Operation Malinowski

Las Piedras, Madre de Dios, Peru

3 reviews
Jan 8 - 15, 2022
Group size: 5 - 12
Operation Malinowski
Las Piedras, Madre de Dios, Peru

3 reviews

Jan 8 - 15, 2022
Group size: 5 - 12

About this trip

The foundation of Tamandua is making travel mean something. That has never been more relevant than for this trip. 

Illegal gold mining in Peru is a major problem. Just Google it. The devastation can be seen from space as a scar across the Amazon – over 350,000 acres have been lost. And because the gold in this part of Peru comes mixed in with the sediment, miners have to cut down forest, burn it, suck up the earth, and then use mercury to separate the gold from the soil. It’s a horrendous process that completely annihilates forest, wildlife, and poisons the land forever in the process. 

One year ago I traveled to the Malinowski River to better understand what was happening. What he found is that the miners killing the forest weren’t doing it because they were ‘bad guys’, but because there were no other options for work. This began the collaboration that lead to this trip. All around the mining camp I saw incredible and unexplored lakes. Streams that wound through the jungle. There were signs of anacondas, jaguars, and macaws in the air. All of this could be lost if the forest was cut. And so began the process of talking to the miners. I spoke to them, showed them photos, and got some friends to vouch for me. 

A year later, the miners have shut down their operation. What have they been doing since? Building accommodations for visitors. That’s right. These miners, who were about to destroy an entire river, stopped and went for ecotourism because we asked them to...

Because they believe in a better future for themselves. 

Because even illegal gold miners care about the earth and will do the right thing if given the chance. 

So this trip has become the most exciting new addition to the Tamandua schedule. This is your chance to actively take part in Rainforest Conservation. Come explore the lakes and streams, help us compile a species list! This is a whole new river, whole new chapter, and the chance to do something positive for the local people. In the process, you joining this trip will help to protect hundreds of acres of wild, primary forest that is packed with wildlife! 

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  • Guides and Staff
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January 8, 2022
Arrive in Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Arrive in Puerto Maldonado. Tamandua guides will welcome you into the jungle town and make sure you are settled in your hotel. We’ll all go out for dinner and an orientation before getting a good night of rest before tomorrow. 

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Tamandua Expeditions
3 reviews
Tamandua Expeditions originally began running trips out of the Peruvian Amazon Basin over 10 years ago. Today, we offer adventure-packed, hands on, expeditions through some of the most beautiful and challenging wilderness on earth. With locations in Peru and India. Our focus on wildlife research, conservation, and responsible adventure travel.


This was a trip of a lifetime! Paul and the team did an extraordinary job showing us the Amazon and how important it is to continue their conservation efforts. I can’t wait to go back and see it and do it all over again! The cuisine cooked up by Chef Roy was second to none and the accommodations gave me that true jungle experience. I highly recommend this trip and Tamandua expeditions.
By James Q for Reconnect with Nature: Explore in the Amazon Rainforest on 13 Jan, 2020
In all respects the expedition exeeded all my expectation. All was well prepared, Holly and JJ had flawless the entire expedition. Despite their youth, the participants were experienced. Inspite of extreme situations, no crisis situations have occured. Mybe one hint. All participants come to see and catch a bigg anaconda spicies which, after telling in these locations, cannot be. In this area would probably be something done. Sasa
By SASA M for Expedition Reptile: Snakes in the Amazon Rainforest on 09 Jul, 2019
This was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever been on. I learned so much about the jungle, conservation and myself, I can’t wait to be a part of another trip like this. Thank you Tamandua!
By Paloma B for Reconnect with Nature: Explore in the Amazon Rainforest on 20 May, 2019