Ojai Valley Weekend Yoga & Hike Retreat

Ojai, CA, USA

Lotus Retreats
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21 reviews
Mar 4 - 7, 2021
Group size: 4 - 10
Ojai Valley Weekend Yoga & Hike Retreat
Ojai, CA, USA

Lotus Retreats
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21 reviews

Mar 4 - 7, 2021
Group size: 4 - 10

About this trip

Gather around for 4-days & 3-nights in the sacred Ojai Valley with Loren  & Katelyn and an intimate group.

With everything going on, there is nothing more important than learning how to tune in with your body—& devoting time to daily practices of healing connection to ourselves & connection with each other. This healing weekend retreat will offer you nourishing yoga, morning practices, sacred circles, meditations, & guided journeys with sound, cacao and community. Plus, a sacred fire pit & hot tub!

We'll gather for a long weekend of shared practice in the magical land of Ojai surrounded by an energy vortex and abundance of healing properties. Each day there will be free time to wander about and explore the magic of Ojai Valley. We encourage you to take walks, separate from our hikes, sit outside in the crisp sunshine and find relaxation in Ojai Valley's majestic scenery.

Your Hosts

Loren Lotus & Katelyn Means will be your hosts for the weekend to share their knowledge and passion of Yoga & sacred practices.

Meet Loren Lotus

Your host Loren Lotus has hosted over 15 retreats around the world with Lotus Retreats! She's a passionate yogi, facilitator and event organizer who puts her entire heart and soul into curating spaces for community to gather. Loren will be sharing daily Yoga classes to get into our bodies, clear energy and make space for new wisdom to be shared. She is also an avid Kirtan singer and will be sharing the medicine of music, movement & meditation throughout the weekend. 

Meet Katelyn Means

Katelyn's classes are known for the medicine that they provide: Yoga Alchemy. A nervous system reset. An aligned, intentional flow with a side of dance medicine & inner child play. Here we detoxify & purify our minds, our spirit, our essence. Here we arrive fully in truth as ourselves... & that is far more than enough. With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Reiki Attunement & Yoga Certification, Katelyn carries an extensive knowledge of the physical, spiritual & energetic bodies.


Daily Yoga classes with dynamic movements, meditations and music will be offered to get our bodies grooving and flowing in a healthy manner. We'll use mornings for Vinyasa flows and evenings for Restorative Yin. Evenings will also be accompanied by sound healing & sacred Cacao ceremony. 


Ancient sound healing has been used for many centuries through the creation of musical melodies that elevate and activate the chakra systems in the body. Similar to the sun, crystal singing bowls carry and emit a life force energy that sparks cellular change and light absorption of our DNA, on a molecular level. From this high vibrational space, true healing and expansion occur, allowing for personal awakening & elevation of the soul. Welcome to ultimate euphoria. High vibrational sounds from 7 chakra aligned, 99.9% pure quartz crystal bowls & other sound healing elements will be played allowing for a sacred, healing space.

Cacao Ceremony; 

We'll sip yummy, sacred Cacao, fresh from Lake Atitlan, cleanse our energies from whatever needs to be released and set strong, heartfelt intentions & prayers for the coming year ahead. When we gather in sacred ceremonies, we set a space for healing, prayer & expression through intention setting, devotional chanting, dancing & a safe container to love & share yourself. We will be using this sacred plant as a catalyst for tapping into creative expression through movement and mantra as a source of connection to ourselves, our community & spirit within.


Enjoy 5 hand-prepared, organic meals in our very own kitchen! 

The meals will be tailored towards optimal health and well-being using warm ingredients while grounding, nourishing and revitalizing the body.

Lunches on Friday & Saturday will be on your own. You can enjoy a restaurant or cafe in the town of Ojai or you can bring your own food to prepare a meal in the kitchen!

Friday night, we will arrange for a group dinner in town! We'll make the reservation and allow everyone to make their own selections of food & drinks while we are together. 

Sample Itinerary

Thursday - Arrivals, Welcome Ceremony, Yoga & Dinner

Friday - Yoga, Breakfast, Hike, Lunch, Free time, Yoga, Group Dinner, Sound Healing

Saturday -Yoga, Breakfast, Hike, Lunch, Free Time, Yoga, Closing Dinner, Cacao Ceremony & Kirtan

Sunday - Yoga, Breakfast, Hike & Explore town before departures 

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    4-days and 3-nights in a private home
  • Daily Yoga Classes
    6 Yoga Classes; 3 Vinyasa and 3 Evening Restorative/Yin with Katelyn & Loren
  • Daily Hikes
    2 Hikes on Friday & Saturday
  • Sound Journey
    Evening Sound-healing with Katelyn
  • Cacao Ceremony
    Sacred Cacao ceremony & Kirtan with Loren
  • 5 Meals
    Daily breakfasts, 2 Dinners included

Available Packages

Shared (Triple) Occupancy
Sold Out

This occupancy includes a shared room style. There are 3 twin beds and shared bathrooms.

