Online: Noya Rao Remote Dieta, Jan. 20-30, 2022

Elio Geusa
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42 reviews
Jan 20 - 30, 2022
Group size: 1 - 30
Online: Noya Rao Remote Dieta, Jan. 20-30, 2022

Elio Geusa
  • Email address verified
42 reviews

Jan 20 - 30, 2022
Group size: 1 - 30

About this trip

Online Master Plant Dieta

In a time of social distance and travel restrictions, we urge the need to support individuals who want to explore the Shipibo tradition by dieting a Master Plant or Teacher Plant and Tree from home.

The vision of this Online Noya Rao Dieta is to offer students the opportunity to follow a Shamanic Dieta from the safety of their home supervised by our Shipibo Maestro Don Miguel.

Home Retreat

Shipibo Curandero or Shamans traditionally used fasting, a diet of master plants and seclusion from others to seek guidance from the plant spirits and obtain the vital knowledge needed to heal others.

Before students can communicate with plant teachers, they must undergo a rigorous process of mental, physical, and spiritual purification. The Dieta usually accompanied by abstinence from sex, pork, red meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and processed food. Abstaining from any substance or activity that might cloud the mind is essential for the plants and trees dieta to promote physical healing and spiritual transformation.

Therefore we invite the students to correctly set the container for the dieta and create a safe home retreat for the duration of the dieta. It is possible to continue to work and attend to family matters. However, it is highly recommended to avoid social interactions.

Who is the Noya Rao Remote Dieta for?

The Remote Noya Rao Dieta is for individuals that have studied under Don Miguel lineage or have had an extensive practice of dieting Noya Rao or other Master Plants under Shipibo Maestros.

Individuals interested in Plant Dieta but with no experience will gain access only upon an online meeting.

Online Offers:

Day 1: Noya Rao tea preparation

• You will have the unique chance to prepare your tea from the Sacred Noya Rao tree’s barks in the safety of your home. You will be guided by a recorder video to make the Noya Rao extract, and you will receive an indication of how to set up the Dieta at home. You will also receive a few Noya Rao leaves for you to keep.

Day 2: Intention Setting and Opening Ceremony

• The group will meet in Zoom for the first session and the Opening Ceremony. After sharing your intentions on a beautiful ritual, Don Miguel will sing his Icaros to each of the participants. This will sign the official beginning of the Noya Rao Dieta.

Day 3: Fasting

• Fasting is an essential component of the Dieting a Plants and Teacher Trees. Don Miguel will invite the group to fast for 12 or 24 hours after drinking the first cup of Noya Rao extract. After the 12/24 hours fast, the participants will be allowed to eat a simple meal containing no oil or salt, or any of the foods they have committed to abstaining from for the duration of their dieta.

Day 4: Lecture and Noya Rao Icaro’s class

• On a Zoom meeting, you will learn the Shipibo Tradition of the Master Plants and how to work with your pipe by Don Miguel. Don Miguel will also teach the group about the significance of the Noya Rao Icaro that you can use throughout the Mater Plant Dieta. This knowledge will be vital in helping you to access your highest potential and realize deep healing and transformation.

Day 5: Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey

• This will be a beautiful practice where you will be working with a feminine style of breath called Clarity Breathwork. This breath brings to light the power and simplicity of breathing into the body with intention. Bringing more awareness to your breath’s quality can open up more clarity in every aspect of your life. This guided breathwork will be paired with sound healing with various instruments and singing to support the journey. This container will allow you to connect more deeply with yourself, your diet, and Noya Rao.

Day 6: Guided Somatic Meditation and Movement

• This Meditation will help to deepen and expand how to listen to the wisdom of your body. We will explore through seated meditation and movement, the more subtle aspects of your felt sense of experience. By developing more communication with your body, you will be able to handle, identify, and understand your emotions more freely. This practice will introduce how to navigate all emotions and how to move them through the body rather than the mind.

Day 7: Self Healing, Self Resourcing, and Self Love

• This workshop will focus on the importance of learning how to self-nurture through times of difficulty or discomfort. Before, during, and after this dieta there may be things that arise that are uncomfortable. This is very much a part of the process and is a wonderful opportunity for healing. In this workshop, there will be a guided meditation, teachings on various ways to self-resource, journaling prompts, and self-love techniques. You will be deep-diving into identifying what you need and, more specifically, what best supports and nourishes your spirit.

Day 8: Sharing Circle and Singing Circle

• The Sharing Circle is similar to the sharing Circle we hold after the ceremony; it will be an opportunity to speak from our hearts without interruption. During the Singing Circle, we will share the virtual microphone with the Circle. You are also welcome to offer Medicine songs, Icaros, mantras, practice your Noya Rao Icaro or listen and receive from the group.

Day 9: Integration Workshop

• This Zoom workshop is meant to support the group in finding the practices that integrate into everyday life the relationship created with Noya Rao and how to grow strong foundational roots like a tree.

Day 10: Closing Dieta Arkana Ceremony

• After one has fulfilled the terms set out of the Master Plant dieta, a closing ceremony will be conducted by Don Miguel on zoom, which signals the end of the fast and celebrates the students’ dedication and determination. The closing usually takes the form of chanting of a special Arkana, a protective Icaro by Don Miguel sang individually.

