Peru Yoga Adventure

7 reviews
May 27 - Jun 5, 2022
Group size: 10 - 12
Peru Yoga Adventure

7 reviews

May 27 - Jun 5, 2022
Group size: 10 - 12

About this trip

Souljourn Yoga invites you to have your heart cracked wide open for our 5th annual,  10-day yoga adventure as we explore the ancient lands of Peru from Cusco to Machu Picchu.  Join us on this amazing journey where we will be supporting the girls of the Sacred Valley Project , which is dedicated to providing education and housing to girls from low-income families in the Andes Mountains. Please join Alison Riazi and Jeanette Doherty for an incredible journey of seva and transformation from meeting the girls of the Sacred Valley Project as well as exploring Machu Picchu and seeing how firsthand your support can make a real difference. Embark on a cultural immersion and 'soujourn' from hiking, sweat lodging, glamping, daily yoga, and even zip lining for a magical retreat of a lifetime!

About Souljourn Yoga Foundation

Souljourn Yoga Foundation is a US 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness and funds for young women’s education in less economically developed countries (LEDCs) by using yoga as an inclusive vehicle for change. Inspired by seva, the Sanskrit word and yogic principle of selfless service, and ‘sojourn’ which captures the essence of being in a place for a time, we collaborate with local community based projects and international nonprofits. We endeavour to support sustainable educational pathways for women across the world and believe all women deserve equal access to education and that all women deserve their own space to breathe, connect and grow. 

We carefully craft abundant opportunities to explore, practice, and educate through yoga both on and off of the mat. We offer diverse workshops, teacher immersions, and global retreats to continue to promote female empowerment and education in communities where equal opportunities are not always available. Due often to the limitations of endemic poverty and gender inequality, we believe it is important to provide a platform for yoga to universally inspire kaivalya (liberty) to connect people across spaces, empower global gender development, enable female education and to promote economic self-sufficiency.

We may have different spiritual practices across the planet, yet a deeply powerful element of yoga is that it does not adhere to one particular belief system or community; it is a fluid bridge for anyone and everyone to connect to their internal wellbeing. It is through this core observance and respect for community and collaboration that we are able to connect.  We co-design retreats with our vital partner organizations on the ground, whereby we consciously weave social heritage and local practices of tradition, meditation, and movement so that it is a culturally contextual experience focused on equity, inclusion, and a shared experience for all involved. 

Currently, over 130 million young women around the world are denied an education, which also means they're often denied the right to make fundamental and unique choices. Choices which can improve their overall wellbeing, access to opportunities and individual health and gender equities. A young woman with safe access to an education, is also less likely to be endangered by violence, child marriage and premature pregnancy which are ubiquitous issues that women face universally. Education provides choices, and choices can provide liberty. 

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Note that the $500 deposit is non-refundable 

What’s included

  • All meals + activities*
  • Airport transportation
    Pick up and drop off in Cusco
  • Guides
  • $500 tax donation to SVP
  • Airfare
  • Spa treatments
  • Gratuity
  • Travel Insurance

Available Packages

Deposit: $500
Deposit: $500


Arrival in Cusco
Day 1. Friday, May 27th

As you arrive to Cusco, you will be met at the airport and taken to our hotel, Anden Inka. You will have the late morning and early afternoon to settle in after your long journey. In the afternoon we will gather as a group, explore the town and have an opening ceremony followed by a delicious dinner. 

Overnight: Hotel in Cusco/Anden Inka

Your Organizer

Souljourn Yoga
7 reviews
Souljourn Yoga Foundation is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit inspired by seva, the Sanskrit word and yogic principle of selfless service. Our aim is to raise awareness + funds for girls education in developing countries by teaming up with both local and international non-profits. We create opportunities to explore, practice, + educate through yoga both on and off of the mat by offering global retreats to continue to promote female empowerment and education to communities where equal opportunities aren't always available.


