Oaxaca Trip Short

Oaxaca, Mexico

Dec 14 - 18, 2021
Group size: 2 - 12
Oaxaca Trip Short
Oaxaca, Mexico

Dec 14 - 18, 2021
Group size: 2 - 12

About this trip

On this add-on trip to Oaxaca right after our Mexico City Trip, we’ll get to meet several of these traditional cooks and taste their food, while also visiting local markets to get a deeper sense of the ingredients they use and the efforts being made to safeguard them. We’ll also go beyond the kitchen, learning about Oaxaca’s long tradition as an artistic center, even getting a chance to try our own hands at one of most famous local art forms. Of course, this being Oaxaca, we’ll also spend a day taking a deep dive into the fascinating world of mezcal, the agave-based spirit that is an essential element of Oaxacan life and culture. We’ll finish our trip with a hands-on lesson on making Oaxaca’s most famous creations, mole – a dish that, much this Mexican region’s rich culinary heritage itself, is the result of numerous ingredients being lovingly and carefully mixed together.

What’s included

  • Accommodation
    All accommodation throughout the trip in stylish, boutique hotels.
  • Food & Drink
    All meals and drinks included in CB activities. A belt-popping experience.
  • Ground Transportation
    Private coach for visits inside and outside the center city.
  • Admission
    Admission to all proposed activities, locations, and events.
  • Guides
    Professional guides throughout the entire experience.
  • Air travel
    Transportation and flights to and from Oaxaca.
  • Airport transfers
    Not included but can be arranged.
  • Travel Insurance
    Can recommend providers.
  • Visas
    If applicable

Available Packages

Shared Room
Available until November 26, 20219 left
Deposit: $500
Single Room
Available until November 26, 20219 left
Deposit: $500


Day 1:
Arrival & Welcome

Oaxaca is a city of history and tradition, especially when it comes to its cooking. After settling into our hotel, we’ll walk together to Catedral, a classic Oaxaca restaurant, located inside an old mansion, that’s been celebrating this history and tradition with great skill since 1976.

Your Organizer

Culinary Backstreets
Culinary Backstreets, a global guide to local eats that publishes restaurant reviews and features on local culinary culture. They bring these stories to life on culinary tours and special events, offered in 12 cities around the world, and have extensive international experience with all things gastronomical.