Rebels of Ireland tour with Courtney McInvale

      Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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      12 reviews
      Apr 18 - 28, 2025
      Group size: 1 - 26
      Rebels of Ireland tour with Courtney McInvale

      Secret Ireland Tours LLC
      • Twitter verified
      12 reviews

      Apr 18 - 28, 2025
      Group size: 1 - 26

      About this trip

      Secret Ireland Tours are delighted to have the pleasure of Courtney McInvale as our Ambassador on this very special and exclusive tour. If you are a history buff or into the paranormal then Courtney and Ireland is just right for you. 

      You will spend 12 days in Ireland going from North to South, East to West discovering its history, myths, folklore, battles, rebellions and its hauntings. 

      While we are in Ireland you will also experience some breath-taking scenery too, like the famous Ring of Kerry.

      You will learn the customs and traditions of the Irish people and we hope that you will make many friends while roaming on this ancient land. 

      Courtney McInvale

      Courtney McInvale is the founder of Seaside Shadows based out of Mystic, Connecticut and offering walking tours and boat tours throughout the southern New England region. She is a licensed tour guide, published author and actual descendant of accused witches. Courtney is a Connecticut native and spent 5 years in DC after completing her studies at Catholic University of America and the University College Dublin where she studied abroad, majoring in International Relations.   After earning her degree, she worked for the FBI as an analyst -- having been influenced by her time interning at NCIS for the Cold Case Homicide Unit. Following her internship Courtney spent 2 years in Vermont working for Dept of Homeland Security and honing her investigative skills. 

      Courtney also spent many months in Ireland in study and visiting, a place rich with histories and hauntings alike! She avidly studies histories of  early American in wartime -- specially the American Civil War and American Revolution as well, Celtic cultures in Ireland and Scotland, specializing in rebellions. She also has a special interest in Celtic cultures during times of rebellion.

      Courtney has frequently had fascination with the unexplained and supernatural legends. In Courtney's childhood home in central Connecticut, in a town called East Hampton numerous paranormal occurrences happened. The events were so notable that the Warren family came to investigate the house during her teenage years there. Intrigued by her childhood home and raised by a teacher and a history major, she has always taken an interest in the unknown and has now put her sensitivities, investigative skills, love of history, and writing aspirations to work.

      Courtney is also a realist amongst all things. That means you will get an excited, thought-provoking and spooky tour while at the same time being inundated with historical facts to corroborate all the haunting occurrences surrounding all tour regions and within all books  

      Courtney has written two books for Arcadia Publishing and the History Press including Haunted Mystic (2014) and Revolutionary War Ghosts of Connecticut (2016) and three books for Haunted Road Media including Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut (2021). Civil War Ghosts of Georgia Volume 1 (2023) and Civil War Ghosts of Georgia Volume 2 (Jan 2024) in the Bury my Bones series. 

      Courtney has been featured as a historian on Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell and on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. She hosts paranormal investigations and historical site fundraisers annually.  

      In her free time Courtney  loves spending time with her husband, Marty, her loving pets, her sisters and wee niece & nephews. She is a sucker for a good period drama or true crime documentary and in free time can be found attending Whiskey Myers and other concerts or nerding out over Outlander and Vikings.

      Pricing and installment Plan

      This tour is based on 20 people taking part.

      We have done our very best to give you a tour that you can afford. We stay in mostly 4 star hotels around the country and your last night in Ireland you stay in a Castle. Below you will see what you costs cover and do not cover.

      We have interest free installment plans for you to consider. We can design any length installment plan you wish. 

      Covid 19

      Secret Ireland Tours are committed to doing everything possible to keep our clients safe while on tour with us in Ireland. We are keeping in close contact with the health Department in Ireland. All of the venue's and hotels we use have completed a Safety Charter course which allowed them to open to the public. We will not visit any site or stay in any hotel that has not completed this course. It was created by the tourist board in Ireland. We will do everything in our power to keep everybody safe. 

      We believe that this tour that was rescheduled will go ahead but we will keep a close eye on the conditions and if we need to reschedule again, we will do so in consultation with you our clients.

