Quebec Road Trip: cities, nature and adventure!

Montreal, Quebec, Canadá

Alex Vekovich
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Oct 13 - 21, 2018
Group size: 2 - 6
Quebec Road Trip: cities, nature and adventure!
Montreal, Quebec, Canadá

Alex Vekovich
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Deposit: $100
Oct 13 - 21, 2018
Group size: 2 - 6

About this trip

During this trip you will discover natural and cultural pearls of Quebec province -  a unique place among North American tourist destinations. Its French heritage does not only set the province apart from most of its English speaking neighbors, it is also one of the few historical areas in North America to have fully preserved its Francophone culture. Its European feel and its history, culture and warmth have made Quebec a favourite tourist destination both nationally and internationally.

Urban experiences

 In this trip our local guides will open you the best sides of day and night in Montreal and Quebec - 2 biggest cities in the region, we will also see and experience together the highlights of culture, traditions, history, cuisine and of course nightlife.  

Fun-loving and cosmopolitan, Montreal is Quebec‘s largest city and the second biggest francophone population in the world. 250 kilometres to the east lies Quebec City, the province’s cultural and romantic capital. Both cities are celebrated for their festival atmosphere, history, artistic flare, and good food.  At the time of the trip both cities will host jazz festivals:

Except those megapolices (we will stay 2 night in each of them), on our way we will visit a bunch of smaller but still very beautiful cities, towns and villages, each of them is remarkable and worth attention. Some of them are:

- Trois-Rivières: the second-oldest city in Quebec, founded in 1634, with its beautiful old city (vieille-ville).

- Saguenay: a city known as a gateway to Saguenay Fjord, its roots go ultimately to 1676  when it was first settled in as a French trading post in the fur trade.  

- Tadoussac is a small town at the mouth of the Saguenay fjord, because the fjord and river are deep and narrow here, you can easily see whales from shore. 

- Baie St. Paul: the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil,  today a hub for artists and craftspeople. 


 Between urban vibes of Montreal and Quebec we will visit and pass by several national parks and natural reserves, among them are:

  • Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier: a host to one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Québec, the spectacular Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier. The Jacques Cartier River, calm in some places and turbulent in others, has sliced a 550-metre-deep channel into the plateau. A coniferous forest dominates the high plateaus, and deciduous trees people the deep valleys. 
  • Saguenay Fjords National Park: a major attraction in Eastern North America and a witness to the movement of the icebergs that moulded this area's stunning landscapes and mysterious fjord, Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay adjoins the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park for over 100 km (60 mi.) in a series of bays, coves and breathtaking cliffs. 
  • Saguenay-St-Lawrence Marine Park: protects an exceptional marine environment, from the surface of the water to the seabed ad is considered to be one of the best whale-watching sites in the world. From May to October, you can admire these magnificent animals throughout the day, regardless of the tides. 


 In total we will spend 8 nights in our trip - 5 in urban areas and 3 close to the nature:

  • Night 1 and 2: we will stay in a conveniently located accommodation in Montreal.
  • Night 3: we will stay in yourts (4 people in each) in Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier. At the night of arrival we will together cook dinner on fire and enjoy stargazing drinking local wine and chatting. The next morning, after breakfast, we will have a chance to do a variety of activities - hiking, kayaking, biking, stand up paddling, wildlife watching etc.
  • Night 4: we will stay in rustic log cabins (4 people in each) on the shore of Saguenay Fjord. At the night of arrival we will together cook dinner on fire and enjoy stargazing drinking local wine and chatting. The next morning, after breakfast, we will have a chance to do a variety of activities - hiking, wildlife watching, aerial adventure trails, extreme courses, ziplines, via ferrata, sea kayaking, sailing, fishing and a beach.
  • Night 5: we will stay in a accomodation in Tadoussac in a walking distance from the town’s center and the sea. In the evening after arrival we will go to explore the town and have a dinner in one of local cafes and later in some bar.  In the morning people can choose among several activities: whale watching from the boat or from the shore, exploring the town, going to see local dunes (5km) or hiking one of many local trails.
  • Night 6, 7 and 8: we will stay in a conveniently located accommodation  in Quebec City.

