Prana Power Yoga - Bootcamp & Teacher Certification

Provincia de Guanacaste, Los Pargos, Costa Rica

Jan 13 - 27, 2024
Group size: 5 - 20
Prana Power Yoga - Bootcamp & Teacher Certification
Provincia de Guanacaste, Los Pargos, Costa Rica

Jan 13 - 27, 2024
Group size: 5 - 20

About this trip


Prana Power Flow is a mind-body-spirit focussed yoga practice, which encompasses a deeply connecting presence.  Each mindful movement is lead by breath, with the implementation of methodology from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridian (physical, energetic & emotional) System.  

The standard Prana Power Flow Sequence includes strength and stamina building postures, meditation and pranayama, as well as balancing and releasing postures.  Prana Power Flow is a style of yoga anchored in the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, with some sequence modifications to keep your practice accessible & safe.  

Prana Power Flow teaches you how to unite your physical body to your more subtle bodies.  Students of our Prana Power Flow Bootcamp will study the PPF Sequence, containing over 50 yoga postures, including the physical, energetic and emotional anatomy of each pose, modification, prop usage and contraindication.

Program Modules​

Beyond the physical

Learn Hali Love’s top personal development tools, beginning with her 7 Bodies Method, which will connect you to your physical body to your subtle bodies: mind, emotions, energies, spirit and soul. You will learn how to detect unhealthy patterns through awareness and how to shift them into new powerful patterns to help you live a life you love.  Create your powerful navigation system with the tools that fit you best; that will lovingly guide you down the path to fulfil your life’s purpose. 

Ascended Wisdom

You will study excerpts from the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita and learn how to infuse this ancient wisdom into your modern day life and your teaching. You will also study the Koshas, and theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  You will learn how to incorporate this knowledge, as well as Pranayama (breath-work), meditation & mudras into your Power Yoga classes & sequences. 

Power Flow Yoga

Study Hali Love’s primary power flow sequence; anchored in the primary sequence of Ashtanga Yoga, which includes a posture lab of the 50 power flow postures: Study the physical, energetic and emotional anatomy of each posture, how to modify, contraindications and prop usage.  You will also learn verbiage for deepening cues for all postures, as well as intelligent physical assists that will support your student's connection & evolution within their practice. 

The Wonderful Teacher

You will learn Hali Love’s tested Powerful Teaching Techniques which are anchored in effective communication skills from Western Psychology; and how they will enhance your teaching.  You will also Learn how to market your Prana Power Yoga Classes, how to create and structure your own sequences, and how to theme your classes.  During this module, you will also study how to provide intelligent physical assists to your students. 


Curate your strategy to infuse your new knowledge into your life with your personal development skills studied in this program.  This includes one post training follow up call with Hali Love. This is important, as big shifts happen during these immersions.  You will be skilfully guided to incorporate a solid action plan to bring your changes into your life at home; including your personal relationships & your career.

Refund Terms

Full refunds issued 120 days prior to start date, program credit issued thereafter.

What’s included

  • Manual
    your beautiful printed Prana Power Yoga manual
  • Lifetime access
    o Hali Love's Prana Power Yoga Class Library & Printable Sequence Guide; containing over 50
  • Daily Sessions
    power yoga, meditation, pranayama, and yin yoga practice
  • Daily breakfast
    on the beach; special dietary restrictions can be met
  • Daily personal sessions
    personal development sessions that will support the creation of your most powerful you
  • Thai Yoga Massage
    a 60 minute therapeutic, gentle or Thai Yoga Massage
  • Closing Dinner
    at 5 star French restaurant Villa Deveena
  • Closing Fire
    ceremony on the beach
  • Recorded classes
    with sequence scripts, including class themes, pranayama, meditations & mudras
  • Unlimited zoom in
    or personal access to Hali Love's yoga & multi barre classes live from her studio: Playa Negra Yoga Costa Rica.

What’s not included

  • Accommodation
    Recommended places to stay: Playa Negra Villa #2 - Playa Negra Villa #3 - Playa Negra Surf Lodge - Cafe Playa Negra Hotel - Casa La Jolla - Casa Colibri - Casa Mymy Hostel - Paraiso Suizo

Available Packages

Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Hali Love
My yoga & personal growth programs, retreats & trainings are all about UNBECOMING. We use loving guidance & tools designed to work with our body, mind & spirit in order to strip away constraints— the emotional ties, the energetic hooks & physical bounds that keep us shackled to unhealthy patterns & abusive relationships; we rewire the thoughts of unworthiness & emotional traumas that block us from our true power— all through the creation of safe, supportive and loving spaces.