On the Lake: Breathwork + Yoga Retreat

Tahoe City, CA, USA

Julianne Yoga
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12 reviews
Oct 16 - 20, 2020
Group size: 1 - 15
On the Lake: Breathwork + Yoga Retreat
Tahoe City, CA, USA

Julianne Yoga
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12 reviews

Oct 16 - 20, 2020
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

Join me and a special group of people as we adventure into the heart of nature for a cleansing, nourishing weekend in community. 

Come home to your center—the place within you that remains steady amidst the chaos of daily living—in a weekend of fluid movement, breath work, and chanting to bolster your faith, deepen your awareness and amplify your love. 

A soulful weekend of yoga, meditation, breath work and hiking —with plenty of space for rejuvenation, reflection, and connection with the natural world.

This will be my third Fall hosting a retreat in Tahoe. It's a glorious time to be here as the weather is still warm during the day and it always seems to come at the perfect time when we've been on go-mode from summertime for a while. 

The kinds of people that love this experience are open-minded, kind, generous of heart, and enjoy the support of community. This is an intimate retreat of just 10 people. And while we always stay in beautiful places, this year we've got a super deluxe spot right on the water.

I look forward to meeting you.

All are welcome.

Ps instruments are welcome if you play and want to bring. 

About rooms:

All rooms are california King beds. Shared rooms means also sharing a (really big) bed!

Group size: 10 or less.

COVID requirements:

I am asking that everyone joining take a COVID test 1 week prior to arriving - the Friday prior. And to be *extra* cautious during that week. We will be sharing a home together, based on the shared trust that everyone has taken every precaution to make this a safe weekend for everyone. We will not be social distancing or wearing masks when at the home.  If you want to, of course you are welcome to, but the idea is that with testing and extra precautions, we will be able to relax and connect with one another in an easeful way.

about breathwork and yoga:

Breathwork is a powerful practice of breathing to music over a duration of time that brings us into an altered state where deep healing occurs.

The yoga offered this weekend will be slower, steady, strong practices to unravel tension, build strength and enjoy the sweetness of deep breathing. We will also have restorative practices before bed.

Retreat begins Friday @ 12pm! We’ll do a 1.5 - 2 hour hike that begins near Tahoe City, where the house is located. You’re welcome to join the hike, or arrive anytime Friday evening, but the earlier you arrive, the more time you will get on retreat! 


12pm - Hike. 

3pm - Arrive at house, settle in to the space, take a hot tub, sauna, read.. etc 

5pm  - Breathwork + Yoga 

7pm - beautiful nourishing dinner 

9pm - Yoga Nidra to prepare you for deep rest :)


Quiet mornings

Light breakfast available - coffee/tea, fruit, juice, eggs, toast.

8am - 20 min meditation

8:30am - 75 min Rinse + release yoga on the patio. 

10:30am - Brunch 


from 11 - 4 - hike around the lake, explore the beach, or rest.

4pm - 6pm - breathwork practice

6pm - Sunset kombucha on the patio.. 

7pm - Beautiful farm to table dinner. Fresh catch fish +  fresh veggies.

9pm - Restorative stretching / yoga nidra.


Light breakfast available - coffee/tea, fruit, juice, eggs, toast.

8am - 20 min meditation

8:30am - 75 min yoga on the patio. 

10:30am - Brunch 

12pm- option to hike in afternoon with group or head back to SF.

What’s included

  • 3 Yoga classes
  • 1 breathwork class
    powerful reset practice
  • Delicious meals
    5 beautiful farm to table meals. Appetizers + Dinner on Friday to brunch on Sunday
  • A blissful weekend!
    Creating a beautiful space for you to feel taken care of and reconnected to yourself and an embodied sense of love and presence.

Available Packages

Master Suite - Single
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Deposit: $500
King Room - Single
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Deposit: $500
King Room - Shared
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Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Julianne Yoga
12 reviews
I draw on the contemplative traditions of reiki, meditation, yoga, nutrition, positive psychology and integrative wellness to address the entire human experience - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I teach slow, strong and spirited vinyasa class. Classes are thoughtfully designed to the seasons and time of day. You can expect to chant, sweat, feel your heart come alive and learn new elements of yoga philosophy in each class. I also love teaching restorative yoga and yoga nidra in late afternoons and evenings on retreat.


