Release Your Fascia in Ireland

      19 reviews
      Jun 24 - 25, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 34
      Release Your Fascia in Ireland

      19 reviews

      Jun 24 - 25, 2024
      Group size: 5 - 34

      About this trip

      Release with Fascialization in Ireland!

      June 24 & 25, 2024

      9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

      $500 USD


      The Duncairn Arts Centre

      Duncairn Avenue,

      Duncairn Complex,

      Belfast, BT14 6BP

      Join Maria Alfieris for this two-day full body fascial release workshop - all are welcome!

      Learn how to use your hands as you facilitate healing of the body by activating your inner physician and up-leveling the immune system.  Maria will teach the tools of fascial release in a simple and easy fashion.  Everyone in class will be partnered up, using massage tables, to learn techniques for the following parts of the body: head, neck, shoulders, upper back, rib cage, organs, low back, hips, legs, knees  and ankles.  Learn how to relieve pain and activate the immune system by unblocking the seridian system along with releasing old physical and emotional trauma. This workshop is for all who want to experience and deepen in their self love and healing journey.

      What to bring to this two-day workshop:

      • Comfortable clothing
      • Yoga mat
      • Massage table (please bring one if you have one)
      • Sheets & pillows
      • Lunch
      • Water 

      No refunds 30 days prior to event****

      Release in Ireland Training Course

      This class will consist of an overview of the fascial system of the entire body, from head to toe, using an integration of deep tissue techniques and fascial release.

      All participants completing this course will be able to:

      Identify myofascial restrictions throughout the musculoskeletal system through palpation.

      Describe the state of the myofascial literature.

      Explain the clinical rationale for the effect that myofascial release has on pain reduction, postural alignment and improvement in mobility. 

      Perform myofascial release techniques that utilize the therapists fingertip pads, thumbs, elbows and thenar eminences.

      Discriminate which myofascial techniques to use for specific conditions, e.g. piriformis syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strain & joint strains.

      Affect positive changes in myofascial restrictions through myofascial release techniques.

      Revise patients plans of care based on objective findings.

      This workshop will be facilitated by Maria Alfieris, Physical Therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioner for over 38 years with expertise in healing the body, mind and emotional systems to help you discover and unlock your inner physician and gateway to self love. You can learn more about Maria by visiting her website and social media pages below.

      Instagram: @magicalhandsphysicaltherapy Facebook: Magical Hands Physical Therapy

      For workshop questions, please email or call/text Maria at (732) 740-5659.

      Available Packages

      Release in Ireland (2-day)
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      Deposit: $250

      Your Organizer

      Maria Alfieris
      19 reviews
      Maria Alfieris is a masterful teacher with a joyous spirit & open heart. Maria is down to earth & her humor sets the stage for easy learning. Her students trust her & take their learnings off their mat & into their LIFE. On paper, you will learn that Maria is a Physical Therapist, a Myofascial Master, & a Reiki Virtuoso. She brings her gifts & talents of healing thru Fascial Release which she has been teaching for 34 years. She has given a series of courses in Myofascial Mobilization & incorporates into her work the understanding of emotional causation of disease & dysfunction. Her healing workshops & one-on-one sessions are designed to blend her knowledge & experience of physical therapy, myofascial release, energy healing, & her spiritual trainings. Through hands on techniques, she guides you toward freeing your fascia which helps you release patterns of emotional & physical pain that have been holding you back from reaching your full wellness potential.


      I can’t describe this incredible experience in words. I definitely encourage anyone who is interested in adding skills and spiritual knowledge to their life to take this course!! Maria and Jane are such beautiful souls and are both helpful and encouraging in their teaching!!
      By Julia W for Fascia Release Workshop in Stone Harbor, NJ on Jun 03, 2024
      I had a life-changing experience with Maria and this class, related to not only bodywork, but also how the body, mind, spirit and emotions are all connected. Maria's knowledge, and her holistic, compassionate, direct, hands-on approach to healing was refreshing and comprehensive. I learned so much about fascia, bodywork, releasing emotions, and how I can promote my own healing as well as that of my clients. Maria and her assistants created an instant community where it felt safe for all of us to be ourselves, be vulnerable, and learn. I highly recommend her workshops and I would do another one in a heartbeat.
      By Adrianne A for Release Your Fascia in Agoura Hills, California (Two-Day Workshop) on Jun 03, 2024
      I loved Maria’s delivery she is relatable. I’d love for her to come present in Northern California very soon. We are looking to Implement fascia release in the practice soon Stacy Desjardins
      By Stacy D for Release Your Fascia in Agoura Hills, California (Two-Day Workshop) on May 27, 2024
      It was amazing experience.
      By Vicky D for Release Your Fascia in Agoura Hills, California (Two-Day Workshop) on May 20, 2024
      This was such an amazing experience. I learned a lot. I met a lot of wonderful people. The atmosphere was beautiful. The energy was honest and open Maria and everyone at this workshop went above and beyond to make sure we understood everything and was able to implement it and receive from it I was so grateful to be there and I can’t wait to attend another workshop with Maria, hands on therapy. I’m very grateful. That I was a part of the Fascial release workshop in Astoria Queens
      By Margaret T for Fascial Release Workshop in Astoria, Queens on May 20, 2024
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      I really loved going to Greece with this group of women. I went solo on my 1st trip to Europe (Greece) so it was a little intimidating! The Hosts were both very easy to talk to & really took my questions into consideration & gave everybody a sense of belonging. The way the trip flowed was incredible & they really handled the details. They both had a great sense of humor too! Greece was phenomenal & I will go back. Jill H. Asheville NC
      By Jill H on 07 Dec, 2022

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