'Open the Doors to Your Full Body Yes' Virtual Retreat with Alex Iglecia, MA


Alex Iglecia
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Nov 5 - 5, 2016
Group size: 4 - 20
'Open the Doors to Your Full Body Yes' Virtual Retreat with Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia
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Nov 5 - 5, 2016
Group size: 4 - 20

About this trip

What if your current challenges were the invitation you've been waiting for so you can achieve a deeper alignment? What could your body and some space contribute? 

A full body yes is not about the ups and downs of insane peak states to push you into massive action. Instead, a full body yes is an evolutionary step into the invitation the universe has for you every day. You are here to unlock a deeper creativity and connect with a more beautiful strength that's always been inside you. Welcome home to all of you.

Watch your video invite here: https://youtu.be/GGCu1tyja4s

What are you ready to discard so your deeper dreams can be made possible? 

You are invited to the space of being you, being epic. Join us for a 3-hour Virtual Retreat to Open the Doors to Your Full Body Yes. No push, no pull, just more of you showing up.

In this Being Epic Virtual Retreat: 

* Your buried gifts will become seen
* Your sense of power will expand
* Your lingering loneliness will dissolve
* Your full body yes will be nourished

How do you trust yourself and move forward?

I help brilliant messengers make their next dreams possible. You know if that's you. This retreat will connect you with the greater energy fueling your vision, purpose and mission so you can expand with more ease and less suffering. Would you love more energy and ease? 

Then it's time to Open the Doors to Your Full Body Yes:
Join our virtual-retreat from anywhere in the world to help you unlock your creativity and flow. You'll leave with a full body yes with strength and calm for your deeper dream, next step clarity, and unique tools for moving forward.  

Ideal for:

Men and women with powerful messages who have any confusion, conclusions, conditions, or conscious crap about what's next. Come rest and reset in a container strong enough for your epicness! I specialize in helping brilliant and successful men and women land on their next leaps with joy and ease. 

Our Agenda Together Includes:

* Detoxing from years of pursuing unconscious goals and other people's expectations. 
* Deepening how you consciously contribute the uniqueness of what you're here to do
* Discovering new depths of power in your life's work and warrior magnetism 

What if what's next for you was clearer? You'll leave with renewed trust.

What if you strengthened your joy and self-trust muscles? You'll leave with new tools from Alex, other participants, and your own emerging body of work. 

A Radically Unique Retreat:

Your unique strengths will contribute to everyone in the group and you will receive everyone's contribution for what you're uniquely up to. 

Your unique network will strengthen as our special cohort sees each other's value and desires to contribute to you.

Magic is possible because of of your dynamic strengths and Alex's facilitation and calm expertise in revealing what's truly great about you. 

Are you ready to experience far more of your natural passion, purpose and play? 

What’s included

* 3-Hour Virtual Retreat by Zoom.us (download here: www.zoom.us) ($300 value)
* One-to-One post-retreat Alignment Session with Alex Iglecia, MA ($250 value)
* Recordings of both

Virtual Retreat Start Time:

9am HT | 12pm PT | 3pm ET | 7pm GMT

Retreat Length:

3 Hours

After You Register:

You will receive all you need for the retreat by email, which includes the ZOOM.us meeting link. You will also get a perfectly timed reminder email on Friday and Saturday.

Not included

* Delicious snacks & clean water to keep you fresh for your FULL BODY YES
* Yoga mat or favorite furniture to keep you comfy!
* The answers to life, the universe and everything - because they're yours to discover!

Let's Get Ready

* Set the time aside in your calendar with 30 minutes before and after 
* Let your family and friends know you'll be investing time in yourself, so you will not be disturbed  
* Consider your biggest challenges when it comes to trusting yourself fully, completely, absolutely! 

Finally, a little bit about what I know about leaps: 


* Helped one recent client take a brand-new aligned offering from $0 to $11K in her first month and $17K in her third month. 
* Helped a Crossfit owner align his team of coaches and increase his sales after our first session 
* Helped one San Francisco business owner transition out of her successful-but-not-interesting business and into her dream work as a speaker and business educator. 


* Married to my soul-spirit-etc-mate in Bali by a born-again druid 
* Moved to Hawaii after resisting for 9 years and, once decided, moved within 3 months  
* Chose a Masters in Conscious Evolution because I had to solve the mind-body riddle of why some yogis were a-holes ;)  

If you'd like to learn more about me, Alex Iglecia, please visit:


Available Packages

Full Body Yes GOLD

You get the Retreat and everything above, plus a Next Step Strategy Session with Recordings. You'll receive the zoom.us virtual meeting links by Friday.

Full Body Yes and Move Easier PLATINUM

Receive the Retreat, Next Step Strategy Session with Recordings

Also includes one Private One-to-One Strategic Alignment session with Alex to refine your newfound clarity, energy, and discoveries and build out the actions you trust. (Normally $300 alone, so you essentially get the retreat for free)

You'll receive the zoom.us virtual meeting links by Friday.

Scholarship Option

If you're ready for what's next and can't wait to connect, but require a scholarship option, okay! We trust you. Choose this!

Receive the Retreat, Next Step Strategy Session with Recordings

You'll receive the zoom.us virtual meeting links by Friday.


Available options

Pre-Retreat Strategy & Customization Session (by zoom)only 3 left

Full Body Yes GOLD
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Your Organizer

Alex Iglecia
Creator of Being Epic! htttp://www.beingepic.com

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