Peru Classic (compacted 7D/6N)

11 reviews
May 26 - 31, 2019
Group size: 3 - 25
Peru Classic (compacted 7D/6N)

11 reviews

May 26 - 31, 2019
Group size: 3 - 25

About this trip

Day 1 we pick you up from you hotel at 11:00am and then we go to huacachinas were will visit the oasis and the disert by buggies and then sand bourding, finally after enjoy the sunset we sleep on there 1 night lodging at ICA   

Day 2 After breakfast in Ica at 8:00am we go to Nasca to do the lines flight and then lima 1 night lodging in Lima  

 Day 3 after breakfast we pick you up and take you to the international airport (1 hour and 10min flight) we rest the rest of the day 1night loadging at Cusco   

Day 4 after breakfas we pick you up from your hotel to take you to the sacred valley VIP (Chinchero, Moray, Salt Mines, Ollantaytambo ) all tickets included. After a buffet lunch we can enjoy the Ollantaytambo city and we will go to Aguas Calientes By Touristic Train VISTADOME 1 night in Aguas Calientes   

Day 5 early in the morning we visit Machuppicchu, by bus and there we have 2 hour with the guide and the we return to aguascalientes where the train is waitng for us to retun to ollantaytambo, there we will be waiting for you to take you back to cusco. 1 night lodging at Cusco 

Day 6 after breakfast we can relax and at midday we start the city tour and our tour finish at 6:00pm

What’s included

  • picking up day 1
    We are gong to pick you up from your hotel in lima or the airport at 11:00am
  • Tickets and tour buggie
    the first day we visit huacachina where we have programed the activitie of boggie and sand boarding
  • 1 night lodging in ICA
    this night we are going to sleep in Ica city
  • breakfast Day2
    we take the breakfast and go to Nasca
  • Nasca lines flight
    after breakfast we fo to take the flight over the nasca lines
  • 1 night lodging in Lima
    after the nasca line we go to lima and sleep in this city
  • breakfast day 3
    after breakfast we get ready to go to the airport and fly to cusco
  • flight from lima to cusc
    1 hour and 10min the flight to Cusco
  • 1 Night lodging in Cusco
    we rest this day in the beautiful city of Cusco
  • Breaffast day 4
    after breakfast we visit the sacred valley
  • Sacred valley full
    this tour includ the transport and full ticket for 4 destinations the sacred valley and 2 destinations more (chinchero, moray, salt mines, ollantaytambo)
  • Buffet Lunch Day 4
    we will enjoy a delicius lunch in the sacred valley
  • Train Vistadom Day 4
    after Ollantaytambo we go by touristic train to Aguas Calientes overnight
  • Breakfast Day 5
    earlymorning we have breakfast and then we go to machupicchu
  • bus up to Machupicchu
    we take the train from aguas calientes to Machupicchu to be there at 6am
  • Machupicchu tickets
    the machupicchu ticket is starting at 6am
  • guidance
    2 hour with the guide in Machupicchu and then you can explore the city by your self
  • Train Back
    After Machupicchu you walk down to the train station 40min and then we travel by Train to ollantaytambo during 1 hour and 40min
  • transfer back to cusco
    we will wait for you in he train station, and then we take you back to the main squere od cusco.
  • 1 night lodging cusco
    we arrive in cusco aroun 10pm and sleep in this city
  • Breakfast day 6
    we enjoy the breakfast and then free time to enjoy the cusco
  • City tour Cusco
    Every tickets, transport, and profesional guide
  • meals
    not incleded the meals that are no mensioned in the itinerary


Day 1
Buggies and Sand boarding at huacchinas

We pick you up from you hotel or airport in lima at 11:00am and then we go to huacachinas were will visit the oasis and the disert by buggies and then sand bourding, finally after enjoy the sunset we sleep on there 1 night lodging at Ica City   

Your Organizer

Conde Travel EIRL
11 reviews
Conde Travel We are a pioneer company in adventure tourism, located in Cusco Peru, with more than 12 years of experience in the field of tourism.


