Online Yoga Teacher Training February 2021- May 2021

Autumn Adams
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13 reviews
Feb 2 - May 13, 2021
Group size: 1 - 20
Online Yoga Teacher Training February 2021- May 2021

Autumn Adams
  • Email address verified
13 reviews

Feb 2 - May 13, 2021
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip

Welcome to Ambuja Yoga! I'm so excited that you're here. Embarking on this journey to become a yoga instructor is one of the most rewarding, humbling, exciting, and empowering things you can do for yourself. 

You might be a little apprehensive about doing an online yoga teacher training, and I totally get it! You're probably also really busy juggling work, school, family, and just barely squeezing out enough time for yourself, so an in-person training probably won't work for you either. Yep, I've been there, and it is a hard position to be in! But now is the time to start putting yourself first! This is EXACTLY why I decided to start offering Yoga Teacher Training online!

Now is the time to start taking charge of your dreams, goals, and desires. You can't afford to put them off any longer. Trust me! And you don't need to do it all alone. It is so much easier when you have the support of a group and a mentor to guide you along the way. Let's make your dreams a reality together. I want you to love the life you live! I want you to feel aligned with what is true for you. 

I want you to know that you're capable of achieving your dreams and you're worthy of achieving those dreams... and you're probably hustlin' your buns off making ends meet. I want you to know that I see you. I see your hard work. No time is better than the present to make the shift, to dive deeper into your yoga practice, and take the seat of the teacher. 

Yoga completely changed my outlook, priorities, and focus on life. I am so thankful for this practice and the many, many layers of growth that have come out of it. I want to share a little about my pre-yoga and pre-yoga teacher training journey.

I fell in love with yoga in my early 20s. It was my sanctuary. It was my escape from the chaos. My yoga practice shed light on so many, NUMEROUS, habits that were hurting me, not helping me. I loved my practice, and how I felt afterward. I was willing to give up anything, so I could get to my mat in the morning. Yoga became a journey of self-discovery. I learned to love myself and from that place of self-love, I found the strength and courage to leave an unhealthy relationship.  I learned to live with authenticity. I learned to stand up for myself and what is right. I learned to seek connection and community. I learned to trust. What began as a love affair with the physical practice became a love affair of the soul.

In my early twenties, I really wanted to do my yoga teacher training, and this is going to date me, but at the time I had about TWO options: go to California (I'm an Oregon girl, so that was definitely never going to happen) or go to India. And the thought of going to India solo terrified me. And I felt like I couldn't take a month off of work to go abroad. So I put it off... for EIGHT YEARS!!! EIGHT YEARS!!! So insane. I look back and I can't help, but think about how doing my YTT in my early 20s versus doing my YTT in my late 20s would have shaped my life and saved so much pain and suffering.

So here is the thing, I don't want you to have to wait until the timing is just right. I want to make your yoga teacher training not only beautiful, transformative and informative, but as easy as possible for you to complete. I want to give you the experience of a live in-person YTT while giving you the flexibility of going at your own pace, so you're able to take in the information when you have time, whether that's on your lunch break or after the kiddos have gone to bed.

I have literally taken ALL of the information in my live in-person 240 hour Yoga Alliance approved YTT and put into easily digestible learning formats. In addition to having access to videos, slideshows, photos, worksheets, tip sheets, audio recordings, your manual, and workbook, we will meet as a group in our digital classroom (via Zoom) three to four times per week, you'll receive a monthly one-to-one coaching call with me, and we'll also hang out in our private Facebook group, so you'll have plenty of time to connect with your fellow classmates.

What’s included

  • Live online lectures
  • Live online discussions
  • Recorded online lectures
  • Ambuja Yoga Manual
    350 page comprehensive yoga teacher training manual
  • Ambuja Yoga Workbook
    Workbook contains exercises to support your learning process.
  • 1-to-1 coaching
    3 sessions of coaching

Available options

Attendance at Back to Nature Retreat

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Autumn Adams
13 reviews
Welcome to Ambuja Yoga! I’m Autumn Adams, E-RYT YACEP, and I am the founder of Ambuja Yoga. I am thrilled that you’ve found us (and that you’re snooping around to learn more). Each and every day I am thankful for this community of awesome, powerful and compassionate yogis. I am grateful that you’re here and that you’re interested in investing in your wellbeing by attending a yoga retreat. I created Ambuja Yoga in 2014 as an outlet to share my passion for wellbeing and balanced living while actively creating a life that I LOVE. As Ambuja Yoga came into fruition and evolved into what it is today, I can honestly say that I have found my path, my life’s work, my dharma. I want the same for you. I want you to love the life you live. My hope is to empower YOU to be courageous (to take those leaps), to handle life’s challenges with grace, and uncover your life’s sankalpa (an intention that guides you in all aspects of your life). You are worth it! You are worthy of investment!


I loved my retreat. The location was beautiful. My teepee was very comfortable. The yoga was perfect. As was the decorations/ceremonies. The food - now that was AWESOME. And Autumn and Toni were AMAZING. Great guides, great hostesses, great leaders. The other participants were the icing on the cake!
By Michelle T for 2021 Session 3: 8th Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat on 12 Aug, 2021
Relaxing, expansive and rejuvenating
By Andrea P for 2021 Session 2: 8th Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat on 29 Jul, 2021
Wonderful trip with great energy, yoga, food and rejuvination! Thanks for a great trip! Kristen Harris
By Kristen H for 2021 Session 2: 8th Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat on 27 Jul, 2021
Relaxing. Terrific Yoga, food, people. Never felt pressured or rushed. Felt very able to do my own thing when I wanted. Hot tub and swimming hole were a plus. Clean, not fussy, accomodations. I really liked doing the yoga outdoors under the trees. I appreciated the 'gentle' yoga and lack of intensity. Good vibes. I would choose the 3 night program next time. We were just getting to know each other after two nights. Also, maybe add an optional guided group activity to get to know each other better earlier in the program. Intros at the beginning and Circle at the end were good but for those who want to make deeper connections a group activity that is interactive with each other might be a good addition.
By Frederique L for 2021 Session 2: 8th Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat on 22 Jul, 2021
Autumn and Toni were great! They shared a lot of themselves with the group. I appreciated the pose modifications for beginners and for more advanced yogis. The food was especially delicious, and the scenery was just delightful. We really enjoyed the chance to get away and discover more about ourselves 😊
By Stefanie D for 2021 Session 2: 8th Annual Back to Nature Women's Yoga Retreat on 22 Jul, 2021
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