Cultural Tradition and the Largest Natural Habitat Zoo in the World!

Asheboro, NC, USA

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104 reviews
Oct 27 - 28, 2021
Group size: 30 - 40
Cultural Tradition and the Largest Natural Habitat Zoo in the World!
Asheboro, NC, USA

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104 reviews

Oct 27 - 28, 2021
Group size: 30 - 40

About this trip

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This two day/one night trip takes passengers to the largest natural habitat zoo in the world and the largest colony of working potters in the United States.  Both attract visitors from around the world and are located in North Carolina's Piedmont, just three hours west of Leland.  

On Day One we arrive in Seagrove for a guided history and cultural tour of this region known for  its abundant and diverse natural clay deposits.  

    Immigrant potters settled here and forged a lifestyle that still exists three and four generations later.  Our day provides a glimpse of early utilitarian pottery and its progression to highly collectable works of art.  We will see the evolution of styles, shapes, glazing and firing techniques.  The studios themselves are unique with rural and functional charm.  The day will include demonstrations and time to meet some of the local potters.  At the end of our introduction to Seagrove and NC Pottery Highway, we overnight in nearby Historic Asheboro.  

Day Two is a full immersion of the North Carolina Zoo.  The highlight of our visit is the ZooFari.  We  board a specially outfitted, open-air vehicle for an exclusive tour of the 40-acre Watani Grasslands!  An experienced zoo educator will introduce us to nine species—nearly 100 animals! Discover rhinoceroses, gazelles, greater kudus, ostriches and many exotic antelope. Guests may even get a special view of the elephants!.   There are some health-related considerations involved in the Zoofari option of the trip which are detailed below in ZooFari Safety Guidelines.   Rest assured, there will be plenty to see and do even if you decide to opt out of the Zoofari.  If you do, please use the blue Contact Organizer button to advise the Trip Organizer that you wish to opt out.  

In addition to the ZooFari there will be plenty of time to explore all of your favorite habitats on your own. There are 1800 animals of more than 200 species!    Habitat choices include Africa, Desert, North America and you won't want to miss the Aviary with 100 exotic birds and 3,000 tropical plans.  You will also be armed with a schedule of animal feeding times and hopefully, unless the ground is too wet, we can visit the Giraffe Deck, where you'll be able to get eye-to-eye with these long-legged giants, an experience you'll never forget.   As if all this isn't enough, the North Carolina Zoo is home to a large collection of art, primarily sculpture, murals and mosaics for guests to enjoy.


ZooFari Safety Guidelines

The ride may be bumpy, as the vehicle crosses uneven terrain and may need to stop suddenly. Guests should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, claustrophobia or other conditions that could be aggravated by this wildlife adventure.

Weather Dependent Experience at the Zoo

In the case that severe storms from the previous day or night, cause the ZooFari terrain to be too muddy for vehicle transport, a refund for the cost of the ZooFari will be issued to participants.  

Covid Vaccination Policy

Proof  of vaccination is required on Trips by Patty trips.   Bus travel puts passengers at risk if not vaccinated due to the space limitation and air circulation. 

What’s included

  • Transportation
    Motorcoach transportation
  • Accommodations
    Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Asheboro
  • Breakfast
    Full breakfast at the hotel
  • Reception
    Welcome Reception at the hotel
  • Zoo Admission
    Zoo Admission
  • Guide services
    Guide services by Patty
  • Snacks
    Snacks and water on the bus
  • ZooFari
    One hour open air vehicle adventure
  • Dinner
    Dinner on own in Asheboro's Historic District. A list of dining options will be provided.
  • Lunch each day
  • Gratuity
    Bus driver gratuity is included but additional gratuity is always appreciated by the driver for exceptional service.

Available Packages

Double per person package price
Available until October 13, 2021
Single package price
Available until October 13, 2021


Pottery and Polar Bears!
NC Zoo and NC Pottery Highway overnight trip

Day One - October 27, 2021

8:30am - Depart Compass Pointe for an approximate 3 hour drive to Seagrove and Pottery Highway.   There are no good places to stop for lunch.  Please BYOL and snacks and drinks will also be offered on the bus.  

