Reiki Master Attunement - Tune in to the Cosmos

Monica's house: 400 W 36th St. Vancouver, WA 98660

6 reviews
Mar 25 - Apr 8, 2018
Group size: 1 - 22
Reiki Master Attunement - Tune in to the Cosmos
Monica's house: 400 W 36th St. Vancouver, WA 98660

6 reviews

Mar 25 - Apr 8, 2018
Group size: 1 - 22

About this trip

Hello bright Reiki Starlights!! :)

Woohoo! Is it Reiki Master Time for you?


Part 1: Advanced Reiki Training

Part 2: Reiki III/Master

Saturday March 31st @ 9am-6pm

Saturday April 7th @ 9am-6pm

Sunday April 8th @ 9am-6pm

Being able to create other Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioners is one of the greatest joys. Creating more teachers in the world is one of the most empowering services we can share with the world. Once you learn the Reiki Master, you can get creative and design Reiki Classes with your own unique style, flavor and sense of style. 

The world needs more of what YOU have to share, and the Reiki Master class is a wonderful outlet for you to get to share even more of YOU.

If you feel called at this very exciting time of ascension and transformation to begin teaching and sharing the love of connecting and delivering people to the Cosmic Divine, then let's do this! 

My personal goal is the Reach Critical Mass. Once we have ignited the hearts of enough people, activated their Rainbow Light Body and upgraded most of humanity.. then the Earth will naturally ascend and ALL of us will be liberated into the freedom of Love of Life for All!!

That's my little note:

Below are some deets on what you'll learn in this Playful Workshop:

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be qualified as a Reiki Master and have the ability to attune and ignite other to the beautiful power & magic of Reiki! This will be a gift that you can share with others for a lifetime so it is a huge blessing for yourself and for the planet!

This class is desinged to be both a powerful healing session for you as well as an incredible learning opportunity to up-vibe and enhance your private Reiki Practice!

Part 1: Advanced Reiki Training

What you'll learn & receive:
The Usui Master Attunement
The Usui Master symbol which greatly increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can be used for healing.
Practice using the Usui master symbol on self and others
Learn & receive Reiki meditations that strengthen the mind and expands consciousness.
Learn to use crystals and stones with Reiki.
How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged.
Reiki aura clearing that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and return it to Cosmic Light.
Feel even more love for yourself and be even more in the flow of life.

Part 2: Reiki III/Master

Be ignited into the Reiki Master Energies
Receive instructions on how to give Reiki attunements for Reiki I&II, Reiki ART and the ignition for Reiki Master.
Learn to gift the Healing attunement that can be given to anyone. This increases their ability to receive Reiki and is a powerful healing experience for both the practitioner and the client.
Practice giving and receiving attunements in class
Learn to give yourself an attunement
Receive the Reiki Master Manual
Reiki Master Certificate

750 Early Bird. (sign up before March 1, 2018)

850 Full Price.

Easy PayPal Payment plan: $100/month for total of $900 (on auto pay)

Repeat: Repeat students can attend for $133 plus help with set up and bringing vegan food to share :)

Yay!! I am so excited to share this beautiful gift with you all!

Sending all of you magical sunlight for an even more awesome and blessed day!

Reiki On! :)

All the love..

Samantha :)

Co-host:  Jessie Weyrauch, reiki master

What’s included

  • Reiki Master Certificate
  • Reiki Master Book
  • 3 Master Symbols

Available Packages

Early Bird 750
Available until Mar 01, 2018Sold Out
Full Price 850
100 Monthly Payment Plan :)
Repeat Student 133

Full Price 850
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Samantha Blossom
6 reviews
The Bija = Seed in Sanskrit. We plant consciousness seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Together, we are creating a sacred space for people to grow, evolve and become empowered. We are so delighted to have you be a part of the miracle and the magic.


Love, love, love the wisdom and compassion of the Bija. Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Modern day mastery is worth everyone taking. Step into your power.
By Chanté Bastian for Modern Day Mastery on Nov 13, 2018
I absolutely love this combo of kundalini yoga and the crystal sound bath. Samantha and Andrew have such an amazing and loving energy. The Cacao was a great added touch! Thank you to all of you. I look forward to another one!
I had an amazing time! The location was perfect as were the hosts. It was a spiritual awakening and a time for me to recharge my batteries.
By Rosette Braaten for Modern Day Mastery on Sep 06, 2018
I have taken all my reiki training from the Bija. Samantha and Jessica are an amazing team of teachers. I believe reiki training is a sacred class that needs to be respected . I love the way the class is taught through this studio. I will continue to grow through the bija. I'ts a Joy and a pleasure . Thank you???
Attended Crystal Sound Bath + Kundalini Yoga event. In class we set our intention to clear anger properly. It was an amazing experience and by the end of class I was super relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace. Thank you!
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