Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (New Dates* May 2023)

      Sacred Valley, Peru

      Lotus Retreats
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      28 reviews
      May 6 - 14, 2023
      Group size: 8 - 19
      Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (New Dates* May 2023)
      Sacred Valley, Peru

      Lotus Retreats
      • Facebook verified
      28 reviews

      May 6 - 14, 2023
      Group size: 8 - 19

      About this trip

      Join Loren Lotus, Ryann Tillman and the Lotus Retreats community for a 9-day and 8-night yoga, sound healing, ceremonial, and cultural retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Immerse yourself fully in the colorful Andean culture and“Cosmovision” ~ participating in traditional ceremony & healings, exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, Pisac, Cusco & more...and becoming a walking embodiment of the Andean way of Ayni – living in right relationship with all creation.

      One of the jewels of South America, Peru is the home of many Andean civilizations and their compelling “Cosmovision” that has touched the heart and spirit of so many who have visited these lands. Peruvian culture reveals a rich entwining of the indigenous mythology, mysticism, and ceremony that is reflected in the country’s music, healing arts, textiles, handicrafts, and sacred ruins. Together we will step out of time and into our unique place in the cosmos to experience our inherent interconnectedness with all life….

      Explore the Andes…

      Beyond the yoga mat, we will venture into the beauty of the Andes with excursions such as exploring ancient ruins, listening to traditional music, guided ceremonies with Q’ero paqos (shamans), and more. Our practice of mindfulness helps cultivate a sustained state of presence so that as a group we can open ourselves to receive the true medicine that Peru has to offer. We are so excited to share with you some of the richness this culture and land has to offer!

      Learn about Andean philosophy…

      The Andean Cosmovision is a way of perceiving and interacting with reality that is central to the traditional, indigenous culture of the high Andes. This Cosmovision is not a strict set of concepts or beliefs, but rather an experiential relationship to the wholeness of creation. It is a path rooted in Munay (love), Yachay (wisdom), and Ayni (sacred reciprocity) that promotes a more loving and mutually supportive relationship between ourselves, Pachamama, and the Cosmos. 


      Lotus Retreats has authentically curated this gathering, along with original support by Mera Mu & Ivanna Kalyani; these women have pulled from their own experiences of the magic they felt in Peru. Grounded in philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, movement and connection to the ancestry of the andean culture, this retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wisdom that is inherent in these sacred lands. Join us for an intimate retreat & adventure in the Sacred Valley infused with ancient Andean philosophy and ceremony! 

      Lotus Lotus

      Your host Loren Lotus has hosted over 25 retreats around the world with Lotus Retreats! She's a passionate yogi, facilitator and event organizer who puts her entire heart and soul into curating spaces for community to gather. Loren will be sharing daily Yoga classes to get into our bodies, clear energy and make space for new wisdom to be shared. She is also an avid Kirtan singer and will be sharing the medicine of music, movement & meditation throughout the weekend. 

      Ryann Tillman

      Ryann believes that yoga has the power to positively transform our lives. She teaches a Hatha inspired class with an emphasis on breath, awareness, and body control. She aims to make each class feel steeped in Indian tradition and lineage. Her path also led her to Fascial Stretch Therapy(fst) as a way to help speed the physical healing/recovery process and flexibility that yoga offers. With yoga and fst Ryann has a passion to guide people towards a more connected, positive, and healthy life.


      6-nights of our retreat will be in the Sacred Valley of Peru, close to many historic sites & nature to explore once we first arrive. The last 2-nights of the retreat will be spent at a hotel in Ollantaytambo, closer to Machu Picchu plus an optional night of Grandfather medicine ceremony. 

      Sacred Valley Accommodations

      During our stay in the Sacred Valley, Samadhi means a union with the divine. Samadhi offers daily accommodations, yoga retreats and trainings. Each of our bungalows represent one of the seven chakra energy centers in the body. In the main lodge, we have a living room and dining room. The yoga studio is located on the top floor. We serve vegetarian or vegan cuisine.

