Practical Magic: A Katonah Yoga 10 Hour Training w/ Alex Sharry

New York, NY, USA

40 reviews
Nov 19 - 20, 2022
Group size: 1 - 25
Practical Magic: A Katonah Yoga 10 Hour Training w/ Alex Sharry
New York, NY, USA

40 reviews

Nov 19 - 20, 2022
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Katonah Yoga® is a practice created by Nevine Michaan that uses a blend of asana, theory, breathwork, and meditation to potentiate personal and communal well-being.  Whether you are a teacher or student, advanced in your practice or brand new, well-being is a technical endeavor that we can all achieve.

In this training, we will explore the practice and theory in a way that feels approachable, digestible, and complimentary so that you will walk away with techniques to implement in your life, your practice, and your teaching.  One of the greatest things about Sky Ting is its dynamic roster of approaches to our practices.  With Alex, we’ll peer through Katonah Yoga’s® lense to in ways that are applicable to you, no matter your level, exposure, methodology, adoration, or doubt.  

This training will ground universal, esoteric principles into the context of your personal, everyday lives.  You will leave feeling invigorated, that your asana practice has more imagination in it, your breath practice has a narrative thread, and your meditation practice contextualizes you as a part of the universe.

10 bankable hours towards your Katonah® certification. 


Saturday, Nov 19 + Sunday, Nov 20 

1:30-6:30PM EST

SKY TING Studio 

17 Allen St, Floor 7


What’s included

  • Tons of practice
    with room for stopping and starting, questions, grapplings, and hands-on technique.
  • A breakdown of Katonah®
    theoretical pillars (Body as a House, The Magic Square, Wraps for Rapture)
  • A new way
    to consider therapeutic and diagnostic body reading.
  • Hands on adjustments
    an exploration of verbal cueing (for Zoom and/or those who don’t want to make contact)
  • And more!
    Bring your questions, conundrums, concerns, and most importantly…your curiosity!

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Available until November 5, 2022
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40 reviews
SKY TING was created for anyone looking for tools and techniques to handle life more gracefully and see the magic in a long life lived. We offer a practice that refines our ability to stay connected, be well-adjusted, develop greater consciousness, discover radiance, use life to our own advantage, and ultimately experience more JOY! SKY TING YOGA is medley of lineages. All styles of yoga have something different to offer, and cross-pollinating yogic material allows us to create a method wholly new and unique, yet refined with rich substance and history. Our teachers are encouraged to blend the yoga material they practice, identify most with, and believe in, rather than sticking to the prescribed, generic curriculum. This ideology creates a passionate, responsive and nurturing learning experience for our students. Our goal is to make the practice safe and approachable for anyone, while keeping the magic of yoga alive. (212) 203-5786 INFO@SKYTINGYOGA.COM @SKYTINGYOGA


This was an amazing training! I walked away both days eager to share what I had learned and eager to come back the next day. Alex was open to feedback and letting the conversation flow naturally, while still organizing it in a really effective way. This was one of my first introductions to Katonah Yoga and it definitely sparked my interest to keep learning more and doing deeper.
By Catherine R for Practical Magic: A Katonah Yoga 10 Hour Training w/ Alex Sharry on 29 Nov, 2022
This wasn't a travel experience in the standard sense; it was a course, a series of online and in-person meditations, teachigns, experiences, and discussions led by an experienced instructor grounded in reiki, yoga, and contemporary shamanic practice. I've taken this course before and it's great! Highly recommend it.
By Ellen S for SHAMANEK: A Journey into your True Essence on 02 Nov, 2022
Love sky ting + Kate posch! Would follow ya’ll anywhere :)
By mend for HOLY TRINITY: Flexibility + Mobility + Strength 5HR Intensive on 25 Oct, 2022
This trip was amazing, I'll definitely be on another retreat with Sky Ting! The trip was way more than I could have imagined. Everything went smoothly. The only feedback I have would be for El Rey (hotel), and not Sky Ting or Krissy/Kyle. The hotel had a lot going on that weekend with a co-occuring wedding and I think they mixed up the rooms a bit. I think a few people may write about this because there was a bit of a domino effect with the room assignments it seems. I had paid for a king room and ended up getting a smaller room with a full size bed. It wouldn't matter so much if I hadn't paid for the larger bed and room, so that was a bummer that the money was gone and given to someone else as I had saved up for this as a treat :). My room was still lovely, and the retreat was amazing! But the messy hotel operations definitely deducted a few points from the overall experience. Definitely don't blame anyone in particular for it though. Thank you!
By Molly T for Santa Fe Retreat with Krissy & Kyle on 11 Oct, 2022
Had a great time on the Santa Fe Retreat with Krissy & Kyle. This was my first retreat so I was not sure what to expect, but this trip exceeded all expectations. El Rey court was chic and comfortable and the classes were amazing. Krissy and Kyle are the absolute best, and I would recommend any retreat with them. I came back relaxed and rejuvenated and with some new friends. Can't wait for the next!
By Jade G for Santa Fe Retreat with Krissy & Kyle on 11 Oct, 2022
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