All accommodations in urban areas (B&Bs, hotels, motels or rented private accomodation) will feature convenient location; double/twin (for couples or friends coming together), triple or quadruple (for solo travellers of same gender) occupancy; private facilities in each room. Accomodations in the nature might have higher occupancy (normally 4 people in a log cabin or yourt) and have outdoor facilities. 

Food and drinks

Breakfasts are included. For lunches and dinners we will bring the group (those who want to join) to local authentic places with good food and moderate prices. We will also organize evening hangouts (visiting bars, cafes, music places  etc.) as much as we can in order to bring as much energy and positive mood to this trip as possible.


This road trip will be done in a comfortable van with AC, in cities we will take public transport, share a taxi or go on foot depending on the distance and convenience.



Our goal is to help you see and experience as much as possible during this 9-day trip, that is why we planned a detailed program for our group with interesting things to do in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can always join the group for all of them or take you own pace and choose activities that you like. In any case we will provide you with detailed information about destination, places to visit and things to do. Thus you are free to plan your day according to your taste and budget.

We will organize excursions from local guides in Quebec and Montreal, in the rest of places we will provide members or our group with sufficient information about destinations, places of interest and activities.

Packing List

 It is going to be mid-October in Quebec with average temperatures around 12ºC during the day and 6ºC during the night, in other words, an afternoon in the sun might be comfortable with only a shirt and blazer or windbreaker but as soon as the sun sets, a light jacket with scarf may be necessary. So don't forget to pack:

  • Long sleeved shirt, sweater or cardigan, fleece, wraps, jacket, blazer, windbreakers, trench coats, down vests.
  • Long pants, jeans, skirts/dresses with tights, leggings .
  • Light scarf, gloves.
  • Closed toe shoes or boots (insulated boots not necessary yet).
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Umbrella and/or raincoat. 
  • Bug spray and flashlight.

Due to our intensive program, high mobility and lots of movements with luggage (frequent check-ins and check-outs) we encourage you to take only essential things that you really need, backpack is highly recommended. 



According to Frommers, in many ways, the fall months, particularly September and October, are the best time to travel, as the weather is frequently very pleasant, the crowds have dispersed, and accommodation prices are lower than summer. Except moderate weather September and October bring autumn foliage and great opportunities for photographers.


 There are some discount codes available:

- "EARLY-BIRD" gives 10% discount for the first 6 subscribers;

- there is also 5-10% discount codes for group booking (at least 2 people; discount is applied to the whole group and depends on the group size) and 5% discount for full-time students (confirmation of the studies is required). For those discounts, please contact us via email ( or just message us in Wetravel platform.

Note: it is not possible to use multiple discount coupons on a single order.

What’s included

  • Breakfasts
    depending on the type of accomodation there will be breakfasts provided by hotels and B&Bs, or cooked by group leaders if staying in the nature (yourts and log cabins).
  • Accomodation
  • Transportation
    going by a comfortable van with AC.
  • Guides and excursions
    excursions from local guides in Quebec City and Montreal and full informational support by group leaders during the trip.
  • Nice company
    a group of friendly same-minded travellers :)
  • Lunches and dinners
    it is optional to join the group leaders.
  • Hangouts and parties
    drinking in the bars and clubs.
  • Personal spendings
    souvenirs, snacks, drinks etc.
  • Airport pickup


Day 1, 2
Exploring Montreal

We will explore Montreal on foot and by public transport seeing best of its culture and history during the day as well as party and music scene in the night.

Your Organizer

Alex Vekovich
Hi people! My name is Aliaksei, or just Alex, I am an adventurous traveller, passionate learner, enthusiastic backpacker and couchsurfer from Belarus with over 45 visited countries and 6 countries where I lived. This year me, my wife Nayeli (a crazy and adventurous Mexican), and some of our friends start a world road trip going around Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe and we would be more than happy to share it with friendly, open-minded and adventurous travellers from all around the world. That is why we decided to create @Vibe Adventures@ - an independent travelling initiative with a goal to popularize and share good vibes of adventurous travel and thus enable more people to discover and appreciate the wonders of our beautiful planet. For this purpose we will run a same-named blog and share our trips in Wetravel. Feel free to join the adventures and if any questions, please contact us via social media or email: