Reconnect with your soul, a spiritual journey

Santa Margarita, CA, USA

Apr 29 - May 1, 2022
Group size: 1 - 9
Reconnect with your soul, a spiritual journey
Santa Margarita, CA, USA

Apr 29 - May 1, 2022
Group size: 1 - 9

About this trip

Have you ever wondered if your passed loved ones are around you? 

Do you enjoy watching TV shows about mediums? Listen to spiritual podcasts?  Did you grow up with an imaginary friend? Do you have vivid dreams?  Feel other people's emotions? Have you ever picked up the phone and called someone that needed you or was thinking of you at that time?  

If any of this resonated with you, there is a reason why you are drawn to these interests. Come pursue your spiritual and mediumship curiosities.

Learn to expand your mind and reconnect with your truest self. This retreat has been created as a spiritual retreat for beginners or for those who have just begun their spiritual awakening. 

Yo Soy retreats are designed to create a safe and supportive environment with like-minded awakening souls. This retreat inspires self-exploration, where you can develop spiritual awareness and strengthen your intuition. It is the ideal place to unplug, slow down, and get back in touch with nature. You will learn basic methods on how to connect with your loved ones from local healers that have many years of experience. 

Take this time for you and come reconnect with your soul and ancestors!


Nestled in the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Margarita, CA is where you'll find our venue for our retreat.  It's tucked away on 160 acres of caves, creeks and hiking trails. Let the surrounding nature awaken your six senses. As you would probably assume, the spiritual energy is strong here and the veil is thin.  

Venture into the countryside and relax around the fire.  The covered front porch is a great place to unwind, or just watch as the sun fades to stars.  Melt into the comfortable beds and fall asleep to the sounds of crickets chirping and owls hooting. Let this sacred land wash away all the noise of daily life, leaving behind only your authentic self. 



Tiffany is a Psychic Medium and was discovered her gifts at a very young age. Three years ago she began professionally serving other with her gifts and opened a Spiritual and Crystal shop called Oracle. Tiffany is also passionate about teaching and giving meaningful and accurate astrology readings. 


Christel is the owner of Moon Energy Massage, she is a Certified Massage Therapist, an Usui Reiki Master, and lover of crystal magic. Her passion is helping people heal through physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic modalities. 


Jena is the owner of Dharma Yoga Loft and has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching Yoga for about 16 years. She has a passion for Meditation and Sound Bath. She believes the ancient wisdom of Yoga will alter your life forever. 


Kay is our Retreat Host. She began her journey about 3 years ago when she first started seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor who showed her how to remove toxins from her home and body. After acupuncture was introduced to her she started hearing footsteps and receiving information from the spirit life. She is now Reiki 2 Usui Attuned and has been practicing mediumship for almost a year.  Visit her Instagram page here, and sign up for her email subscriptions for an Early Bird Code. 

Covid Safety Measures

All shared bedrooms will have Dyson fans that are equipped with black carbon filters and HEPPA filters. 

Cancellation policy

You may cancel your booking at any time, provided that the cancellation is made by the person submitting the booking form and is notified to us in writing. Cancellation will take effect the day such notification is received by us. A full refund will be issued until 30 days before retreat start date (March 30th, 2022).    

After 30 days until retreat start date (March 31th, 2022) entire payment except the deposit will be refunded. The deposit can be used towards a future retreat hosted by Yo Soy LLC or your deposit can be refunded if you find another guest to take your spot. 

14 days before the retreat start date, no refund will be given unless you can find a new guest to take your spot. 

What’s included

  • Lodging
    Shared king or queen beds, or single twin beds in an upscale cabin on 160 acres
  • Drinks
    Filtered water from the well, herbal tea, local coffee, organic fresh pressed juice and local wine at the dinners
  • 1 Catered Dinner
    A three course candle lit dinner under the stars with local ingredients.
  • 1 Dinner
    All meals are mostly organic and will have dairy free, gluten free and vegan options.
  • 1 Breakfast
    All meals are mostly organic and will have dairy free, gluten free and vegan options.
  • 1 Lunch
  • 1 Farewell brunch
    All meals are mostly organic and will have dairy free, gluten free and vegan options.
  • Guided meditation
    Learn how to ground, identify your own energy and try to connect with your spirit team.
  • Individual reiki session
    This session is about 40 minutes and will consist of a head and shoulder massage and intuitive messages from your passed loved ones
  • Evening fire ceremony
    Release what no longer serves you
  • Movement
    Yoga under the oak trees
  • Sound bowl session
    Sound bowl healing session
  • Meet your CLAIRS
    Learn the different ways spirit tries to communicate with you. It's a little like a game of charades and should be fun too.
  • Astrology 101
    Learn the basics of astrology and receive a mini astrology reading.
  • Group mediumship reading
    The group will receive messages from loved ones that have passed away. You will not only hear other peoples messages, but they will hear your messages.
  • Clearing and Protection
    Learn simple ways to clear and protect yourself as well as spaces. Design beautiful sage bundles from herbs from the owners property
  • Parking
    Free parking near the cabins
  • Travel to and from
    Travel, rentals, gas etc. to and from the venue are not included


Day 1

Learn how to ground, sit in the power and meditate to connect with your spirit team.   Set intentions and release what no longer serves you at the fire ceremony

Your Organizer

Yo Soy LLC.
Hi there I'm Kay. I started Yo Soy retreats because spirit gave me countless signs and I wanted to create a foundation for those who are just beginning their spiritual awakening. I created this retreat to have most everything I learned in my first year compacted into a weekend. Since then I have been partaking in mediumship readings and have become Reiki 2 certified. I want above all, for everyone to know without a doubt that their loved ones are always with them. Find me on Instagram at itskayavila