Spend the day touring Seagrove and NC Pottery Highway followed by a late afternoon check-in at the Fairfield Inn in nearby Asheboro.  Following a Welcome Reception, featuring some locally sourced beverages and snacks,  the bus will board for the 2 mile drive into Asheboro's Historic District where you can dine on your own.  There is a variety of dining choices as well as a craft brewery to choose from.  A list of these choices will be provided well in advance.  


Day Two - October 28, 2021

9am - Following breakfast, we check out and make the short drive to the Zoo for our Zoo Experience.  

We will need until approximately 3pm to thoroughly enjoy all the Zoo has to offer.  

 6:00pm - Approximate return time to Leland

Your Organizer

104 reviews
I love to travel so in my partially retired life I decided to adapt my passion for travel along with 25 years of experience in Travel & Tourism to create Trips by Patty. I received a BA in American History from UNC-Chapel Hill. Not knowing what I was going to do with that degree, I started working as a desk clerk at a hotel in Raleigh. I enjoyed the hotel business and the career path began. Hotel operations and sales, Convention Center operations and marketing, destination marketing with a Convention Visitors Bureau and even a stint as a tour guide. What happened to the history degree? Well, many times when I am escorting my trips I share the history of the destinations we visit. It's a great feeling to take your career skills and adapt them to your own small business. I love what I do and hope you'll join me on a trip one day!


Wonderful trip - great people; excellent coordination. Loved the exhibit - the venue was interesting I was sad it was so hot that we were unable to enjoy the site. Enjoyed the history of the factory turned gathering spot. Bus was comfortable but wished the microphone and wi-fi were functional. Charlotte city tour was good - wish the guide had been able to project his voice better - the back of the bus heard little to none of the tour. Shopping was fun and I did manage to purchase some great items...enjoyed a lovely lunch! Hope to go on a trip again with Patty.
By Veronica T for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 21 Sep, 2021
Great idea for a trip with a great group of fellow travelers. However, if the bus does not have an operating audio system or if the tour guide cannot get his audio working change the bus and / or cancel the tour, because is was a total waste of time for the vast majority of passengers (and, one supposes, a waste of funds)
By Bill O for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 05 Sep, 2021
Thank you Bill for taking the time to comment on the trip. I was deeply disappointed that I was not able to provide the Charlotte city tour experience for many passengers due to the audio difficulty. I enjoy offering quality to my clients and this definitely fell short of that. I can assure you that it won't happen again.
By Patty on 05 Sep, 2021
The Immersive Van Gogh experience is not to be missed! I am so glad Patty arranged the trip for us. The bus was comfortable and the driver exceptional. Accommodations were very comfortable.. The recommended restaurant was a treat. I enjoyed everything about this trip and look forward to traveling with Patty again. Pat D.
By Pat D for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 04 Sep, 2021
As always we had a wonderful trip with Patty. My only complaint was the microphone on the bus didn’t work, so I wasn’t able to hear the tour guide give his history of Charlotte. That was disappointing. That being said, can’t wait for my trip with Patty in October.
By Marie D for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 03 Sep, 2021
Thank you Marie for your comment. The problem with the mic was very disappointing to me as well. I don't enjoy disappointing clients and not providing them with a quality experience. Thank you for being such a good client and being interested in my trips. This will not happen again. Patty
By Patty on 05 Sep, 2021
The Van Gogh exhibit was nice but not exactly what I envisioned. The remainder of the trip was forgettable - the tour of Charlotte was uninspired and the bus microphone didn't work which didn't help the tour guide. Spent a lot of time at a mall - also forgettable. Wanted more time at Camp North End and a tour of the place, we could have left at 5 instead of 4pm as we were very close to hotel - or we would have been had we not spent a lot of time trying to find a way around construction to get to the hotel. The hotel was nice but no restaurant for breakfast. This was our least enjoyable trip with Patty.
By Anthony B for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 28 Aug, 2021
Thank you Tony, for taking the time to review the trip. I am sorry that it did not meet your expectations but sincerely appreciate hearing from you. I take comments seriously and will use them for future improvements. Patty
By Patty on 29 Aug, 2021
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