Plant Medicine Retreat

Todos Santos, B.C.S., México

Gypsy Canyon Baja
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2 reviews
Dec 6 - 8, 2019
Group size: 1 - 26
Plant Medicine Retreat
Todos Santos, B.C.S., México

Gypsy Canyon Baja
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2 reviews

Dec 6 - 8, 2019
Group size: 1 - 26

About this trip

 Retreat time is a time to connect back to what matters most in your life.  We spend so much time worrying ourselves into exhaustion over the things that when we really think about it,are not so important.

This retreat will give you the time and space to reflect, let go, simplify, integrate, process.

We will help you by returning you to your natural balanced state through sound therapy, live music, fresh, living plant based foods, gently cleansing juices, movement, singing, chanting, breathing, time being still...what you will find is that you will soften your thoughts, your words, your heart will start to open, and you will experience peacefulness.

We will be sleeping in nature, in tents, in quietude with the fresh ocean breeze cleansing and soothing our souls.  Time and space will disappear us we start to unwind, pull back on the forward momentum of our lives, sink into the natural rhythm and vibrations of nature.

Star gazing at its best, remembering that we contain within us the whole universe, we are in everything and everything is in us.  We are enough, we have enough

When you take care of yourself, you take care of the world. Tread lightly, take just enough and give back.

The Ceremony

 Our priority for each Medicine ceremony is to provide a secure, sacred space for you to heal and grow. Our carefully selected healers are experts in holding ceremonies according to traditional practices, and we adhere to these ancient procedures so that our ceremonies meet the highest standards of safety and the deepest levels of healing.

Our handpicked team of experienced facilitators will be your bridge to the healers and a constant presence both in and out of each ayahuasca ceremony, providing support and gentle encouragement to connect with your own inner power and wisdom. This ancient plant medicine activates an innate healing intelligence that brings to the surface images, memories, feelings, emotions and experiences in order for the individual to work through trauma, imbalance and dysfunction. Shadow material will emerge from the deep subconscious/unconscious and knowing how to, or how not to, face this material is one of the keys to healing and lasting transformation. 

The healers and facilitators will give an in-depth "about the vine" talk before your first medicine ceremony, clearly explaining the work with the medicine, how to get the most from your experience, insight into the world of traditional Amazonian plant medicine and a background on our team of healers and the ancient traditions. This offers you a firm base of understanding for your healing journey with the medicine. The ceremony space itself will be held by our team of healers and their healing songs from the plants, the facilitators and an assistant who helps guests to and from the toilets if necessary. Together, they form a highly experienced team who are able to meet any of your needs in ceremony with skill and compassion.

Outside Ceremony

  Providing a nurturing and friendly atmosphere to support guests throughout their process is essential to helping them begin to integrate and process their experiences. We hold group sharings on certain days after ceremony, as part of a carefully designed daily program that treats your time out of ceremony with equal importance to your work inside of ceremony.

Most of our guests experience an emotional and psychological rollercoaster ride throughout an ancestral ceremony retreat and our experienced facilitators are on-hand, when necessary, to guide integration during the day following a nighttime ceremony. The healers, who are focused on cleansing, clearing and illuminating participants during the nighttime ceremonies, sometimes also carry out additional healing practices during the day.


Dietary cleansing and restrictions

It is essential that for at least 7 days prior  TO CEREMONY (and ideally for longer if possible) you observe this preparatory diet:

-No pork or red meat. It is ok to eat baked or steamed fish or chicken, but avoid fatty fried foods.
-No dairy. But eggs are ok.
-No salt (salt acts as a block in your body)
-No alcohol, marijuana or any other drugs whatsoever (for at least 2 weeks prior if possible please)
-No refined sugars, honey, syrups, etc.  Fresh fruit is ok.  (sugar inflames your body and will make you more uncomfortable)

-No acids - vinegar, lemon juice, kimchi, sauerkraut etc.  This restriction is more important to start following just 3 days prior to the meditations, but is not necessary for a longer period.  Acids like this are healthy for your body, but are not compatible with these meditations.
-Avoid caffeine (also creates inflammation)
-Avoid canned, aged and fermented foods .
-Ideally don't eat anything after 4pm the day of the meditations.

IMPORTANT: If you are taking any medications , please let us know 

What’s included

  • Plant Based Dining
    The retreat is an open kitchen style. No food is actually provided for you. Please bring what you want to make yourself comfortable and share your plant based recipes with your new friends.
  • 2 Ancestral Ceremonies
    We will hold 2 shamanic ancestral medicine healing ceremonies. Friday and Saturday night
  • 2 Breathworks circles
    This Is a time that we can learn to listen to our bodies and learn though listening and following our breath
  • Night fire
    These are moments that we can share our concerns and fears about the medicine or the experience
  • Accomodations
    16’ Bell tent with 1 queen bed with memory foam cool gel mattress, fan and electricity
  • Hammocks

What’s not included

    We are a small operation of healers/teachers and we cannot afford cancellations. Please by travel insurance in case you have an emergency and cannot attend.
    Alcoholic bevarges are not included in the cost of your trip. In some cases, there may be drinks available for purchase or you may buy alcohol offsite.
  • Airport Transportation
    Please email us for private or shared options of airport transportation
  • Transportation
    Transportation is not included to beach, restaurants, other locations or anywhere.
  • Massages

Available Packages

Shared Tent - Two Queen Beds

 Share one of our luxury glamping tents with another traveler or friend. Enjoy two queen beds, memory foam mattress, thoughtfully curated amenities and a cozy down comforter to keep you warm throughout the cool desert evenings. Price is for one individual. Each person must purchase their own package. 

Private Tent - One Queen Bed

Enjoy your own spacious luxury glamping tents adorned with one queen bed, memory foam mattress, thoughtfully curated amenities and a cozy down comforter to keep you warm throughout the cool desert evenings. Price is for one individual. Each person must purchase their own package. 



Day 1
Oct 31, Thursday

Arrival from airport 

Open kitchen Dinner time 

Intentions chat and open space


Your Organizer

Gypsy Canyon Baja
2 reviews
Gypsy Canyon is a chance to escape, unplug and experience Baja like you've never imagined. Nestled in a cactus grove just ten minutes outside of Todos Santos and an easy walk to beautiful beaches, you can sleep under the stars in luxuriously appointed glamping tents. Host a trip, event or retreat with us and enjoy breathtaking sunsets, delicious breakfasts and the glow of campfire light just before drifting off to the sounds of waves crashing in the distance.


Gypsy Canyon is a magical place. The whole camp is decorated with taste and the landscapes are breathtaking, especially sunrises and sunsets from the Palapa. Beds are comfortable and hosts are super helpful and kind. It was a really great experience and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.
By Sarah Z for Time + Space Retreat: Yoga, Travel & Creativity on Jan 22, 2019
I had such a wonderful time at the Time + Space Retreat hoted by Gypsy Canyon Baja & Rebecca Jo. The accommodations by Gypsy Canyon were amazing - fresh food every morning and evening, clean and functional bathrooms, comfortable beds and great snacks. The staff were incredibly kind and made sure we had everything we needed. Loved my experience!
By MONICA H for Time + Space Retreat: Yoga, Travel & Creativity on Jan 16, 2019