All and all a great day out. Special shout out to our guide, Jimmy and the Zipline crew. They really made the expience memorable!
By Sacha Q for Zipline + bicicletas en chinchero on 25 Jul, 2022
Amazing views, very fun trip. There was enough time to do the hike (taking breaks along the way since it is high altitude) and stay at the lake for pictures.
By Karl B for Humantay Lake Full Day on 21 Jul, 2022
Our Guide Alfredo was amazing. Picked us up early for our ride to Humantay Lake and took an hour and a half ride through the winding mountain roads, with beautiful views, before we reached our breakfast location. After a wonderful breakfast we continued for another hour to the base of Humantay to begin our long steep trek to the lake. This is a challenging hike to get to the base of the lake, but once there what a magnificent view. Alfredo explained everything to us from how to complete the hike to the history of the area and the lake. If you are physically able I highly recommend this trek.
By Randall H for Humantay Lake Full Day on 19 Jul, 2022
When you sign up for a bucket list “trip of a lifetime” adventure you have a lot of expectations. When you sign up for a hiking trip that will take you to thousands of feet of elevation you also have a lot of concerns and doubts. Will I be able to make it? Did I prepare my body well enough ? Will my body fail me? Will the elevation really mess with me ? Therefore, your choice of travel company and guide is paramount. Unfortunately I made the wrong choice because Conde Travel and Jonathan (the guide) were certainly not it. Here are the reasons why. 1- I was supposed to meet the guide at 5 Pm the day before. I was told last minute that the guide will be there at 7 so i had to rearrange my schedule during my short visit to Cusco. 2- During the meeting, I was told that I will not have enough time to go around the citadel ( Machu Picchu) and also climb mountain Machu Picchu which is an extra that I paid for. Why was I not told this before ? He told me I have to be super quick which he didn’t think it was possible. Why won’t I have time you ask ? Because the busses leave by 3 pm he said and to climb all the way down I had to start hiking down by 11:30. 3- The next morning I was picked up by the guide and we went to a minivan that picked up other people and we were on our way. We made about 3 stops along the way and we finally arrive to our destionation (hydroelectrica) . We then walked for about 45 minutes to our lunch place which was basically a house with a cafeteria attached. Food was good thankfully. Now as we are walking we asked our guide few questions to which he either a) didn’t understand the question b) didn’t know the answer to the question c) answered incorrectly (thanks google) or d) didn’t know how to answer in English. 4.The guide also would go all the way in front of us without checking if I am behind or how far behind or if I needed any help with something. He mentioned several times that I am walking slow. 5-After about 2.5 hours we finally get to Aguas Calientes where I am spending the night in a hostel. He excuse himself to go get a train ticket which should take 5 minutes but 25 minutes later he was still missing. Finally he shows up and we go to the hostel and arrange to meet an hour later for dinner. During dinner he leaves to pick up the tickets for tomorrow which he forgot. He mentions that he will meet on top by 6:30. He said it is better to get there by 6 but 630 is okay as well. He says that it’s good to leave hotel by 430. 6- The next morning we leave the hotel at 4:45 in the darkness without the guide. Within 45 minutes it’s clear we don’t need any of the layers he told us to have and we are just carrying things for no reason. We get to the top by 630 (which he said was okay) and he tells us that we are late and have to hurry up. The whole time he is telling us to hurry. Again he doesn’t have answers to questions. This time he pulls out a book that he clearly didn’t even read. When we are done with the citadel he tells to go to a line to get to the mountain. Then it turns out it’s the wrong line. We go somewhere else and then he starts arguing with the security guard. Then we go to a third line and since I wanted to go to the restroom he stands in line but when I return he left the line and just tells me to stand in the now much much longer line. 7- Jonathan seemed to be judgmental and sexist in his comments. First he says he doesn’t like doing these 2 days tours. He makes fun of Americans for wanting coffee and young people for wanting to just “have fun”. 8- We didn’t have enough to climb Machu Picchu mountain all the way so we turn around about 2/3 of the way. We get to the vans by 245 and we are surprised to see that they are all leaving even though he said 3 pm. We get on a van and then 3 minutes later the van stops and we are asked to leave the van and joins another van. We later found out that we were moved because someone didn’t like the smell on the van which I agree it smelled horrid but the question is why were we moved ? The van was filled with people who hiked all day and sweaty with their backpacks filling the van that we couldn’t even get to the back. It was not air conditioned. Someone started throwing up middle of the way and we stopped 2 hrs for construction !! So overall, don’t book with Conde travel because while this experience could have been amazing .. it was very frustrating for no reason.
By Miller G for Tour to Machu Picchu 2D-1N by Car - Special Offer on 16 Jun, 2022
We had a nice trip and experience. The good things: - a short group (we were 4). - the cookers, they were amazing and the food was really good. - the people from the agency were really kind and available to answer every question. The bad things for us were: - low transparency regarding the final cost of the trip. We payed the whole excursion but then we had additional unexpected costs that they informed us just a few hours before -or during the trip-: some buses, water (yes, they dont give you water for the trip, you have to buy every day), tips (this was really uncomfortable for all of us, as the guide was constantly telling us about tips for the horseman, for the cookers, even in front of them... it did not feel good at all, as you are almost obliged to do it, and they even count in front of us how much we gave), what you drink in the last 2 meals is not included either nor the breakfast of the 1st day. - The guide was in many opportunities walking a long distance in front of us, and if something happened, he wouldnt be even aware. In many times he wasnt with us walking, which had been good for asking some questions or if something happened. - as we had different hours of entrance in relation to the other 2 persons of our group, we were given our talk in Macchu Picchu from the upper side, but had to do all the ruines and Huayna by our own... I think this is not the best experience as the guidance should be through walking the city. It is hard to remember all then..
By Pedro G for Salkantay Trekking Tour from Cusco 5 Day - Special Offer on 23 May, 2022
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