Play Your Self | Free Workshop | 30 Jan 2021

Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)

67 reviews
Jan 30 - 30, 2021
Group size: 1 - 125
Play Your Self | Free Workshop | 30 Jan 2021
Free Virtual Workshop (LGBTQ+ Wellbeing)

67 reviews

Jan 30 - 30, 2021
Group size: 1 - 125

About this trip

Workshop : Play Your Self

Date : Saturday 30th January

Time : 10:00 - 13:00 UKT (GMT)

Location : Virtual

Audience : LGBTQ+

Cost : FREE  (Donations accepted)

'Play Your Self' is a workshop using script writing as a powerful self-enquiry tool for exploring our different personas (inner voices). Once we become more aware of our protagonist's character traits we can begin to strengthen them to change our own personal narrative and drive forward our goals in life.

“Become the hero in your own story.”

Why join this workshop?

-  Gain some clarity on what it is that you really want or need from life
-  Discover new self-care tools for managing your own wellbeing
-  Challenge self-limiting beliefs or self-imposed personal narratives
-  Acquire fresh perspectives 

-  Feel empowered having discovered new information about yourself
-  Re-calibrate what you think is possible in your own life

-  Try something new, feel inspired or simply get creative
-  Increase the positive impact you could have in the world

About this workshop.

During this three-hour workshop, we'll be using script-writing as a tool for self-enquiry. You'll be guided through a simple process of character building and story telling, exploring the protagonist and antagonist of your own personal narrative. 

We want you to feel empowered with the new information you’re going to uncover and leave with actionable steps towards taking more control of your own life. 

You will take part in various creative and interactive workshops to help you focus on the different character traits of each persona, and we’ll be encouraging you to use your imagination to discover brand new perspectives about yourself. 

The tools we’ll use:

We'll be incorporating tried and tested practices such as journaling, group sharing, self-enquiry, breath-work and meditation. These will be interspersed with key teachings and coaching techniques.

About our approach.

We offer a safe space to get curious, open up and discuss with others, aspects of your life you’re finding challenging or simply want to improve. Naturally it is a completely confidential space, where individuals can openly share their feelings and thoughts with the option of anonymity. 

Your safety comes first.

Your safety is our main priority. For this reason, we may need to ask participants for some personal medical information, before we can confirm your place on the workshop. These are standard questions, there to protect your safety and everyone else involved. This information will only be shared on a need to know basis and will be GDPR compliant. We will also be undertaking other necessary safety measures, during and post-retreat.

We would highly recommend individuals with concerns relating to pre-existing mental health conditions, substance misuse and related disorders to seek immediate professional help. 

About the team.

This workshop has been designed by Create Space Workshops in partnership with We Create Space.

Founder of Create Space - Michael Edward Stephens

Experience Coordinator - Maylis Djikalou

Lead Facilitator - Andrew Seedall

Co-Facilitator -  Nick Kientsch

Guest Speaker - Aisha Shaibu


This workshop is free of charge however donations do support future workshops. You can donate to our nonprofit just giving page here.

What’s included

  • Workshops
    All group workshops and activities.
  • Tools and Workbooks
    Pre-reading, workbooks and continual development resources.
  • Admin Support
    Should you require any help completing the pre-assessment and questionaire
  • Additional Support
    We will provide additional support in the form of signposting to relevant services only.
  • Confidentiality
    All participants will be asked to conform to our agreed privacy terms and conditions.
  • Medical Insurance
    Suitable and relevant medical insurance to be provided by participant.


Play Your Self
Virtual Workshop Itinerary.

Saturday 30th January

10:00 - 13:00 UKT (GMT)

·  Team introductions.

·  Visualisation.

·  Unit 1 - Workshop.

·  Conversation with Guest speaker. 

·  Unit 2 - Workshop. 

·  Breakout group sessions. 

·  Unit 3 - Workshop. 

·  Group share.

·  Breathwork.

·  Closing. 

Ahead of the session, a recommended reading list, tool-kit and pre-worksheet will be provided.

At the end of the day, participants will be provided some 'homework', to help with process and reflection.

Your Organizer

Create Space Workshops
67 reviews
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I had a wonderful time, amazing work and detail that goes into the delivery of the workshop. It was my 2nd in series and I am itching to come back to measure how much I have grown in my road of self discovery, I highly recommend this workshop !!!
I'm writing this review roughly 6 months after completing the 'Who am I?" programme and I can honestly say the programme has had a lasting impression on me. The programme was really well structured and facilitated which allowed for a deep reflection of the self. I found the programme challenging (in a positive way) but the team helped create a really safe space to explore some difficult topics in a gentle and relaxed way. It was a great opportunity to speak honestly and openly with other gay men about the issues that affect us all and to find healing in that shared experience. The programme helped equip me with the tools to further that exploration and 6-months later I'm still seeing the benefits of having been on the programme! I definitely recommend this.
Taking this workshop felt like a bit of a risk for me but I was completely blown away. The community created in such a short time was wonderful. I particularly liked the breakout sessions as a way to share more personally with a small group and explore the prompts from our amazing facilitator. The visualisation exercise with he two doors has actually been very profound for me and I find myself asking 'am I following the right door' repeatedly after the session. Finally, the breathwork exercises were so grounding and relaxing, our guides soothing voice completely set the tone for the workshop. I was left with lots to think about and immediately signed up for the next one. My thanks to the Create Space team!
This was a very insightful and powerful session for me. I had attended the What's my Purpose workshop before so I already knew the format already and still I had new insights this time, about how the relationships I have with people, things, and myself are so important and interlinked with my personal and career goals. Also, the breathing work is inspiring, and the testimonials of invited speakers talking about their journeys overcoming mental health issues and finding their truer selves... I love the language we use throughout the session too; it feels so gentle and accepting, and intuitive. Not at all pressuring or oppressive like a lot of life coaching out there that is mainly material-goal oriented. This feels a lot more intuitive and emotionally intelligent. It's also refreshing to explore those issues in a loving LGBTQ+ environment where we don't feel marginalised, and we can feel heard and our issues understood. Most queer spaces in the real world are alcohol and drug-fueled and quite shallow in some respects. This is the antidote to that. This is a safe space where we can all come together as fellow LGBTQ+ people and talk about what really matters and connect on a more meaningful level.
This was such a great session - challenging, insightful and engaging. It was lovely to get the chance to hear from the incredible facilitators but also to have some honest conversations with the others in attendance. Would definitely recommend for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community looking for a safe space to open up and reflect on their identity journey.
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I took part in a weekend Who Am I? retreat and highly recommend it. The group size is intimate so never feels too daunting and you're able to build connections well. Maylis was a fantastic organiser - felt there was great communication from pre-booking right through to afterwards. Michael is a fantastic host, he leads the retreat with from a place of kindness, vulnerability and openness I find really commendable. Whether you're new to self exploration or a seasoned pro - I think this is worth doing.
By Jamie McHale on Sep 01, 2020
I attended the Who Am I retreat in early June to explore my identify as a gay man. I found the retreat a life-enriching experience. The communication before the retreat was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the pre-retreat call. It was an intense two days - and virtual because of lockdown - but the conversations were enriching and inspiring and I thought that the structure and content was very well designed. Recommended!
By Freddie Brodermann on Jun 30, 2020