RE-MEMBERANCE RETREAT - Phoenix Rising Collective

Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Estonia Kersey-Otieno
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Nov 13 - 20, 2021
Group size: 10 - 14
RE-MEMBERANCE RETREAT - Phoenix Rising Collective
Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Estonia Kersey-Otieno
  • Email address verified

Nov 13 - 20, 2021
Group size: 10 - 14

About this trip

Raw Jungle Adventures

Plant Ceremonies

Inner Child Healing

Yoga & Movement Medicine

Sea Explorations

Deep introspection & Group Learning

Incredible Jungle Lodging with Organic Meals

Herbal Medicine Classes

Chakra Activation Balancing

If You feel the call in your heart and soul to experience this authentic lifestyle of the wild, JOIN US! 

If You feel the call to reconnect with your inner self & strip away the fear of the world, this is for YOU! 

If You feel the call to COME PLAY, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

The style of this retreat is centered around reconnection with your primal self, the inner child within. When a Phoenix burns into ashes, it births itself anew one feather at a time. Rolling through a process of remembering & reconnecting. 

Many of the practices and ceremonies being held, will be centered around creating a deeper simplified approach to Rewiring our Self. Through the use of Inner Child Regression Therapies; including EFT, primal animal movement, Breathwork, yoga, plant medicine, somatic healing, workshops, ancestral rituals, and more! The structure of the week will be mimicking a walk through the first 7 years of our lives. Reprogramming and intentionally Rewiring the beliefs we inherited from this foundational time. Using each day of the retreat to truly and intentionally unpack and integrate the new beliefs/rhythm desired to reconnect us to our Divine re-member-ance.

There will be lots of time to be alone to dive inwards with your integration. Holding space to receive the truth from within while also connecting as a group. This is not a trip for those looking for a *glamping and highly modernized western way of reconnecting with nature. This is for those ready for a RAW experience of truly returning to Mother and Self through authentic surrender and vulnerable wild bliss.


4-5 sets of Swimwear 

4-5 Yoga athletic clothing (leggings & spandex shorts)

7 Loose and comfortable shirts

5 Light and comfortable shorts & pants

2 long skirts that reach the ankles

2 ceremony dresses (one white, one blue, and one red)

Bath toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. )

Durable water bottle with a clip-on

Day backpack

Drybag (optional for water excursions)

2 Beach towels

Hiking boots or durable outdoor footwear

Sandals ( best if they can strap onto your feet and around the ankle for support)

2-3 pairs of socks ( high and low cut)

Rain poncho 

Headlamp or portable flashlight

Bug repellent

*Optional small personal blanket

*Optional Large cloth wraps or tapestries (used in ceremony and beach time)

1-2 good books

*Optional disposable film camera

Any personal medications needed regularly 

Personal Alter Items and offerings 

Natural biodegradable sunscreen

Sun hat


If you have any special dietary or medical needs, please be sure to notify the coordinators immediately to accommodate you! If you choose to fly into CR earlier than the retreat to explore other parts of the country or stay longer than the time of our retreat schedule, please be sure to notify Hosts for clarity ... 

This is the JUNGLE so please be prepared to be around NATURE. This includes monkeys, sloths, spiders, toucans, mosquitos, and more! Do not be alarmed if you come across jungle insects, they are not all poisonous to you. Be sure to bring your own necessary items to feel safe and secure such as essential oils like citronella and lavender to deter mosquitos and tea tree oil to help with naturally cleaning small cuts. If you have skin sensitivity to the sun, please prepare your own support to guard yourself against the rays. If you do not know how to swim, be sure to notify the coordinators in advance to be noted. If you have any medical conditions that can make hiking, boat riding, lots of movement, or yoga become a physical problem for you, please be sure to discuss this with the coordinators as soon as you can. Important note, if you have asthma please bring a minimum of 2-3 inhalers for added safety and precaution.

In the case of Cancellation/Postponement of the retreat or your participation, we require a 33% non-refundable deposit. Participants have the option to pay in full or pay the remainder of their trip, excluding the deposit, with a payment plan. 

Payment plans are only available until the start of the retreat. You may split up your payments between the moment you make your deposit to Nov. 1, 2021. 

If the retreat becomes postponed due to World Health Travel Restrictions (COVID) or Natural Disaster, all paid participants will have their reservations credited on standby for a later date when access to international travel returns. 

Cancellation by Client: Travel Insurance is now a prerequisite for traveling to Costa Rica, should you need to cancel you must do so via your insurance, and no cancellation refund will be offered by Phoenix Rising Collective. 

Cancellation by Phoenix Rising Collective: Should the decisions of Government authorities or airlines inhabit the travel of participants during scheduled dates, Phoenix Rising Collective shall honor the original agreement at a later date within 1 calendar year (dependent upon availability) from the originally scheduled dates. Deposits or payments previously made will be held and any remaining payments will be scheduled according to the new retreat dates.

What’s included

  • Meals
    3 nutritional and organic meals a day hosted by our Retreat Center
  • Transport
    An airport shuttle will be arranged to pick you up from your arrival and drive to the Caribbean coast straight to the lodge. All transport within retreat scheduled events is included.
  • Ceremonies
    Participation in plant and ritual ceremonies will be included in your package. The medicine and necessary setting will be provided for safe and expansive journeys of healing.
  • Gifts
    Random surprise gifts will be given out throughout the retreat so keep an eye out!
  • Filtered water
    The retreat center has a filtered water machine you can regularly fill your bottles with to stay hydrated!
  • Lodging
    You will have a fully equipped lodging space with all necessary items for your bed and bathroom, excluding personal items. Comes with fresh bath towels, sheets, and pillowcases! Lounge in a hammock!

What’s not included

  • Outside food & activity
    All extra food outside of the scheduled 3 meals per day must be paid at your own expense. Any other excursions or activities outside of our itinerary must be covered at your own expense.
  • Extra Item purchases
    If you choose to buy something local to support a business or individual in the town this will be at your own expense and choice.
  • Medical Insurance
    You must purchase your own medical insurance that covers COVID for the time that you are planning to be within Costa Rica.
  • Flights
    Both arrival and departure flights are your responsibility to purchase; however its recommended to buy as soon as possible rather than later to find most efficient pricing! Share your itinerary ASAP!
  • Add-Ons
    There are a couple of add-on events that will be offered for you to decide if you want to join or not. These must be paid in the moment of the event to the coordinator. Optional extra excursions!

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $1,111


Nov 13 - Day 1
Landing & Opening!

2:00pm-3:00pm Check-in
     (Opening Circle Ceremony with introduction, intention setting)
3:00pm-4:00pm Connection Building
4:00pm-6:30pm Settle, Unpack & Rest
6:30pm -7:30pm Dinner 
7:30pm-8:15pm Evening group activation meditation

Your Organizer

Estonia Kersey-Otieno
Bienvenidos! It is such an honor to bring this space to you. These retreats are calling very specific souls who are soaring out of the ashes. We are the dancing flames. We are the roaring Lion. We are the purpose, promise and goodness of God within. Being a mother of two young boys has been a powerful journey for me along with all life has built into the foundation of who I am. Living in the Caribbean of Costa Rica for 4 years has been an expansive journey. Join us as we share the jungle modalities that elevate spirit daily!