ORYX Gift Voucher

ORYX Gift Voucher

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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

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They think about it all the time, hoping, dreaming, saving, waiting.

This is why an ORYX Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for the traveling photographer! They already have a “bucket list” of destinations in mind, and you can help them get there.

Whether you are a photographer yourself, or there’s one in your orbit, it’s likely that you’ve had your ear bent time and again by stories of thrilling photo safari adventures to exciting places. You know better than anyone how much receiving this Gift Voucher will mean to them. So, what are you waiting for? Just fill out the form below to help your photographer’s dreams become a reality!

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Marius Coetzee Photography t/a ORYX Photo Tours
8 reviews


Please let me start off by saying how amazing this experience in Tanzania and the Serengetti was. Everything from start to finish was so wonderfully and carefully planned out by the ORYX team! The accommodations were perfect, the food amazing and everyone we encountered on this safari were beyond pleasant, joyful and incredibly helpful in attending to our needs. The Alex Walker camps are picture perfect representations of the romantisied image that being on safari in Africa is the quintessential adventure that refreshes ones soul. Our tour leader was Penny Robartes...and she is quite simply an amazing person. One of the best humans I have been fortunate to meet in my lifetime. Her outlook on life, her deep love of Africa and her incredible knowledge of her surrounding is infectious and something to count yourself lucky to have encountered during your lifetime. Penny is very accommodating to everyone in the group and will do all she can to make your time on safari one of the most memorable times of your life. My safari bucket list continues to grow, even as I cross off iconic destinations...and I can't wait to once again safari with the team from Oryx! Dave Linde Montana, USA
By David Linde for Tanzania – Ngorongoro & Serengeti: Predators & Calving Photo Tour 22 on Apr 13, 2023
Dear David, We are thrilled to read such a wonderful review about Penny and your travels with ORYX. Penny is most definitely an asset to our team, not only with her photography but her pleasant and easygoing demeanor and her passion and drive! We really appreciate the time taken to write this lovely review. We are so proud of what we do and the photographic team we have! We love hearing when our guests enjoy exploring and photographing the beauty and wonders of Africa and the world. We cannot wait to see you on another ORYX tour soon! Best Wishes The ORYX Photo Tours Team.
Amazing, bucket list trip. First class organisation, and everything exceeded expectations. The Londolozi photography tour was exceptional, with Greg du Toit not only being an exceptional and understanding teacher, but great company as well! It was hard to leave, but we could not recommend this tour, Greg and Oryx any higher.
By Simon Cleary for Cleary Livingstone & Londolozi Feb 2023 on Mar 04, 2023
The trip was spectacular. The leaders were very helpful. I enjoyed the informative lectures very much. The speakers were passionate about their topics. It was the ship's first voyage after covid and it needed a little more work to get it in "ship shape". The rooms were comfortable. The kitchen staff were learning to work together and meals were slow. I felt a little uncomfortable that the Oryx group had reserved tables. I preferred to mix with all of the passengers.
By lynn capling for Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia Co-Charter 2022 L.Capling on Dec 08, 2022
Dear Lynn, Thank you for your feedback. We are thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful, informative time on the cruise! Penny and Dale reserved the tables for ORYX guests to have a space to get together should they wish, however, these were by no means the only seating arrangements and our guests were free to sit elsewhere with other guests outside of ORYX (as many did), and we are glad that you mixed with the other passengers on the ship. Thank you again for choosing ORYX Photo Tours to explore one of the Earth's most remote and desirable wildlife and landscape destinations, and we hope to see you again soon! Have a wonderful festive season ahead.
This was a great trip. The accommodations were excellent for the locality. Dale and Daniel were excellent tour leaders. I really appreciated Dale's personality and willingness to accommodate all members of the tour. He gave us excellent photo advice and was always looking to put each guest into a good spot to see and photograph the wildlife. I know that some guests had physical mobility issues which made even relatively easy hiking difficult. Dale did his best to accommodate these individuals. The drivers who transported us from place to place were excellent as the roads in Madagascar are amazingly poor. I would gladly do another trip with Dale.
By Arlene Courtney for Madagascar – Morondava & Kirindy Photo Tour 2022 (Arlene Courtney) on Nov 02, 2022
It was while on my first private Oryx tour with Dale Morris in Londolozi, South Africa, that the idea of a Madagascar photo trip germinated. It took three years, but I finally got to experience another trip of a lifetime with Dale in that magical place, photographing all my targeted species in the impossibly finite time window I had given Oryx. Where to start? I cannot thank Nicolette and Vanessa at Oryx enough for their patience in putting together this amazing tour. For those who are unaware, Madagascar is no easy place to plan predictable travel! The fact that all the moving parts - interior flights, hotels, safe food, competent drivers, comfortable vehicles, local guides, boat trips, park access, etc. - came together for a perfect experience is a testament to their expertise and competence. Once I told Dale what I wanted to do, the Oryx team got it done. A special shout-out to Nonotinamalala – “Nono” – Dale’s right-hand man in Madagascar, who used his wizardry with Air Madagascar and countless other contacts to ensure smooth sailing – or hiking – or flying – or driving. It was fascinating to watch them work so well together to get the job done. Once I landed in Tana, Dale made sure I was comfortable and ready for the journey ahead. From our time in Kruger, I knew I would be in good hands. He is an amazingly talented photographer, but just as important, is able to expertly share this knowledge of wildlife and photography with his guests while in the field, guaranteeing the best photos possible. While I have been on over 30 photo expeditions all over the world, I always know I will learn new techniques from Dale, and he sure did not disappoint on this trip. Handling the challenges of Madagascar, attending to the desires and needs of his clients, and ultimately delivering the goods while maintaining a sense of humor and professionalism is no small feat! My passion for wildlife photography tends to be species driven – the ultimate headache for tour leaders, as we all know that in nature, nothing is promised. I have to say that, with a little luck and a lot of Dale’s expertise, I was able to come away with stunning images of EVERY ONE of the critters on my Madagascar bucket list. OK, Dale, where to next? Dave Romea, Lambertville, NJ
By David Romea for PVT Romea Madagascar Tour (David Romea) on Oct 24, 2022
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