What an epic retreat. We sang, we ate the most delicious food, we danced, we yoga'd, we hot tubbed, we hiked, we chatted, we relaxed - we really did it all in one beautiful weekend. Julie is such a talented instructor, her gifts go beyond leading a yoga class, and into chanting, sound baths, breath work, and she's able to lead you into a really magical state of meditation. This was my second year going and I will make it an annual retreat for sure!
By chelsea w for On the Lake: Breathwork + Yoga Retreat on 30 Oct, 2020
I selected this trip after meeting Julianne Aiello by telephone. We spoke and Julianne invited me to share my yoga journey with her and how taking this trip could deepen my practice. I was excited to travel solo and take the chance at meeting incredible people. Everything I could have imagined came to light. Soulshine is an exquisite beautiful place. From the staff who are so helpful, patient and kind to the amazing food we were presented with everyday. My most pleasant memory is doing meditation and all that was heard in the distance was the crowing of roosters. The quietness of the space despite the busyness of guests coming and going was remarkable. Julie made the experience transformative with her depth of knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. She has the ability to make all participants feel welcome and secure. I am looking forward to many more experiences with this amazing teacher. Dianne Roenicke
By Dianne R for Soulshine on 21 Oct, 2020
This retreat was incredible, full of beautiful healthy food, spectacular yoga and the most amazing company. Julie is a true gem and her pure authentic heart shines though in all that she does. Accommodations were breathtaking and Julie took great care to make all the details perfect. I had the most relaxing time and was able to work through some stuck energy with the support of some amazing women. This is my second retreat with Julie and I can't wait to sign up for the next one!
By Lindsay R for On the Lake: Breathwork + Yoga Retreat on 20 Oct, 2020
One of the most transformative, rejuvenating vacations. Julie is a true gem, a wonderful instructor with a passion for yoga and a deep commitment to building community. She excellently communicated all pre-trip responsibilities (booking flights, scheduling airport pickups, booking excursions, etc) and made everyone feel so welcomed and loved upon arrival and throughout the retreat. This was my 3rd (!) yoga retreat with Julie and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to explore or deepen their yoga practice. She is a joy, and it's always a treat to spend a week learning from her :)
By MARY B for Soulshine on 28 Feb, 2020
I had a phenomenal experience at Julie's retreat. The attention to detail and execution were world class. From the meditation to the yoga, each session was guided and instructed with care and backed with a deep understanding of the practice. Julie helped me improve my yoga practice in particular and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have attended. Thank you Julie!
By Raed K for Spring Renewal Yoga + Meditation Retreat on 10 Apr, 2019
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Since returning from Kauai, I have felt a sense of retreat throughout my days. Peace and serenity weave through my day, easing the stress from work and everyday tasks. I am motivated and inspired to continue what I have learned on the retreat and bring it into my daily life. This retreat showed me what it was like to take care of myself and ultimately how that will help me to take care of those around me. From eating healthy meals, to practicing yoga regularly, to calming my mind and practicing kind observations. A huge thank you to Julie for her care and support during the retreat. It was a treat being able to spend this time with her guiding our group. She was prepared and had lots of information and goodies to share, yet was flexible and open to changing the itinerary based on the needs of the group and the weather. Her knowledge of yoga, the island, cooking, and many other great things kept us inspired and in awe. I would recommend a retreat with Julie to anyone with a curious mind, an open heart, and anyone who wants to truly relax and retreat in a healthy and rejuvenating way.
By Hannah E on 30 Sep, 2018
Julie’s yoga retreat in Kauai was absolutely magical. It was obvious she put her heart and soul into every aspect of the trip from bringing together an amazing group of women to cooking delicious meals to leading us on transformative adventures. Experiencing the infectious passion and energy of her yoga classes daily was a powerful force throughout the trip. The memories from our time in Kauai will stay with me forever!
By Stephanie T on 27 Sep, 2018
I couldn’t rave about Julie’s retreats enough. She is the perfect planner and takes all of the hassle out of trip organization and travel with her retreats. From morning practice to meal planning to daily adventures, the February 2018 Kauai retreat went beyond my wildest expectations. Her yoga sessions are the best mix of relaxation and strength. You’ll come away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and in a state of bliss.
By Mary B on 26 Sep, 2018