First come first serve in regards to bed preferences.

All remaining payments are due 14 days prior to the event start on February 18th, 2021.

Deposit: $500
Shared (Double) Occupancy
only 3 left

This occupancy includes a shared room style. There are queen beds and king beds that can be split into two single twin beds. First come first serve in regards to bed preferences.

Please note you may share a queen or king size bed with another if you choose. 

All remaining payments are due 14 days prior to the event start on February 18th, 2021.

Deposit: $500
Private (Single) Occupancy
only 3 left

If you prefer a private space for yourself throughout the weekend, this is the option for you! 

Enjoy your own King sized bed and private room. All other spaces will be shared with others. 

All remaining payments are due 14 days prior to the event start on February 18th, 2021.

Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Lotus Retreats
21 reviews
Expand and enhance your vision of the world and your practice of Yoga with a Lotus Retreats week in paradise! Our retreat weeks offer a diversity of yoga classes, philosophy, workshops, sacred ceremonies, Kirtan music and enlightening group activities to deepen all areas of your physical, spiritual, and mental being. We combine the practice of Yoga in connection to sacred nature with culture excursions to adventure and explore each country and it's unique offerings! We believe there is a whole world to see and want to show you how beautiful each unique country is. Our team is a group of passionate, well traveled Yoga instructors, workshop facilitators, musicians and devoted practitioners who are passionate about sharing their love & knowledge of Yoga with the world! Lotus Retreats currently hosts i


This Ojai retreat was beyond magical. I was welcomed by the most wonderful group of people and have memories that will last a lifetime..I mean hidden hot springs?! Yes please!! This is my second time booking with Lotus Retreats. Loren creates an amazing atmosphere so that we can all learn and share from each other while experiencing some beautiful places. I can't wait to book another one!!😍
By Nicole C for Ojai Valley Weekend Yoga & Hike Retreat on 18 Mar, 2021
Amazing group of participants and facilitators. Fun and relaxed environment allowing everyone to participate in group activities and do their own thing when desired. Highly recommend!
By Bryan A for Ojai Valley Weekend Yoga & Hike Retreat on 10 Mar, 2021
I had a great time with wonderful people, accommodation, incredible scenery, fun excursion trips and excellent yoga classes. Our instructors were outstanding, very experienced and knowledgeable. Our group was small, but lovely.
By Jaro S for Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Gathering (Private) on 09 Feb, 2021
This was one of the best experiences I've had in my life! Everything about this yoga retreat was so wonderful. Gitana del Mar was absolutely beautiful being right on the water and the staff was super accommodating that entire week. My private bungalow was super spacious and comfortable. All of the meals were incredible. What Loren put together with the yoga sessions, workshops, volunteering with a local elementary school, and all of the additional excursions were just unforgettable and such amazing experiences. It was also just so wonderful to meet so many incredible people. I highly recommend a going on a Lotus Retreat and I definitely hope to go on another one in the future! ~Kristin H.
By Kristin H for Colombia Self-Realization & Empowerment Yoga Retreat (March 2020) on 05 Apr, 2020
There's nothing negative I could possibly say about this retreat experience!! This was my second time around with Loren & Lotus Retreats, and I definitely plan on coming back for more. Loren is an incredible retreat host and yoga instructor. After my first Lotus retreat to Cuba - and now to Colombia, I came back completely invigorated and inspired to further deepen my own yoga practice. Loren’s retreats are the perfect mix of yoga, meditation, dharma, relaxation, and cultural excursions. She provides a wide variety of activities, but there is never any pressure to do them all. Her retreat itineraries are designed in a way that allows for plenty of flexibility for whatever you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Also, the accommodations at Gitana del Mar are exceptional! From the food, to the service, to the private ocean views! I seriously have nothing negative to say at all! Much love, Jenn M
By Jennifer M for Colombia Self-Realization & Empowerment Yoga Retreat (March 2020) on 26 Mar, 2020
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I had the opportunity to deepen my practice / experience the beauty of Tulum Mexico with Lotus Retreats and would do it again in a heartbeat! The Lotus Retreats crew quickly created a space of loving community, increased awareness, and intentional practice within the first few hours of our retreat and it only got better from there! These retreats are special. Humanity in raw form. I'll be back for more, no doubt!
By Travis P on 02 Oct, 2018
Loren's yoga retreats are one of my favorite ways to replenish my soul and body with fresh new prana energy, inspiration, beautiful scenery, amazingly tasty food, and like-minded new friends from all over the world. Loren, you can count me in every time!!! :-) Pascal
By Pascal N on 18 Jul, 2018