

      Practicum - 10 hours

      The Styles We Will Cover

      This program covers many styles and provides a well rounded level of exposure.  The program will primarily focus on : 





      A Typical Day At Kootenay Yoga School

      6:00 am - 8:00 am - Morning practice and meditation

      8:00 am - 9:00 am - Breakfast

      9:00 am - 12 pm - Morning classes

      12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Lunch

      1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Afternoon sessions

      4:00pm - 6:00 pm Evening practice and meditation

      6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Dinner

      7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Evening discussion

      8:30 pm - Lights out

      Risks And Dangers To Consider


      While we aim to maintain a tranquil and healthy environment for our students, there are various risks associated with travel and participation.  Risks can include, but are not limited to :

      1.  Injury in participation - While we guide our students through safe techniques, it is not impossible to suffer an injury while participating in  this program.  We must insist that students maintain medical insurance adequate for travel and potential out of country medical care.

      2.  Dehydration - The school will provide unlimited filtered drinking water, and tea.  It is important to listen to your body and keep your consumption of fluid up.  Students will find they need to drink substantially more water, and often add in electrolytes.

      3.  Dangers off-site and in transit - Isla Mujeres is known throughout Mexico and the Caribbean as a safe and tranquil location to vacation and explore.  With that said, there are dangers in any community.  Kootenay Yoga School is not responsible for any accident on or off the school property.  We ask that students explore with caution, enjoy the island with a friend or two, and use careful judgement around off-site activities. 

      4.  Covid - Although the island has traditionally had very low cases of covid, there is still the risk of contracting this while in the program or in transit.  We insist that students notify us immediately if they have any symptoms of illness.  In the case that symptoms align with those of Covid 19, students will be required to take a test and isolate.  Kootenay Yoga School is not responsible for costs associated with this, but will assist students in completing the program or making up missed educational hours where possible.

      5.  Mosquito illness - Isla Mujeres has had cases and seasons where various mosquito illnesses are present.  These illnesses can include Zika, Chikungunya, and most commonly Denque Fever.  While these illnesses are often not serious, in some cases they are.  We ask that students research the risks and speak with their trusted medical professional should they have questions specific to the risk associated with these illnesses.  Kootenay Yoga School will maintain a regular spray schedule at the school, and will provide supplementary mosquito repelling products - but in general students are responsible for supplying these things.  Kootenay Yoga School is not responsible for medical care ore expenses associated with a mosquito illness.  Here are a few excellent sites to learn more about theses risks:

      Dengue fever - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic 

      Your Lead

      Stephania Spitzer (E-RYT 200, RYT 500) yoga teacher from Mexico City. Passionate about yoga for more than 15 years. She has experienced in her personal life the transformative power of breath, mindfulness, meditation and asana, her beginnings with Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga helped her to make an effective connection with her body.

      Stephania is an Experienced Yoga Alliance certified 500h teacher. She completed 200 YTT in Tulum, Mexico where she lived for over a year teaching and hosting retreats and workshops. In 2019 she moved to India to complete 300 YTT and from then on she's been living half-year in India half time in Mexico hosting teacher trainings, retreats and workshops.

      Her training includes professional workshops on teaching vinyasa flow and advanced asana, restorative yoga, deeper meditation, subtle body, yoga philosophy, anatomy, the art of sequencing.

      She has created unique flowing classes that connect postures with breath and provide dynamism and creativity. Guiding students to reconnect with their body and experience internal and external changes.

      Her philosophy when it comes to teaching a yoga class is to forever remain a student. Her goal is to simply be a mediator, to pass along knowledge that she is constantly seeking to absorb. To her, yoga is all about practice; it’s the idea that you can see something that looks impossible and go on a journey to make it possible.

      What’s included

      • 200HR Training
      • Manual
      • Accommodation
      • Meals

      Available Packages

      Single Occupancy (shared bath)
      4 left
      Deposit: $1,000
      Shared Occupancy (Max 4)
      Deposit: $1,000

