Palaces and castles of the Hohenzollerns. Potsdam

Берлин, Германия

Feb 28, 2022 - Dec 30, 2030
Group size: 1 - 4
Palaces and castles of the Hohenzollerns. Potsdam
Берлин, Германия

Feb 28, 2022 - Dec 30, 2030
Group size: 1 - 4

About this trip

Do you know why it is worth going to Potsdam? I will gladly show you these places - a luxurious park and the New Sanssouci Chambers, the brainchild of a monarch with impeccable taste - the New Garden, the Marble Palace and the Cililienhof Palace. You will learn the main things about the era in which Potsdam “bloomed”, admire the local nature and elegant architectural forms. Traveling to Potsdam with a connoisseur of its history and sights is the dream of any aesthete!

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What awaits you

I offer two beautiful and rich itineraries to choose from for a fascinating acquaintance with Potsdam: neither of them will leave you indifferent, both will also allow you to visit interesting surroundings after the tour.

Sanssouci and the era of Frederick the Great

After leaving Berlin, Friedrich created his own world and his own style in Potsdam - a Friedrichian rococo, even more pretentious and even more whimsical than even the architecture of the Elizabethan era in Russia. In the decoration of the New Chambers, you will not distinguish women from men, you will notice precious fabrics everywhere: damask silk and brocade. And also - shameless erotica and masterpieces of inlay. You will immerse yourself in the complex and controversial world of the world of the great ruler at the end of an era, walk through a beautiful park with vine hills and pavilions that keep secrets. Take a look at the Art Gallery, where the coldness of marble, the colors of Flemish painting and academic Italian paintings reign.

After the tour, you can independently visit the Sanssouci Palace itself (audio guide in Russian) and the New Palace (audio guide in Russian). Since the beginning of May, other palaces have been open (without accompaniment in Russian): the Kitchen Outbuilding, the Chinese House, the Orangery Palace, as well as in the Charlottenhof Park in the neighborhood: Roman Baths, Charlottenhof Palace.

Potsdam in the English style: New Garden, Marble Palace and Zililienhof Palace

The New Garden is hidden behind a high fence on the shores of beautiful lakes, on the other side of Potsdam and away from the famous uncle Sans Souci. Here I will tell you about what is called Palladinism, and about the genius of Andrea Palladino, who created calm, graceful forms. We will draw parallels with the trends in Russian and German architecture of that time, while you look at the fireplaces made of Karar marble, precious parquet, graceful unusual halls and, of course, learn the stories of friendship and love of the king on the canvases. A walk through the park will be no less exciting: a pyramid and a mammoth tree, funeral urns and a fork in the roads of Osiris, colorful houses and a dairy farm, an obelisk and Egyptian sphinxes, a Gothic tower and the missing Moorish tower - this is how the East spoke to the West, and the secrets of the Rosicrucian order to us.

Organizational details

Tours run from April to October on any day except Monday. During the winter season, the tour is only possible on Saturdays and Sundays.

Additional expenses

Entry tickets:

– I recommend the single Sanssouci+ ticket for €19/person. (to all palaces in Potsdam)

- if you buy separate tickets: the palaces of the New Chambers and the Art Gallery for €6./person; combo ticket to Marble Palace and Celilienhof Palace for €16/person

Public transport: full day ticket for ABC area (€9.60/person) or group ticket if 3-5 people are traveling together (€24.90)

Meeting point

The meeting point is agreed with the guide, you can discuss it when ordering an excursion.

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