Phoenix/Tucson Arizona Level 1 Training

      Florence, Arizona

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      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 1 - 10
      Phoenix/Tucson Arizona Level 1 Training
      Florence, Arizona

      • Email address verified

      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 1 - 10

      About this trip

      This is for our Phoenix/Tucson area AZ location.

      We will only offer our Level 1 Training and Ride in this location. 2024 will have four different dates to choose from. Once you "select" either the 2 Day or the 2 Day Plus, you can then choose your dates.

      March 23-25

      April 27-29

      November 2-4

      December 7-9

      Level 1 Beginner Training

      Off-road skills don’t happen overnight.  We want you to feel comfortable when you transition from the pavement to the dirt, and our training will help you build the finesse required to adventure ride safely.  Breaking down each movement into easy-to-understand steps is the key to our training.  The Triple Threat—or clutch, brake, and throttle—is one example of our focus on the fundamentals of controlling the motorcycle at slow speeds.  By re-learning how to precisely control the actions of clutching, braking, and throttling, you’ll maximize your riding capability using this core principle.  The Triple Threat is the backbone of our training program, and it carries over into every exercise we do. One thing is for sure…you will have a lot more confidence, the necessary tools, and refined skills to help you “Ride your Ride.” Also consider adding the 1 Day Upgrade Beyond Training Ride to further enhance the experience and practice what you’ve learned!

      What’s included

      • 2 Full Days of Training
      • Post Training Q&A
        Relaxed group chats and specific clinics about riding apparel, bike protection, camping gear, tools, gps and phone navigation, preparing to ride a BDR route and more!
      • Permits
        We have all the necessary private and public land permits required for training and riding.
      • Motorcycle
        We do not rent motorcycles so, you must bring your own. However, we are happy to assist you with a recommendation to a local rental company.

      Available Packages

      2 Day Training
      Deposit: $188
      2 Day Training plus 1 Day Training Ride

      What better way to put your new skills to use than a ride immediately following training! Your instructors will be your guides along this one day local loop ride. We'll take opportunities on the trail to refer back to techniques taught in training. Training skills and techniques are valuable and, from here on out, experience becomes necessary to continue to gain comfort, boost confidence and keep your skill sharp!

      Deposit: $282
      Refund Policy Information Only
      REFUND POLICY Information Only


      • If you cancel 14 days before event: FULL REFUND
      • If you cancel after 14 days before event: DEPOSIT FORFEIT
      • Full amount due 1 month prior to event
      • Option to roll balance into a future event
      • If you cancel 30 days before event: FULL REFUND
      • If you cancel after 30 days before event: DEPOSIT FORFEIT
      • Full amount due 45 days prior to event
      • Option to roll balance into a future event


      Phx/Tucson AZ Itinerary
      2 Day Level 1 Training

      · Exact training location will be communicated upon booking. The location is approximately 30 miles southeast of Florence, AZ. Please meet at this location at 8:30 Saturday morning.

      · The 2 Day Training will be Saturday and Sunday from roughly 8:30-5. The 1 Day Ride will start and end Monday from the same location.

      · Please bring your own water, lunch, and snacks. We will have extra water available on site.

      · We will break for lunch during the day. If you bring your lunch, we can all eat together at the training grounds. If you would like to go off site, the closest restaurant is roughly 27 miles away in Florence, AZ. 

      · We don’t have camping available at this training site yet. However, you are welcomed to check this place out and camp here: The Ride Out Ranch is 3.5 miles away.

      · If you are not into camping, there are additional lodging options in Florence, AZ.

      · All meals and lodging are at your own expense.

      Your Organizer

      This is your event. We are here to help you succeed in your own way. West38Moto offers a different experience than other off-road motorcycle training and tour companies. We recognize that not everyone functions well outside their comfort zone, while others want to be pushed out if it. People learn at different speeds, in distinctive ways, and will reach individualized goals. Because everyone has to start somewhere, our focus is on teaching off-road fundamentals at your pace and expanding the size of your comfort zone.