purpose & pleasure retreat

Sintra, Portugal

AMK Lifestyle
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Jun 25 - Jul 1, 2023
Group size: 6 - 11
purpose & pleasure retreat
Sintra, Portugal

AMK Lifestyle
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Jun 25 - Jul 1, 2023
Group size: 6 - 11

About this trip

"Life is one big adventure or nothing at all"

Come play in Portugal this June! Join me for self discovery work with a side of FUN! 💃🏼

When we stop having fun, we forget our WHY to live …

We get it, you want more out of life. More meaning and less “have to’s.” 

Come let go of your old life, your habitual way of being – make room for a new adventure!!! Let us hold space for you to rebel. Rebel against your own programming, conditioning, societal "norms" embedded deep within you (leaving you wanting to push back, but also feeling like you’re going absolutely mad!)

For 7 days we will explore Sintra, known as the ‘Royal Playground’ as it has some of the oldest castles in Europe. Our beautiful villa is minutes away from a 400 year old forest, a short walk to the coastline and a charming city with scrumptious food.

Let your soul be fulfilled, your heart wide open and your belly satisfied. I promise you will leave feeling SO damn good!

Change your story, change your life! Let’s make our story one worth remembering.



What to expect

Leave this retreat connected to your purpose and remember what brings you the most pleasure.  When we forget our why in life, we lose our spark.

During this week you will have space to do the self inquiry to help you come back to your WHY and engage in different ways to feel pleasure, from time in nature, adventures and reflection.

Give yourself the gift of time to know what you truly want and desire.

Expect to be gently pushed to ask deeper questions and allow yourself to unwind all the programming and stories to fade away until only your truth remains.

It’s a balance of practice and surrender.

Let’s do this...

What’s included

  • Beautiful Accommodation
  • 2x's purpose driven yoga
    breathwork, meditation, yin, deep relaxation, self-inquiry, connection, and more
  • Exquisite Dinner-Sintra
  • Ancient Forest Therapy
  • Beach Hike
  • Surprises
  • Solo Time to Explore
  • Special Guest Teacher
    Liza -

What’s not included

  • Air Fare
  • Transport to Villa
    We will work with Shamballa to coordinate transportation to/ from the airport, as well as to and from Sintra. Transfer fees are not included because many students choose to travel before/after retreat
  • Alcohol
  • Spa Services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Incidentals
    snacks, laundry, rides to town, etc

Available Packages

Shared Twin Room

With this option you get a roommate, either bring a friend or make a future one. 

Deposit: $1,050
Shared Room (Triple)
Deposit: $750
Shared room (Quad)
Deposit: $950
Single Room
Deposit: $650


Sample Day
Portugal Personal Adventure Retreat

Arrive and check in by 2 pm

4 -6PM Opening Circle + Yoga

7 PM Dinner @ Shamballah

9 PM Breathwork, Meditation & Relaxation

Each morning we start with a morning session that will help you unwind, let go and get clear on who you are who you are meant to be. 

Each evening we will dive into deep relaxation that will have you sleeping and dreaming like never before.

Every day we will do a special activities that will either push you out of your comfort zone or help you relax into deeper parts of yourself.  

In this full week, you will experience not only who you are but who you are meant to be.

Your Organizer

AMK Lifestyle
I see people and I see you. It’s a gift and a curse. The thing is, I love humans and I am really good at helping you find your purpose and helping you let go of limiting beliefs, habits, people (yes I said that) and thoughts that keep you stuck. You can call me AMK, Annie or Anne Marie, I have many different expressions just like you. I have all the things that make me creditable, degrees, certs, trainings and life experience. Why you want to work with me is I keep it fun and real. We are not perfect, we are human..