The trip was amazing! The perfect balance of yoga, immersion into Peruvian culture, service and relaxation. Life-changing experience.
By Mikel D for Prema Peru with Lisa Bermudez + Cristina Schulman on 11 Jun, 2019
From the moment I arrived in Nicaragua I felt a sense of comfort and calm for the retreat that was before me. Stacey from My Alma Retreats coordinates a flawless series of logistics; myself and a handful of other retreat goers were pleasantly escorted to an incredibly villa on the pacific coast of Nicaragua for our first few days of retreat and recharge. Jordan and Allison led our group into several morning and evening yoga sessions that were mindfully choreographed and guided our group through the chakra system, element by element. Our days were blissful and entirely up to us how we wanted to spend them. We were spoiled by our fabulous personal chef who cooked amazing, colorful, nutrient and flavor rich meals three times a day. We headed into Granada midweek to give back to the local community through a heartfelt and fulfilling engagement with the young girls of UP Nicaragua; a philanthropic initiative to education the girls of inner city Granada on healthy and sustainable vocational options for their future. To say it was moving is an understatement; we hugged, conversed, practiced yoga, and shared empowering motivation to encourage them to continue striving for their dreams. We finished the week in the absolutely breathtaking countryside on a mineral rich, warm, inverted volcano lake, at Laguna Apoyo. Yoga sessions took place on a platform perched just above the lake, at sunrise and sunset, with the sounds of nature offering support and serenity; a truly majestic experience. Our final adventure took us into the city of Esteli, where we learned about the rich culture of farming; tobacco, Coffee and coco, that sustains the rural communities of Nicaragua. We donated books to the library bus initiative, offering mobile literacy for the rural communities of northern Nica. The experience was transformative, energizing, relaxing and majestic. I highly recommend for any adventurous spirit seeking a way to connect to culture, connect to your higher self, and give back in ways that are deeply moving. Flawlessly planned and executed by Stacy of My Alma Retreats. Flawlessly energized by Allison and Jordan.
By Delia J for Namaste Nica: A Yoga Retreat to Support Girls Education on 23 Jan, 2018
I cannot speak highly enough about this transformative experience to Nicaragua. Jordan plans the most unique trip fusing together relaxation for the mind and body with an immersive cultural experience giving back to the local communities. I feel refreshed and inspired and cannot wait to sign up for my next retreat!
By Erica L for Namaste Nica: A Yoga Retreat to Support Girls Education on 22 Jan, 2018
Dear Jordan and SoulJourn Yoga team, What an adventure. Prema Peru was an action packed and exciting journey. Most of all spending time with the girls of Sacred Valley Project was the most memorable especially shopping in the markets, learning their culture and making them smile! I wish we could have spent more time with the high school girls however because this visit was planned during the weekday they were doing their studies. I also think the flow of events would be smoother if we did not do sit downs for lunch. This took a lot of time out of the days where there were activities planned. A solution could be to grab food quickly somewhere or bag lunches. My most favorite meals were at Sacha Munay, Cola de Mono & Sunday we are at an incredible local spot in Cusco that was delicious! The activities were wonderful from ziplining to hot baths to Machu Picchu! The beginning of the trip was good paced and relaxing with plenty of time to enjoy yoga classes and gong bathes. This helped to acclimate to the elevation as well. I found that there were too many activities which made it confusing to know what was going on or what to pack in the middle of the week. Highly recommend to stress lots and lots of bug spray when in the jungle. Many people were eaten alive! We also had one man down during the mountain biking which was scary and thankful he is OK. However would be best to include travel insurance into the price based off the activity levels instead of making it an option. Overall I rate 10 out of 10! Incredible experience to give back to the girls and to experience Peru. Loved Sergio our guide, Che Che our driver, and Raoul ! They were wonderful. Maybe good idea to recommend to bring money for tipping them as well. Thank you again! Wonderful time!
By Christina C for Prema Peru: Live, Love, and Let Yoga with Lisa Bermudez and Joanne Silver on 13 Jun, 2017
Truly an epic adventure. In the Andes, every day brings ever more breathtaking landscapes, but we also had the special opportunity to meet and interact with the people of this amazing country, especially the girls of the Sacred Valley Project who are getting the education they so richly deserve.
By Steven K for Prema Peru: Live, Love, and Let Yoga with Lisa Bermudez and Joanne Silver on 06 Jun, 2017
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