Online Course: From Plant to Spirit, January 22 - 24, 2021

Elio Geusa
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28 reviews
Jan 22 - 24, 2021
Group size: 1 - 140
Online Course: From Plant to Spirit, January 22 - 24, 2021

Elio Geusa
  • Email address verified
28 reviews

Jan 22 - 24, 2021
Group size: 1 - 140

About this trip

Online Course: Introduction to Shipibo Wisdom.

Learn the Shipibo Wisdom directly from Don Miguel, a Shipibo Teacher that draws upon his ancestral linage of healers, "curanderos."

During the live online course, our Shipibo Teacher will introduce the students to the art of ancestral spiritual tradition and the Shipibo Tribespeople's cosmology.

The Shipibo people are deeply respected for their knowledge of the sacred plant medicines, ceremonies, and spiritual connection to the rainforest environment. They are a resilient tribe, and despite numerous attacks on their culture and traditions, they have retained their traditional knowledge and customs.

Under Don Miguel's guidance, you will explore how we can utilize sacred medicines like Ayahuasca, Noya Rao, Bobinsana, Chullachaqui, Aya Huma within a spiritual context. 

You will learn who the true Onanya, the Shipibo's Shaman, what it takes to undergo a traditional Dieta, how to use the pipe and connect with Mapacho, and how to sing an Icaros.

It's a unique opportunity to acquire the essential foundation to work with Sacred Medicines under the Shipibo lineage from a Maestro with a high level of transparency and years of experience.

Online Offer:

Online Schedule

Friday 22th , Saturday 23th, Sunday 24th times:

a) CEST 8.30pm / EST 2.30pm / PST 11.30 am / AEDT 6.30 am
b) CEST 10pm / EST 4 pm / PST 1 pm / AEDT 8 am

The online events will be recorded for a life time access!

The course will evolve on a 3 hours class each day, fully translated from Spanish to English in real-time.

Each class will be broken into two sessions of 1.10 hours, each with a 20 minutes break.

We will reserve 10 minutes at the end of each session to Q&A.

Day 1a: Introduction to the Shipibo Shaman: Onanya

• After an introduction of the course and the teacher Don Miguel the group will learn who are the true Shipibo Shamans, Onanya, who were the mystical Murraya, and who are the Brujos, Sorcerers.

Day 1b: Storytelling: Ayahuasca and how to work with the Sacred Medicine in Ceremony 

• Learn the legend behind Ayahuasca and how to navigate the experience in the ceremony. Don Miguel will share what it takes to lead a Ceremony with Ayahuasca, what is needed to bring healing, and how to protect the ceremonial space from energetical attacks.

Day 2a: Master Plant Dieta: learn the Shipibo Tradition of connecting to Plant Spirit 

• Learn the essential component of Dieting a Plants and Teacher Trees. Don Miguel will teach the traditional way of connecting with the Master Plants' spirit and new ways. Don Miguel will explain the restrictions during and after a Master Plant dieta and why fasting is essential.

Day 2b: Cosmovision Shipibo, the myths behind Noya Rao, Bobinsana, Chullachaqui, and Aya Huma. 

• Learn the legends of the most known Master Plant as well as their proprieties and how to use them in practice.

Day 3a: Working with the Pipe, Mapacho, and the Pipe's Dieta

• This will introduce how to work with Mapacho and the Spirit tobacco with a Pipe. How to use the Pipe to connect with the Master Plant spirit and learn to follow a dieta with the Pipe.

It may be the best time to ask Don Miguel to craft a Pipe for you with your favorite Teacher Tree.

Day 3b: Noya Rao Icaro's Class

• Don Miguel will also teach the group about the significance of the Noya Rao Icaro that you can use throughout a Mater Plant Dieta. This knowledge will be vital in helping you to access your highest potential and realize deep healing and transformation.

What’s included

  • Professionally translate
    Spanish to English
  • 9 hours lectures
    by Don Miguel
  • Q & A
  • Icaro’s class

Available options

Private Ceremony with Don Miguel
Noya Rao Necklace
Pipe Created By Don Miguel
Bobinsana Necklace

Your Organizer

Elio Geusa
28 reviews
Elio Geusa is the founder of AYA Healing Retreats. Elio is a qualified Social Worker and has over thirteen years experience working both on national and international humanitarian projects. He has worked with people living with intellectual disabilities and mental health conditions. He has also had the privilege of supporting refugee populations to overcome the trauma of displacement throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia. Elio believes that compassionate and inspired action can create meaningful change in the world. He works in Peru helping to facilitate life-changing plant medicine experiences alongside Shipibo curanderos. He is immensely passionate about sharing his knowledge on Master Plants, respecting traditional ways of knowing, interpreting and navigating plant medicine work and helping to reawaken his guests to the innate intelligence and benevolence of the natural world.


As is the nature of a retreat, the experience is often challenging to accurately depict since so much of what is felt and seen goes beyond the nature of words. That being said, I am deeply grateful for the organization and overall flow of my retreat/Noya Rao dieta that took place in Costa Rica. While I am still immersed in the integration and reflection, I know that much of what has been revealed is just the beginning. Thank you to Don Miguel, Elio, and Kara as the facilitating team that handled everything so graciously while maintaining a sacred container to release and return to the Divine within each of us. I highly recommend going through Aya Healing Retreats.
By Gregory U for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 02 Jan, 2022
I would love to say thank you for all peoples and for all maestros and all maestras, what been helping me in my healing retreat. It was the best thing what i have done in my life. Because of that i feel like new born person,thats all because of big knowledge of those whos take care of us and guided us by the right ways in retreat time, and by also my job what i have done for it. We all did amazing job and for sure i will use #AyaHealingRetreats in the future, if it will be still nessesery, because i hope for big changes for everyone. Bless you all. Order healing retreat if you have possibility and money and if you want to change and better understand yourself, dont think to long because mind will try to controll you to not do it. But i say! DO IT!! Its the best thing what you can do with life to experience it and have good care by experienced peoples 🙏😇🤍🌞🌝🔥🌟✨💥🌈🏵🧘🏼🌍❤️
By Kacper M for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 31 Dec, 2021
It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. For 10 days I stayed in a tent steps away from the river. It was a very supportive energy while moving through deep medicine work. Pure magic, from the land to the facilitators to my peers. I left these 10 days with many gifts including the ability to deeply love myself which allowed me to deeply receive and give love to others. I didn't want it to end. I look forward to working with the facilitators again later this year in Peru.
By Talib H for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 29 Dec, 2021
Very well organised and professional throughout. More importantly, it was very safe, supporting and caring, which should be a priority for anyone. I highly recommend Elio and Don Miguel. They have an obvious bond with each other and their intuition is simply off the charts. You will be in good hands. This was my first experience with the plant medicine and I unlocked much meaning from the first ceremony right through to the last. I trusted the process and was ready to work with the plant. This was helpful in allowing the medicine to work and impart messages, wisdom and lessons. I left with a sustained feeling of happiness and accomplishment which I simply haven't felt for many years. With a full heart, thank you. Daniele
By Daniele B for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 24 Dec, 2021
This was an amazing experience! I felt so supported and loved. Everyone was very knowledgeable and compassionate, very thorough in explaining their processes and what to expect both during and after the dieta. I highly recommend to anyone who is seriously considering this journey.
By Nellie S for Ayahuasca and Plant Dieta in Costa Rica - Dec. 8th-18th, 2021 on 20 Dec, 2021
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