      In the middle of a natural environment, surrounded by mountain and ancient culture that today maintain their traditions, grows Samadhi. Designed with the sacred geometry, Samadhi will submerge you in the universe of the Chakras, walking through the Kundalini and wrapping you in its spaces, colors, textures, flavors and art adapted for the energy central, to know and explore your essence.

      To get close to the conscience state of the divine, we work in a holistic manner in four forms, yoga-meditation, food awareness, art therapy and cultural immersion. These aspects connect and count with the program especially for each chakra and is related with each bungalow; the first bungalow, the chakra raiz, is associated with the earth, is a space with a program of yoga-meditation, food, art and cultural experiences that help connect with the mother earth Pachamana, and then you will pass chakra to chakra.

      Ollantaytambo Accommodations


      Practice yoga surrounded by the beauty of the Sacred Valley and the majestic Andean mountain views as we move, breath & practice mindfulness in each moment.

      Our focus on meditation and mindfulness is used as a tool to cultivate profound presence and openness that we will carry with us into each activity and excursion.

      Asana - Each day of the retreat will include physical asana, meditation and pranayama. Most of our days will begin with a 90-minute Hatha or vinyasa flow class to build our physical practice and to awaken and enliven the body.  For days with longer excursions, our meditation and pranayama practices will be integrated at the sites that we are visiting. 

      Pranayama - Pranayama is the practice of controlled breathing; a way of guiding life force energy (breath) in the body. In our practices we will introduce basic techniques for guiding our breath and evolving our ability to breathe in a fuller, more embodied way. In the Sacred Valley of Peru we are blessed with pure mountain “prana” - air/breath/life force energy - and we utilize pranayama techniques to nourish the cells of our body with fresh oxygen and experience a sense of aliveness in our spirit. This balances our nervous system, harmonizes the flow of energy in our bodies and helps us become present to the quality of our breath.

      Sound Healing Ceremonies – Vibration is a unifying principle of the universe that helps connect us with the very fibers of creation. We will utilize the healing nature of sound to reconnect to a more harmonious way of being – moving the stuck or dissonant energies in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies – and inviting in more resonance.


      Develop a deeper connection and understanding of Andean philosophy/Cosmovision and find yourself experiencing the culture in a whole new way. The Cosmovision provides a path for discovering profound aspects of ourselves and the Cosmos. We will spend time educating ourselves about Peruvian philosophy and the ancient offerings of the Andean civilizations that have so greatly influenced the present-day culture in Peru.

      Throughout the retreat, we will offer excursions to explore ancient ruins, temples and historic sites. 

      Each excursion will be guided by your facilitators as well as our local guide, Fernando, for an authentic exploration of each site. Between excursions, we will have free-days to rest, relax & process each experience.


      Cusco Ruins/ Temple of the Moon:

      Enjoy a full day of cultural immersion in the ruins around Cusco that date back to the Incan empire, “Tihuantinsuyo”. We will spend the morning touring Saqsaywaman, Q’enqo, and Tambomachay which are some of the most visited ruins in the area - burial and ceremonial gatherings sites, military rest points and temples built to worship the elements of nature. Afterward, we will make our way off the beaten path to the largely unexplored, “Temple of the Moon”, to honor the site where women came to meditate, connect and pray for their fertility.

      Despacho Ceremony:

      It is time to connect to the wisdom that lies inside. Despacho means prayer bundle or offering and is a symbolic representation of inner healing. As the “curandero” or healer adds all the elements to the sacred mandala, the bundle becomes a living prayer. We will join in ceremony together, calling upon the powerful elements of the lands around us, to unite with the collective intention of healing. This ceremony is offered by a dear friend and Q’ero master who will explain the elements of the ritual as we move along. 

      Machu Picchu:

      Uncover the secrets of Machu Picchu with us! One of the most awe-inspiring archaeological sites in the world, join us in exploring this sacred site and learning about it’s history in an authentic way. We will take a train together to the town of Aguas Calientes, where transportation will be organized to take us up to the ruins. After our guided tour through Machu Picchu, ample time will be offered for personal exploration, which is highly encouraged as a way to deeply connect to the energy of this remarkable and extraordinary site.