      Booking Flights

      We ask you please do NOT book flights until we give you the go-ahead to do so. It is always advised to book three or four months out for the best prices. We ask you to book your flights to come in before 9am on the morning of the first day of the tour. You will be taking an overnight flight. Please book your return flight to leave Dublin sometime after 12 noon the last day of the trip. Dublin airport is a very busy place and because you are all (or most of you) going back to America you will have to go through American customs also, so for that reason it is required that you arrive at least three hours before your departure time.  

      If anyone wants to book their flights to arrive the day before please contact us at 513 400 7304 because we can get good accommodation at a discounted price near the airport. This is limited though so let me know as soon as possible.  

      The meeting place is Terminal two at Dublin airport arrivals hall 9am on the morning of the first day of the tour. That is where we start our tour. 

      We understand that sometimes there are flight delays, we will wait at the airport as long as we can but if you are delayed a long time then we suggest you take a taxi to the hotel that we will be staying at and you will have been given that information by email before we leave the States.. You can call me then and we can decide on a meeting place if you wish to catch up with us. 

      I will give addresses of hotels to everyone in an email a few weeks before the tour starts so you will have all the information you need. 

      What’s included

      • Transfers
        We pick you up at Dublin airport on or before 9am the first day of the tour and leave you back to the airport at 9.30am the last day.
      • Meals
        11 Full Irish breakfasts
      • Accommodation
        We stay in 3/4 star hotels around the country, and your last nights stay is in a 17th century Castle.
      • Venue's
        Fee's into all venues on Itinerary
      • Guides
        Secret Ireland Tours tour guide and local guides associated with different venues
      • Courtney McInvale
        Courtney's insight and knowledge will be on full display while in Ireland
      • Snacks
        Snacks and Drinks on bus while traveling on bus.
      • Taxes
        All Taxes and charges
      • Coach
        Comfortable Motor coach
      • Driver
        Expert Driver who know the roads like the back of his hand
      • E Book
        We will give you a link to the ebook for your enjoyment.
      • Flights
        We do not cover flights
      • Travel Insurance
        Travel insurance links are on our website: if you wish to use them.
      • Tips
        It is totally up to you if you want to tip the driver and guide. We appreciate it.
      • Meals
        Lunch or evening meal

      Available Packages

      Double room
      Available until October 1, 20246 left

      This option is for a couple who want to share a room with 1 double bed. When choosing, please put both names down. 

      Deposit: $300
      Twin room
      Available until October 1, 20244 left

      Twin room is for those who want to share a room but wants two beds in that room. Please put down the names of both people when booking.

      Deposit: $300
      Single Occupancy
      Available until October 1, 20245 left

      This is for those who do NOT want to share a room. 

      Deposit: $300


      Day 1
      Battle of the Boyne/ Leprechaun Musuem/St Michan's Crypts

      Battle of the Boyne.

       (July 1, 1690), in Irish history, a major conflict fought along the Boyne River in Ireland. between King William 111 (William of Orange) and the exiled king James 11.  Having been deposed and exiled after William’s landing at Brixham  and subsequent English desertions, James II sought to retake his throne through an alliance with Ireland and France. A string of Irish Jacobite victories in the northern country were followed by a swift but indecisive loss on the Boyne River. Although James’s escape dragged the First Jacobite Rising into 1691, the Battle of the Boyne reassured William’s allies of his commitment to defeating all French-aligned forces.

      Leprechaun Museum

      Welcome to the Carlingford Leprechaun & Fairy Cavern, all visitors will be greeted by McCoillte (Kevin Woods), the Leprechaun Whisperer who will introduce you to the story of "The Last Leprechauns of Ireland". The visit includes 15 minutes of storytelling and an introduction to how the last remaining leprechauns of Ireland became a protected species by the E.U. Following the storytelling we then visit below the ground where leprechauns and fairies converge in the morning as the sun rises, There are tunnels, one links with the fairy glen in Rostrevor, Co. Down and the other with Foy mountain and the home of Ireland's last remaining leprechauns. McCoillte, the Leprechaun Whisperer will continue with his storytelling and entertainment. 

