Reconnect with Mother Earth - Yoga Retreat

Puerto Escondido, État de Oaxaca, Mexique

Floriane Brossaud
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Apr 22 - 24, 2022
Group size: 3 - 9
Reconnect with Mother Earth - Yoga Retreat
Puerto Escondido, État de Oaxaca, Mexique

Floriane Brossaud
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Apr 22 - 24, 2022
Group size: 3 - 9

About this trip


Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your body, maybe you become overwhelmed by emotions and feelings such as stress, anxiety, and fear you are missing out on the life you want for yourself? 

In this modern world, we are constantly under the  influence of society, family and friends, social media and peers, we can  become so distracted with our surrounding, we lose our flow and slide  off track.    

Throughout this retreat, we invite you to come back to your roots by reconnecting with the nature, with mother earth. To stop all the external disturbances to come back to what matters. You!  Reconnect with yourself and learn how to follow your intuition and guide yourself to the life you have been longing for. 

Release what no longer serve you, regain your inner power by removing your mask and becoming your true authentic, amazing self. 

Through yoga workshops, spiritual ceremonies, meditation, breathing exercises and different styles of asana, we will guide you  to reconnect with the mother earth, with your roots. Helping you to emerge into the best version of yourself. We will also enjoy the beautiful nature all around us by doing some outside activities, such coffee tour, zip line...

As  you flow through this journey of life, always remember, you are unique  and so is your path. 

The place : Pueblo del Sol

 Pueblo del Sol is located 1 hour from Puerto  Escondido, in the Sierra Oaxaca. The Oaxacan coastline offers endless,  unique beaches with picturesque, lush green hills surrounding you were  ever you go.  

Pueblo del  Sol offers 800 hectares of vegetation of the oaxacan mountains, where you can find an authentic connection with nature and  adventure. It is a project focused on returning to the natural, in safeguarding the customs and roots, where a new reality is being  generated based on the integration with our Mother Earth, its care and  respect. 

You will also be able to contemplate a breath taking panoramic view from the top of the mountain to the  beautiful beach of Puerto Escondido. Focused on reconnecting with nature, on  preserving customs and roots, we try to generate a new reality based on  people and that is what we want to do also during this yoga retreat. 

You  will easily connect with nature in Pueblo del Sol as you will be  surrounded by huge trees, beautiful untouched landscape including  waterfalls, endless coastline, and jungle forest full of wildlife.  

Let  us not forget to mention the spiritual side of the place, you will also  have the opportunity to learn about ancestral practices and experience  special Oaxacan, indigenous rituals and ceremonies such the Cacao  ceremony. Cacao is very sacred in these lands and is used for healing  purposes, take advantage of this ceremony and try the cacao which came  straight from the sacred land itself of Oaxaca.


- The retreat will be in both languages Spanish & English according the people who are coming. 

- All levels are welcome. You do not need any previous experience in Yoga. 

- This retreat is for adults only and open to both gender.

- If you have any doubt or feel any symptoms  of Covid before your arrival, please tell us and we will ask you to do a  test and share the results with us to ensure a safe & comfortable  space for everyone.

What’s included

  • 5 Yoga classes
    Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra...
  • Meditation & Pranayama
    Breath exercices, guided meditation
  • Workshops
    opening & closing circles, setting intentions, guided exercices to reconnect with mother earth
  • Cacao ceremony
    Indigenous Mexican ritual to reconnect wih your heart
  • Accomodation
    3 different types of sustainable lodge : Casa Voluntarios / la Finca / Ecolodge
  • 3 meals a day
    Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Access to the Yoga Shala
    Mats & props are included. Sierra view
  • Transportation
    Round trip from Puerto Escondido meeting point t
  • Free Time
    for journaling, walk in the beautiful jungle, explore Pueblo del Sol, or enjoy a fresh bath in our swimming pool
  • Flight Tickets
  • Aiport transport
    fromAirport to Puerto Escondido
  • Medical Insurance
  • Extra activities
    Pueblo del sol activities : Zip line, Coffee tour, Apiaries...

Available Packages

Casa voluntarios
8 left
Deposit: $170
La Finca / Shared room
only 2 left
Deposit: $150
La Finca / Private Room
only 2 left
Deposit: $300
Eco Lodge
only 3 left
Deposit: $370


Day 1

7 am : Puerto Escondido Meeting Point

8.15 am : Pueblo del sol arriving + breakfast

9 am : Opening circle + intentions

10.30 am : Hike & explore the jungle

11.30 am : Free time

12.30 pm : Lunch 

1.30pm : Optional Pueblo del sol activity

3.30pm : Free time

5pm : Yin yoga

7pm: Dinner

Your Organizer

Floriane Brossaud
I am French and a yogi traveler master. A few years ago, I quit my job in Paris working in the business industry and left for the road with just my backpack on my own, in search for more meaning in my life. During this trip, I explored and discovered different types of yoga, energies, teachers, from all over the world, which inspired me and helped me find my path. Today, with all the influences and the teaching training I received, I am happy to share my flow, to create a safe and warm space without judgement for my students.