1 review
Apr 21 - 29, 2023
Group size: 4 - 12

1 review

Apr 21 - 29, 2023
Group size: 4 - 12

About this trip

Join us on your journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle in Peru to further develop a greater understanding of life, love, and spirit through the greatest spirit plant teachers on our planet. The discovery that awaits you will be a great reward and a blessing for you to have the opportunity to explore in this lifetime.

In addition to working within the context of our Retreats gifted Shamans, you will also get to explore a little of the traditional people and land. You will be in the awe-inspiring Peruvian Amazon jungle; travel back and forth to and from our  Retreat center on the Amazon River and tributaries. Jungle hiking and/or canoeing and visiting local villages. You will visit the Yagua Indians as they demonstrate their old dances, original tribal language, and hunting techniques. You will be able to purchase handicrafts of items they create from the jungle plants and animals. You will see the exotic plant and animal life of the jungle with an added treat as we visit Monkey Island, a rescue center where you will be able to learn, play and cuddle with several species of monkeys. Next, visit Iquitos, an anomaly in the Amazon Jungle, a bustling, thriving town in the middle of the Amazon Jungle shrouded in much mystery. Iquitos is the only city in the world where no roads lead. Some call Iquitos the city of atonement.

What’s included

  • 4 Ceremonieswith Bobinsa
  • 2-healing plant baths
    clean the energy of your body of heavy energies.
  • 1-vapor plant bath
    remove cold from your bones and help expel pain from your joints (if is necessary)
  • 1-Bano de Florecimiento
  • 3-Pulsario treatments
    You will be checked by the shamans for emotional energy trapped in the body in the stomach area and this will be worked on to be removed.
  • All boat transportation
    to and from Iquitos, the retreat center and back to Iquitos.
  • All lodging
    6 Nights at the Amazon retreat and 2 nights at The Doubletree in Iquitos
  • All meals at the retreat
    only breakfast is included at the 2 night stay at the Doubletree hotel.
  • Monkey Island Excursion
    to play with many species of monkeys at this rescue center.
  • Yagua Indians Excursion
  • Lupuna Tree Escursion
    Visit the giant Lupuna tree which is a medicine tree the shamans learn from.
  • Serpentarium Excursion
    which is an animal rescue center with many different jungle animals including an anaconda.
  • Visit Local Village
    If time and weather permit an excursion to a local Peruvian jungle village.
  • Amazon Boat Trip
    If time and weather permit a boat trip to the Amazon River to watch the sunset and look for pink dolphins.
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Photographer
  • Flights
  • Extra meals & Beverages
  • Optional Tours
  • Tipping

Available options


April 21
Arrive in Iquitos

You will arrive at Iquitos Crnl. FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport and then be transported to your hotel. It is advisable to get a flight arriving in the morning or late afternoon. 

Later that night we will have a meet and great dinner where you will have the opportunity to meet the rest of the travelers, and discuss the transformational experience that you all will experience on this trip.

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I missed a substantial part of the trip due to visa issues that could have been resolved immediately if traveling during the week. I was hoping the remainder of the trip would make me forget the first few days I paid for and missed but unfortunately it was lackluster.
By tashawna p for Vietnam 2022 on 09 Dec, 2022