Photo Artistry Workshop - Bosque del Apache, NM (copy)

Bosque, NM 87002, USA

Langell Photography, LLC
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Dec 9 - 13, 2022
Group size: 5 - 6
Photo Artistry Workshop - Bosque del Apache, NM (copy)
Bosque, NM 87002, USA

Langell Photography, LLC
  • Facebook verified

Dec 9 - 13, 2022
Group size: 5 - 6

About this trip

Lisa Langell is launching a new “Photo Artistry” workshop series which will feature instruction, inspiration and camaraderie designed to bring about more artistry in your images! The first location for this unique workshop will be held at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, NM and nearby areas.  It is open to only six (6) participants. 

Incredibly unique!

This workshop will help you see nature from a different viewpoint, process it differently, and bring out your creative side! Though we can photograph nature in the “classic” ways that appeal to magazines, contests and calendars, this workshop will place a strong emphasis on the non-traditional ways of creating art through the lens and in the digital darkroom. Lisa wants to help you develop your artistic and creative skills!

In addition to what Lisa brings to this workshop, there will be a collaborative element as well—an opportunity to grow and share ideas, techniques and information with one another! 

You will learn how to capture:

• Birds-in-flight with a slow-shutter panning technique 

• Intentional Camera Movement/Motion (ICM) to create ethereal images

• Images that are ideally suited for artistic collections and wall art

• High Key Photography 

• Silhouette Photography

• Post processing tips to finish your collection captured during the workshop 

• Traditional nature and wildlife photography 

Physical Fitness & Photography Skill

Suggested Physical Fitness level: Level 2 – Easy to Moderate 

Elevation:  1300 to 4700 feet

Photography Skill Level:  All levels.  Hands-on instruction provided by 2 instructors.  Knowledge of manual settings and your camera body is strongly recommended. 

Cancelation Policy:

The following is an excerpt from the full terms and conditions provided at the time of registration.

Langell Photography understands that unexpected situations arise that result in your inability to join us on this event.  We will definitely miss you and realize this is a difficult decision for you. 

We strongly recommend travel insurance to help protect your investment should something arise (e.g., change of plans, health issues, etc.) which requires you to cancel your reservation or end your tour early.

Your initial deposit is non-refundable.  No exceptions or credits provided. Payments due are scheduled approximately as follows, based on the start date of your event.  Once paid, they become non-refundable:

Deposit:  Due at registration (nonrefundable)

2nd Installment:  Due Aug 31, 2022

3rd Installment:  Due Sept 30, 2022

If you need to cancel your reservation, all payments you have made up until the date of cancelation are non-refundable. Payments not made on-time will have a 5-day grace period for you to complete payment.  If your payment is not completed by that time, your seat may be cancelled and no refund issued.  For your convenience, we offer auto-billing to your credit card so that you never miss a payment.

If you choose to pay for the entire event up front in one lump sum, should you need to cancel, your refund will be pro-rated according to the due dates for each installment, compared to your cancelation date.    (For example, if you canceled after the 3rd installment was due—but prior to the final installment due date, the amount equal to the portion calculated for the final installment will be refunded to you.)

No refunds, credit, certificates, etc. will be issued for cancelations as a large percentage of your payments are directed toward non-refundable fees we pay to secure your excursions, lodging, meals, transportation, staffing and more.

Langell Photography, LLC reserves the right to resell, gift or otherwise utilize your canceled reservation for any purpose at the discretion of Langell Photography, LLC without further obligation or consideration to you.

Substitutions/transfers:  If you wish to substitute another individual in your place, we will gladly transfer your reservation to another individual providing you notify us in writing via email and include their name, address, phone number and email address. Langell Photography, LLC. will credit the new buyer as follows:

The individual to be transferred/substituted in your seat must be approved by Langell Photography, must be over 18 years of age, confirm he/she is mentally and physically able to participate, agree to all terms, and pay Langell Photography in full for any amounts remaining by the due dates provided in your reservation.

What’s included

  • Lodging
    Your own private room in one of two homes Lisa has rented for the workshop. There are 2 bathrooms per 3 participants. Homes have all modern amenities, internet and are centrally located.
  • Continental Breakfast
    To accommodate early-morning departures, Items such as hard boiled eggs, fruit, bread, jam, peanut butter, oatmeal, granola, breakfast bars, yogurt, coffee, juice, etc. will be provided.
  • Snacks
    Fruit, chips, chocolates, granola bars, and/or similar items are provided.
  • All instruction
    Lisa Langell will provide in-the-field photography instruction as well as post-processing techniques at our meeting area.
  • Airfare
    Airfare or ground transportation to/from your city of origin
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Park entrance fees
    $5/day or use your National Park Pass
  • Software
    Photoshop CC, Topaz Studio, NIK software are recommended, but not provided. Most of these have trial-periods you can utilize as needed.


Slow-shutter panning technique

Capture birds in flight with the slow-shutter panning technique. We will cover the basics of this technique during our pre-workshop webinar and again in-the-field.

Your Organizer

Langell Photography, LLC
A nature photographer and birder from the age of eight, Lisa is the founder of Langell Photography, Inc. and more recently, Focus Your Art, LLC. ( She began her own business in 2010 after long vibrant careers as a floral designer, educational psychologist, consultant and in helping launch and manage two startups that grew into leading companies in the Ed-Tech space. Since then, she has earned numerous awards and has been published in Outdoor Photographer, Arizona Highways, Ranger Rick and more.