      Called by many locals as “Ollanta”, Ollantaytambo is an ancient Incan fortress that houses the famous temple in honor of the sun, “Inti”. Also known as the living village of the Incas, as this town has some of the best preserved Inca ruins in all of Peru; many families still dwelling within its walls. After touring the ruins, free time will be offered to traverse the streets of this historic village that seems to be preserved in time. 

      Pisac Ruins:

      Less than an hour from Cusco, Pisac is famous for its awe-inspiring markets, but most specifically for the Incan ruins that are situated atop a hill at the entrance of the sacred valley. The settlement is built on row upon row of fine stone terraces, laid out on a natural balcony. Considering it’s elevated position researchers speculate that these ruins may have served defensive purposes in protecting the southern valley. Pisac ruins also house the remarkable, Temple of the Sun, and include large terraces that are undoubtedly rooted in agriculture. We will tour the ruins together and then make our way down to spend time in the markets down below.


      Prana, the air/breathe or life force energy we input into our bodies is the quality of the energy we expend. Throughout our retreat week, we practice conscious and healthy eating habits. Most meals will be vegetarian and prepared in house at our retreat facility. We allow for individual breakfast and lunch times for guests to sit with themselves or small groups while our dinner times are family style and all-inclusive with one another. Some meals on long excursion days will be packed or purchase of meals on your own free time is optional.


      6:30am - Silent sunrise meditation and tea

      7:30am - Morning Sadhana

      9am - Breakfast

      10am - Excursion / Sacred Site Visits

      1:00pm - Lunch & FREE TIME

      5:30pm - Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

      7:30pm - Dinner


      Our arrival airport is Cusco International. It is likely that you will have a layover in Lima before boarding another plane to Cusco. We will arrange for transportation from the Cusco airport to the retreat center in the Sacred Valley. Arrival information & details will be provided upon booking confirmation. 

      We realize that the journey is just as much a part of the experience as is the destination! We are here to support you fully in arriving safely to Peru & to the retreat center. We provide a shared google document for all guests to input their arrival & departure information as well as the ability to communicate with other guests traveling near the same time. We also have a Facebook group for guests to connect, share questions & interact with one another. 

      What’s included

      • Accommodation
        6-nights in the Sacred Valley
      • Ollantay Accommodations
        2-nights in Ollantaytambo
      • Meals
        3-vegetarian meals a day (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free options available)
      • Yoga
        Daily classes (hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative style)
      • Ceremonies and Workshops
        Opening & closing ceremony, Despacho ceremony, nature offering, additional workshops & cultural offerings
      • Transportation
        To and from the airport in Cusco
      • Excursions
        Machu Piccho, Cusco Ruins, Temple of the Moon, Maras Moray, Kinsa Cocha, Ollantaytambo city center, Pisac shopping market
      • Flights
        To/From Cusco International Airport
      • Travel Insurance
        Required + Covid-19 testing
      • Tips
        Suggested for tour guides & hotel staff
      • Additional Food
        Some lunches, snacks and additional meals when visiting sacred sites may be desired at your own discretion
      • Extra Night of Hotel
        We will offer 2 additional nights (accommodations + meals) for guests to pray with the Grandfather medicine. You may select to add the additional night cost to your booking.
      • Grandfather Medicine
        To be paid in cash directly to the Shaman

      Available Packages

      Triple Occupancy

      $2990 Early Bird through November 26th 

      $3190 Regular Price

      Deposit: $500
      Double Occupancy

      $3190 Early Bird through November 26th 

      $3390 Regular Price

      Deposit: $500
      Single Occupancy

      $3590 Early Bird through November 26th 

      $3790 Regular Price

      Deposit: $500

      Available options

      Your Organizer

      Lotus Retreats
      28 reviews
      Expand and enhance your vision of the world with a Lotus Retreats experience! Lotus Retreats offers a combination of yoga & philosophy, workshops & ceremonies, plus nature excursions & cultural immersions to fully explore each location traveled. Each week is carefully curated with activities and optional excursions to deepen and benefit your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. Every retreat is unique to the location, the group & your hosts, who passionately guarantee an eye-opening & heart-awakening experience for all.