      St Michan's Crypts

      At a time when “dark” tourism has added a new dimension to travelling, the crypts of St Michan’s have found themselves added to a long list of global tourist destinations.  On the other hand, it reminds us of the fickle nature of life and death, as well as our own mortality. If the Capuchin Crypt’s memento mori is not enough to ensure that visitor’s leave with a renewed appreciation of life and indeed death, then the placard that stands in the final room acts as a clarion call: “What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be ...”. The carefully constructed and curated displays fashioned from human remains in the Sedlec Ossuary and Capuchin Crypts find no comparison in the crypts of St Michan’s, which are a somewhat accidental attraction and certainly not the gothic brainchild of a pre-cursor Tim Burton. The dark, dilapidated, and surprisingly dry surroundings that greet visitors who descend into the vaults of St Michan’s are so effective due to the very fact that there is little curatorial intervention. 

      The Brazenhead Pub

      Established in 1754, The Brazen Head is Dublin’s oldest pub. With a lively bar that is full of character and a decent pub food offering, this is a popular venue for live music and storytelling. But the Brazen Head has a few stories of its own, and at least one of the characters that frequented the pub in life, appears to have kept coming back, long after “last orders” had been called.

      Irish revolutionary, Robert Emmet, was a regular visitor to the pub, and elements of rebel activity were planned within its walls. On the 20th of September 1803, Emmet was hanged until dead and then beheaded. The exact whereabouts of his bodily remains are unknown, but his spirit returned to his favourite watering hole. Many have spotted his ghost in the bar, keeping a lookout for his enemies and the man who cut off his head – another regular patron.

      Itinerary in subject to slight change depending on weather and conditions out of our control.

      Your Organizer

      Secret Ireland Tours LLC
      12 reviews
      We are a 100% Irish owned tour company that specialize in tours to Ireland. We offer authentic, affordable, unique itineraries to our clients. We have tours for groups up to 12 and up to 24. You will find tours for different parts of the country, different prices, different times of the year. We bring you to some amazing places. We also offer packages for the traveler who do not want to join a tour. If you want to put your own tour itinerary together but you need help, we offer consultation services also.


      Unfortunately, my review for this trip is 2 stars and I’ve conveyed my complaints to Mai on several emails. This trip did not live up to the expectations and was very disappointing when it comes to the itinerary changes, expectations, health and safety, overall costs, and what we received for the costs. The trip that was conveyed was not what I received. That’s unfortunate and I expect this review to be removed from the site.
      By Shannon P for Secret Halloween Journey to Ireland with Vanessa Hogle 2022 on Nov 27, 2022
      Hi Shannon, We are sorry that the trip did not live up to your expectations. As I explained to you in our email exchange, we have stated on our WeTravel itinerary, each days itinerary is subject to change depending on weather and other things. I know that the tour guide decided to change a few things around because of weather, and you did not see some places that you wanted. This could not be avoided. We have had great comments from many of the other people in the group.
      By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on Dec 03, 2022
      Fantastically amazing. It was my very first experience out of the United States and I absolutely loved it. The accommodations were just as amazing with their historical personas and eclectic style. Would definitely go again give the opportunity.
      By Rachael H for Secret Halloween Journey to Ireland with Vanessa Hogle 2022 on Nov 12, 2022
      By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on Nov 15, 2022
      I had a wonderful time. Ireland is beautiful. I enjoyed the other people on the tour. The Accommodations were very nice and comfortable. I had a lovely time. I am looking forward to another visit
      By Karla W for Secret Halloween Journey to Ireland with Vanessa Hogle 2022 on Nov 12, 2022
      Delighted you enjoyed your trip!
      By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on Nov 15, 2022
      I had a great time , Ireland is amazing. Staff was knowledgeable, interesting & such good natured people. So many cultural & historical events brought to light & enhanced my tour. Vanessa guide through areas I was thrilled to learn about. Liam patience’s & experience with people was a blessing. His history of the land & its people are amazing. I would tour with them & recommend them always . Kathryn Wright
      By Kathryn W for Secret Halloween Journey to Ireland with Vanessa Hogle 2022 on Nov 08, 2022
      Thank you for the kind words Kathryn.
      By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on Nov 15, 2022
      The trip was absolutely fantastic! The hotels had that Old World feel and we situated close to the center of towns so there was plenty to do. The scheduled events were plentiful but not so much you felt rushed. Our guide Frank was the best! His unique experience of life as an Irishman made for a great perspective on the culture and character of this great land. Everyone was so pleasant. I definitely recommend an Irish tour of your own.
      By Thomas B for Christy Haley Irish Experience on Oct 10, 2022
      Thank you Thomas for your kind words.
      By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on Nov 15, 2022
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