October 9 Ayahuasca + Plant Medicine Diet w/ Sanango or Tobacco

Jenaro Herrera, Peru

14 reviews
Oct 9 - 20, 2022
Group size: 1 - 8
October 9 Ayahuasca + Plant Medicine Diet w/ Sanango or Tobacco
Jenaro Herrera, Peru

14 reviews

Oct 9 - 20, 2022
Group size: 1 - 8

About this trip

Immerse yourself in traditional Amazonian ayahuasca ceremonies and plant dietas in a safe, tranquil environment guided by highly-experienced Maestros with professional facilitation.

See more at Casa Del Maestro Plant Medicine Center.

About the Plant Dieta:

This program includes a plant medicine dieta with Sanango or Tobacco. Dietas often take participants much deeper than ayahuasca ceremonies alone. The process requires a commitment on behalf of the participant that includes a series of behavioral restrictions that one is required to follow before, during and after the dieta. Please make sure you are committed to the entire process!

The dieta lasts for eight days, consisting of 3 ceremonies with your elected plant: Sanango or Tobacco. Ceremonies are held at 3 a.m., with the effects of the medicines lasting through the next day. On the eighth day the dieta is "cut" with salt and normal food is reintroduced into the body. This will also begin a series of ayahuasca ceremonies over the following three nights.

Food for the dieta follows the traditional guidelines: plain, bland food free of any salt, spices or sauces. You can expect mild river fish, plain chicken, yucca, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs and white rice.

Dieta participants are also to refrain from physical contact with others, and there will be limited participation in retreat activities. Dieters are required to remain free of sexual activity during the dieta and for 30 days afterwards, as well as 30 days without the use of any drugs or alcohol, including other plant medicines.

For more information Sanango and Tobacco dietas, view our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    Simple, private room in shared lodging with shared bathrooms
  • Meals
    All meals are included throughout the duration of your stay. Meals are prepared in accordance to safe ayahuasca dietary restrictions. Dietary preferences available (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)
  • Local Transportation
    Round trip transportation between Iquitos and Casa Del Maestro in Jenaro Herrera
  • Translation
    English-Spanish translation
  • Program Facilitation
    Professional facilitation and assistance during ceremonies and throughout your stay
  • Medicine Preparation
    Help prepare plant medicines (when available)
  • Retreat Activites
    Group discussions, questions with the Maestro, trip to local swimming area, walks on the property. Activities vary by program
  • Flights
    International flights to Lima, Peru and domestic flights from Lima to Iquitos, Peru
  • Hotels in Iquitos
    Hotel stay while in Iquitos before or after the retreat

Your Organizer

Casa Del Maestro
14 reviews
Casa Del Maestro is a family-run plant medicine center located outside of Genaro Herrera, Peru. It is owned and operated by Maestro Don Alberto Torres Davila and three generations of his extended family. Situated about 4 km outside the village on private land, Casa Del Maestro represents a return to the origin of Don Alberto's lineage and the roots of his plant medicine tradition.


We had a great time, wonderful people and a beautiful place. If you want to see magic happening, this is the place to go.
By Nelson B for May 1 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on 11 May, 2022
My experience with the team at Casa del Sol was amazing. I had read about ayahuasca, been told by people, most of whom had never done it but were sharing experiences told to them by people who had while a few had experienced it themselves, did not measure up to the incredibly positive time I had with Matt, Anya, Mimi and Maestro and the rest of the supporting people at the retreat. The other participants were supportive and added to my journey. I can’t say who should go nor would I want to except to say that should you go, then go with an open heart and mind, and it will be amazing!
By Clarke F for April 17 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on 04 May, 2022
The plant medicine offered here is legit, as are the practitioners who serve and work with it. The food was great and the lodgings comfortable. Many thanks to Maestro Don Alberto and the team of Casa del Maestro!
By zach o for April 17 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on 04 May, 2022
Working with Maestro don Alberto, Maestro Eliseo, Matt and Anya has been a life-changing experience. Their medicine is profoundly deep, brilliant, and, above all, safe. I have explored ayahuasca medicine circles for five years, I have seen the good and the bad, and the integrity that Maestro and his team demonstrates is beyond compare. It has been my honor to work with Uchu Sanango and Ayahuasca in their care, and I plan on continuing this work for all the healing and growth offers. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you are thinking of dieting plants or working with ayahuasca, do yourself a favor and avoid other shamans or centers that might do more harm than good. Go to Casa Del Maestro.
By Ryan C for March 27 Ayahuasca + Plant Medicine Diet w/ Sanango or Tobacco on 11 Apr, 2022
The retreat was incredibly beautiful, it was a very authentic experience held in a safe and supportive container. Grateful to the Matt, Anna and Maestro Don Alberto and his son Eliseo for holding such wonderful space. Highly recommend, especially doing the plant dieta. Gracias 🙏🏻
By Nikita K for February 13 Ayahuasca Retreat with Optional Plant Dieta on 02 Mar, 2022
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