      Your Organizer

      Kootenay Yoga School
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      Stephania was an amazing teacher that not only taught the materials but included her personal touches to make concepts and the experience more meaningful and memorable. The facility was nice and the staff working there were very attentive to make sure the participants were comfortable.
      By Kayo I for Nov 7 - 21 Transformative RYT200 - Isla Mujeres on Dec 05, 2023
      Round Trip travel was smooth and made the traveling experience stress free.
      By Kayo I for Transport Airport To Training - One Way / Round Trip on Dec 05, 2023
      Accommodation - I stayed in their upgraded villa option about a 3 minute walk away (Villas Coco) for the AC and single room. So glad I did - the rooms were spacious with a kitchenette, balcony and shared pool. October wasn’t as hot as summer months and glad we got a decent breeze during our second week, it cooled down so nicely some of the nights. Food/ kitchen staff - like many others reviewed, the food was top notch and one of the selling points for me. As someone who isn’t vegetarian/vegan, I didn’t miss meat at all. Every meal was filling, healthy, delicious, and loved the smoothies/ agua frescas with every meal. The program coordination staff is attentive, helpful, and sprinkles thoughtful surprises throughout - I appreciated the love and little details put into it. Our teacher Stephania has over a decade of experience and is super passionate about yoga teaching, philosophy, and especially anatomy. The fact that she’s studied, practiced, and spends a significant amount of time in India gives her a lot of credibility and was one of the reasons I picked this particular program timing. However, her teaching style is pretty tough and strict, and one of the biggest challenges we had was her tone/attitude and not feeling empowered to ask questions (or make comments) due to inadequate responses. It made for a difficult two weeks, especially for already intensive 12 hour days, where I’d expect a warm, welcoming, and safe environment. Also, be prepared since there is significant time spent outside and no AC, there will be several mosquitoes (bug spray!), and likely sitting on the floor for long periods during lecture. Overall, I learned a great deal, connected with the other students meaningfully, and feel proud to have received my certification.
      By Linda B for Linda B. / Private Occupancy / Inspired RYT200 Program-Isla Mujeres on Oct 31, 2023
      This trip was incredible and I will remember this experience forever. The staff were amazing and their kindness did not go unnotcied. Everything from a cleaned room everyday, to delicious meals- I couldn't get enough! It was great to be able to connect so well with my other classmates and we have already made plans to connect in the future. The facility was also wonderful and felt right at home pretty quickly. Overall, I'm grateful to have had this experience and would recommend this trip to anyone who has a passion for yoga and learning!
      By Natasha B for Transport Airport To Training - One Way / Round Trip on Oct 17, 2023
      So grateful for this experience! Marcia did an excellent job introducing us to the science of Yoga, I learned to much and still feel deeply touched by it. The Asana sessions in the morning were absolulety amazing, I am still missing our morning routines! It was certainly a life changing experience - thanks to all the wonderful souls I have met! And also a special thanks to the hard-working staff in the kitchen looking after us - the food was simply delicious! Every day we enjoyed different, creative, fresh vegan meals - loved every single one! However, I still need to mention one concern: if you are struggeling with heat, August might not be a good time of the year for the course. It was insanely hot and humid, you are outdoors all day and also the rooms don`t have AC. Some of us had difficulties to deal with the heat - the only thing you can really do about it is swim in the sea several times a day. If I would have known, I would have probably chosen a cooler time of the year.
      By Wiebke K for Aug 5-19 Transformative RYT200 - Isla Mujeres on Sep 18, 2023
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      What an incredible experience. The staff at Kootenay provide the highest level of care. They go above and beyond to accommodate their students and ensure the highest standards in their meals and education. EJ was an incredible teacher and so encouraging. I felt so welcomed and at home in Joshua Tree. Thank you Lisa, Addy, and EJ!
      By Ava E on 30 Aug, 2023
      I have completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training with Kootenay Yoga School at their beautiful location in Isla Mujeres Mexico (a small Island in the Caribbean Sea). Where to start? Sign up and be totally comfortable that u’ll have the best experience. The location is in a jungle vibe, modest, clean & organized. The food is vegetarian, organic, super healthy prepared by a talented young lady - Addy the owner’s daughter, who works hard to make sure every dietary requirement is met. Lisa, the owner, is a professional woman who is very meticulous and follows up with every detail, making the experience worthy. The whole team, from Kandice, Silvia, to the kitchen staff are very helpful and kind. Stephania (Steff) our teacher made every lesson interesting and enjoyable, the fire and energy in her, the knowledge she shared in Anatomy, was outstanding as if a doctor is explaining. The course is intensive, however, well divided throughout the days. Steff is also flexible and no matter how tired one is, we would put the effort to be punctual in her classes and enjoy the information shared. I was lucky to be with amazing people from different countries and cultures, we clicked and had so much fun together. Yes, it’s hot and humid and u need mosquito repellent. It’s not that bad at all. The beach is 5’ walk from the school and it’s breathtaking. So is Punta Sur most easternmost point of Mexico and u get to see numerous iguanas in that region too. I felt so safe in the school and the whole island. 💜🧘🏻‍♀️
      By Roula H on 18 Nov, 2022