Our 2nd All-Women Hike to Machu Picchu

      Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

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      Oct 5 - 13, 2024
      Group size: 8 - 12
      Our 2nd All-Women Hike to Machu Picchu
      Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

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      Oct 5 - 13, 2024
      Group size: 8 - 12

      About this trip

      Experience the gorgeous Andes, the Incan culture, and achieve a bucket-list goal without the hassle of planning a complicated trip and with the whole-hearted support of a group of like-minded women your own age. 


      If Machu Picchu is on your bucket list or even a glimmer on your travel horizon, we can take you there. We’re running an all-woman hike of the Inca Trail with a proven tour operator in Peru, and we will end up at mystical, magical Macchu Picchu for a day of exploration.

      NextTribe Co-founder Jeannie Ralston has hiked the Inca Trail twice–read all about it here—and will be on the trip to encourage other hikers, just as she was in October ’22 when all 12 women in the group successfully completed the hike.

      We will start our trip in the fascinating colonial city of Cusco (11,000 feet in elevation) so we have three days to adjust to the altitude. We'll use the time to explore Incan culture, take a dynamic cooking class, and get to know each other. 

      NextTribe members receive a $150 discount on this trip. Find out more here. 

      Then we hit the trail with our guides and tour company (our packs, tents, food, and other necessities will be carried by a small army of porters), trekking through the land once traversed by Incans, climbing Dead Woman’s Pass, passing through the Sun Gate, and onto the prize. Besides viewing these ancient ruins set beside a gum-drop peak, our reward will be one night in the super-luxurious Belmont Sanctuary Lodge at the base of Machu Picchu.

      Important Travel Information

      Please be aware that you need to be healthy and at least of an average fitness level for this hike. You should put in some time training on hiking trails, stairs, and, if possible, at altitude before departure. (NextTribe is offering a chance to climb a 14,000-feet mountain in Colorado in August. Details coming soon.) 

      We will discuss training well in advance of the trip. See more physical and health information here and read Jeannie’s story closely.

      For more information about the trip, you can watch this video where Jeannie and some of the hikers from last year discuss the trip. 

      About SAS Peru

      For our hike we use SAS Peru as our tour operator. Jeannie Ralston has used them twice to complete the trail and was impressed with their commitment to safety, the geniality of the guides, the treatment of the porters, and the food on trek! 

      The porters will carry our tents, our gear (except what we need during the day), set up camp, feed us, then take down camp the next morning and move us to the next camp site. Our guides will point out natural wonders and discuss the history of the Incas and the trail. 

      Learn more about SAS Peru here. 

      Our Home in Cusco

      We'll spend three nights in the stunning Costa del Sol Wyndham in Cusco.  Situated in the city’s renowned Centro Historico, the Wyndham is a 17th century colonial mansion that combines high beamed ceilings, carved wooden doors, and elaborate murals with contemporary comforts. 

      You’ll be walking distance from historic attractions like Plaza de Armas, Sacsayhuaman, and Coricancha as well as traditional markets, lively bars and clubs, and top-rated Peruvian restaurants. 

      Our Reward at the Base of Machu Picchu

      Certainly seeing one of the wonders of the world is reward in itself. But we add a bonus. After three nights camping on the Inca Trail, we will spend the night at the super-luxurious Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, which is a few steps from the entrance to Machu Picchu. 

      A stone’s throw from mystical ancient ruins, enjoy sunrise breakfasts overlooking the archeological site and luxuriate within the innate serenity. Here, verdant subtropical nature envelops you and delicious rainforest cuisine tantalizes the tastebuds.

      Why Travel with NextTribe?

      NextTribe offers a safe travel environment that through the energy and alchemy of adventurous women turns into a real community in a short amount of time.  

      On every trip, you will be led by a friendly and fun woman of our own age, who has deep local knowledge and/or roots. She has proved to us that she is responsible, flexible, and truly cares about every traveler, nurturing new friendships and making sure no one feels left out. Other tour companies drop in a local guide who remains apart from the group. Our leader is the glue among the travelers--the person who ensures that this is more than a trip; it's a community of curious, like-minded women on the move.

      We are known for group travel for women over 45 who don't normally like group travel. We keep our groups small and know that our guests are curious explorers who can take care of themselves. We allow them space to make the trip their own. You will not be in lockstep on a tight schedule behind a guide. You can roam on your own if you want (with a good GPS and an understanding of how to meet up with the group later) or you can take full advantage of the guide's knowledge of the city. 

      We do expect our travelers to have a level of self-sufficiency, being able to carry their own bags if need be, and to be respectful of others in the group and open to new experiences and friendships. 


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      Austin, Texas 78759

      Phone: 512-609-0340

      What’s included

      • 4 nights in Cusco
        3 nights before our hike, one night following the hike, before flying back home.
      • Guided Inca Trail Hike
        One of the top tour operators will provide all that we need to make the 4-day hike to Machu Picchu
      • 1 Night at the Belmond
        We treat ourselves by celebrating our success with good food, soft beds and nice linens (and body treatments, if desired)
      • All dinners
      • All breakfasts
      • Lunches
        Except for a couple days in Cusco when you'll be out roaming on your own.
      • Cooking Class in Cusco
        One of the favorite activities in Cusco last year.
      • Walking Tour in Cusco
        Get the lay of the land and the history of this fascinating Spanish colonial city.
      • Inca History Museum
      • Airfare to Cusco
      • Airport transfers
      • Alcohol at Cusco Dinners
        But alcohol is included at dinner at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, where we'll want to toast our success.
      • Massage at the Belmond
        But you can purchase as an add on
      • Hiking gear
        Much of what you'll need for hiking on the trail is provided by SAS Peru for an extra charge. See our add ons.
      • Travel Insurance

      Available Packages

      Available until August 5, 2024

      Share a room/tent with a friend or with a fun NextTriber who is destined to become a friend. NextTribe members receive a $150 discount. Become a member here. If you're already a member, get your discount code here. 

      Deposit: $500
      Available until August 5, 2024

      A room and tent of your own. 

      Deposit: $500

      Available options


      Oct. 5th-October 8th
      Discovering Cusco

      While you acclimate to the altitude, explore the city with us. We'll visit the Inca History Museum, the Traditional Textile Center, go on a walking tour, and take part in a lively Peruvian cooking class. 

      For dinner we'll eat at top-notch Peruvian restaurants. On the last evening, Oct. 2nd, we'll meet our guides for our hike. 

      Your Organizer

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      NextTribe (NextTribe.com) is a travel company for women over 45 that also publishes articles by top writers and hosts events in select cities and an online community. We offer a safe travel environment that through the energy and alchemy of adventurous women quickly turns into a real community. We are known for group travel for women who don't normally like group travel. We keep our groups small and respect that our guests are curious explorers. For testimonials about our trips, visit: https://nexttribe.com/travel-testimonials/


      We had a great tour guide who was indefatigable. The events were well planned and gave a side of life in Charleston you would not normally find if you planned the tour on your own. We had meals in people's homes and got signed cookbooks by the authors. We had time to relax but we also packed a lot into a few days. The food was wonderful! I might just do it again next year!
      By Rebecca R for 4 Perfect Days in Charleston on Mar 30, 2023
      Thank you so much Rebecca. We can't wait to have you on more trips!!
      By NextTribe on Apr 11, 2023