Post-Dieta Private Integration Session

Following your Noya Rao Dieta, you will receive one individual support session with our team. These sessions will offer you the opportunity to discuss your Dieta experience and work through tangible solutions to any real-world problems you are facing that prevent you from fully integrating this work. 

What’s included

  • Noya Rao barks
    for preparing the extract
  • Noya Rao Pipe
    made by Don Miguel
  • Shipibo Tapestry
    made by Don Miguel’s wife
  • Opening Dieta ceremony
    by Don Miguel on Zoom
  • Online Lectures
    by Don Miguel on Zoom
  • Icaro’s class
  • Group Integration
  • Integration sessions
    1 on 1
  • Breathwork
  • Sound Healing
  • Guided Meditation
  • Dieta recipes guide

Available options

Your Organizer

Elio Geusa
42 reviews
Elio Geusa is the founder of AYA Healing Retreats. Elio is a qualified Social Worker and has over thirteen years experience working both on national and international humanitarian projects. He has worked with people living with intellectual disabilities and mental health conditions. He has also had the privilege of supporting refugee populations to overcome the trauma of displacement throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia. Elio believes that compassionate and inspired action can create meaningful change in the world. He works in Peru helping to facilitate life-changing plant medicine experiences alongside Shipibo curanderos. He is immensely passionate about sharing his knowledge on Master Plants, respecting traditional ways of knowing, interpreting and navigating plant medicine work and helping to reawaken his guests to the innate intelligence and benevolence of the natural world.


I had the most powerful, transformative experience of my life on this retreat with Elio, Don Miguel, and Kara. Extremely grateful to them for creating the space for incredible healing to happen, and for their genuine care and guidance. The food at Brejo Fundeiro was amazing, accommodations were perfect, and the scenery...oh so beautiful. Within 10 days, our group become a family, and we all left feeling so much love for one another. This could not have happened without our amazing facilitators. I cannot wait to go on another retreat with them and would highly recommend this to EVERYONE.
By Lynn D for July 4th-14th, 2022, Portugal. on 24 Jul, 2022
10 out of 10 experience. Wonderful location, highly experienced healers who are able to combine traditional shipibo with other healing disciplines. Don Miguel our shaman and teacher always with a smile, Elio who makes all look so effortless (wish you would have play ur guitar more!) and Kara our angel whose voice can heal any soul. Also I was lucky enough to met the most amazing soul family, each single one brought healing and infinite love to my life. I LOVE U ALL. We rock ;)
By JIMENA M for July 4th-14th, 2022, Portugal. on 23 Jul, 2022
Even before I went for the retreat, the warmth and comfort I felt while interacting Elio made me feel confident of my decision. The place and the family of Don Miguel are really welcoming. We were very well taken care of. Don Miguel's sessions were quite enlightening. Mama Juanita is a very giving, compassionate and a powerful Shaman. The place, the people, the ambiance is fantastic. Overall it was a great experience.
By Swati M for May 31 - Jun 10, 2022: AYAHUASCA AND YOGA RETREAT on 28 Jun, 2022
What a Magical Journey, from the start to the last minute everything was top notch! Every little detail was mindfully curated to deliver the most comfortable, pleasant experience while I was on the retreat doing inner work. Elio, maestra Juanita, Cindy and everyone on the premises is giving their 110% attention to details through room and food preparation, presentation, making sure the bedding is comfy, availability for emotional support and “holding your hand” and space in the time of need. Everything is done with a smile and love that is felt in the heart, because it comes from the heart. Highly recommend Aya Healing Center for anyone considering this experience, as you will be “babied” in a graceful empowering way to make sure you feel safe while you are on a journey!! Gracias Elio and familia for all that you do to serve others, your mission and to heal the world!
By YĀNA A for May 31 - Jun 10, 2022: AYAHUASCA AND YOGA RETREAT on 26 Jun, 2022
Aya Healing Retreats offers a well-organized process and a safe container for doing one’s healing and medicine work. I found Aya Healing Retreat to be more of a Healing Center, not just where one goes for a dieta. The land is beautiful & abundant, the Shipibo family and hired staff are incredibly caring & loving, the Maestros are powerful and giving, and the facilitators are compassionate, knowledgeable, and make themselves available to support each participant as needed. Facilitators made a genuine effort to get to know each participant and understand individual intentions for doing the dieta. On the first day, each participant in our group received a private individual session with Maestra Juana to share our intentions. Maestra Juana then recommended plant treatments, based on individual intentions, to be taken during our 10-day retreat. Maestro Don Miguel and his helpers prepared the (additional) plant medicines for treatments, as well as the dieta plant medicine, Noya Rao, with pure benevolence and generosity. The accommodations were luxury for the jungle! Individual tambos were spacious & clean. They included comfy full size beds with clean sheets, pillow, blanket, and mosquito netting, private baths & showers (some shared), scheduled sheet changes, and regular sweeping of tambo floors by staff. Overall, the energy created was one of a safe and loving space for participants to do our healing work. It was a beautiful and amazing experience, totally night and day from other places I’ve worked with. I’m looking forward to returning very soon to this special place to continue with my healing and medicine work.
By Malana R for May 31 - Jun 10, 2022: AYAHUASCA AND YOGA RETREAT on 22 Jun, 2022
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