      Incredible cultural voyage through the sacred valley of Peru. This was an adventurous and beautiful retreat. More than just asana yoga. There were indigenous ceremonies, hikes through the mountains, and historical site visits. Lotus Retreats always forms a connected group and we had a blast in Peru. I would 100% travel with Lotus Retreats again
      By Spencer O for Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (New Dates* May 2023) on Jun 20, 2023
      What an amazing adventure! Loren and Ryann were such incredible hosts as we got to experience SO MUCH that the beautiful country of Peru has to offer. From invigorating morning yoga classes, visits to ancient sites, delicious meals, cacao and kirtan, to a traditional Inipi Sweat Lodge- I couldn't have imagined a better trip through Peru. Lotus Retreats has built beautiful local relationships here that helped to share such an authentic cultural experience. I am forever grateful for the amazing group of people that I met and connected with on this trip. THANK YOU!
      By Rachel O for Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (New Dates* May 2023) on May 17, 2023
      So glad you decided to do this training for those of us wanting to start hosting our own retreats. We got some great information, tips and tricks on how to make it a wonderful experience and how to put it all together to make it magical! We can't wait to host our retreat and hope to do our first one in 2024, so stay tuned! Thank you Loren, we love Lotus Retreats! <3
      By Heather A for The Lotus Retreats | Retreat Leader Training on May 05, 2023
      I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica with Lotus Retreats. The yoga classes were amazing, and I really enjoyed the excursions, including the waterfall adventure and trip to Manuel Antonio national park. I loved connecting with a wonderful group of like minded people, who now feel like family. Highly recommend you book your next travel adventure with Lotus Retreats!
      By Ashley D for Costa Rica NYE Reset Retreat (Dec 28 - Jan 2) on Jan 06, 2023
      This trip was amazing. The first half of the week is spent at a beautiful resort in the Sacred Valley with the BEST, healthiest food for every meal and beautiful views from every room at the resort. I was just so happy the whole time we were there. This retreat was a good mix of excursions and ceremonies and education and also free time. Loren takes care of literally all the planning and hard work so we retreaters just get to show up and enjoy! She also gives plenty of opportunity for reflection and healing, if you're needing it. I really enjoyed the add-on pottery class with a potter in the Sacred Valley and would recommend this to anyone hoping for some interaction with the locals while on retreat. I would definitely book this trip again!
      By Kelsey J for Peru: Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat (March 2022) on Oct 05, 2022
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      First and foremost, apologies for this super overdue review. I just realized that I haven't left a review for Loren Lotus, but periodically I have thought about this magical retreat I went on with Loren in 2018 to Colombia. Loren was very communicative about all the trip details beforehand, and planned very special programs; a small trip to the neighboring village with a local guide, interesting workshops with great guest teachers, etc. although she is an amazing instructor! The retreat venue was magical and was very accommodating about everyone's dietary restrictions. I spent possibly the best week of my life, and I am forever grateful for that experience. Highly recommend it if you are looking for something to nourish your mind, body, and heart. Thank you Loren. I hope you are doing well! Sending love.
      By Heisue C on 30 Nov, 2023
      I had an amazing experience in Colombia with Lotus Retreats in July 2023. Loren and Rachel are fantastic women who lead with love and light. They show so much care and respect towards each person's experience and offer each guest the opportunity to make their trip as busy or relaxed as they wish it to be. I highly recommend the excursions, as I got to experience more of Colombia and the history of its culture; however, they are optional, which is great on days when a guest would prefer some time spent in reflection. The daily yoga offerings were my favorite part, as they brought different styles of yoga, pranayama techniques, and sound healing into class. And finally, the freshly prepared, locally-sourced meals were INCREDIBLE. My body is still thanking me!
      By Katie K on 12 Aug, 2023
      I had the opportunity to deepen my practice / experience the beauty of Tulum Mexico with Lotus Retreats and would do it again in a heartbeat! The Lotus Retreats crew quickly created a space of loving community, increased awareness, and intentional practice within the first few hours of our retreat and it only got better from there! These retreats are special. Humanity in raw form. I'll be back for more, no doubt!
      By Travis P on 02 Oct, 2018
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