Rest, Reflect & Reconnect: A 3 Day Yoga & Self Care Retreat

Salamander Camp, 19315 Chase Rd, Los Gatos, California 95033

Natalie Somers
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4 reviews
Apr 22 - 24, 2022
Group size: 8 - 20
Rest, Reflect & Reconnect: A 3 Day Yoga & Self Care Retreat
Salamander Camp, 19315 Chase Rd, Los Gatos, California 95033

Natalie Somers
  • Email address verified
4 reviews

Apr 22 - 24, 2022
Group size: 8 - 20

About this trip

Join yoga teacher & embodiment coach, Natalie Somers, for a weekend of yoga & embodied rest. This three day retreat takes place in the beautiful redwoods of Los Gatos, CA on sacred Ohlone land and offers the perfect space to restore and replenish in nature.

Each day begins with Hatha yoga & meditation, followed by afternoon activities and evening restorative practices. There will be plenty of free time in between to indulge in the sweetness of being in nature, soak in the cedar hot tub, read poolside, explore, get creative at the art barn and more!

Enjoy Ayurvedic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals will be ovo-vegetarian and gluten free (vegan available) consisting of fresh fruit, seasonal veggies, eggs, grains, legumes, delicious spices and lots of hydration! Healthy & delicious snacks included. 

*Scholarships available for Queer & BIPOC. Please contact the organizer for details. 

Things to know

How many single rooms are available?

There is one single yurt available. Very comfortable for one, could work for two if you're willing to get cozy! Contact your event organizer to inquire about booking for two. Price is per person.

Will I be sharing a room with someone else?

There are seven single beds in the shared sleeping yurt. So, if you're booking that option you will be sharing space with others.

Do I need to bring my own food or snacks?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and snacks. However, you will be served nourishing Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks each day.

Are kids allowed to attend?

Leave the kiddos at home this weekend, it's all about rest and relaxation!

How about pets?

No pets allowed.

Is there a heater/AC in the yurts?

There is a fireplace in each yurt, as well as electrical outlets for space heaters and fans. 

What if I'm sharing a tent with someone else, do we both need to buy tickets?

Yes, prices are per person and each individual needs to purchase a ticket. If you are sharing a tent with another traveler, please indicate who you will be sharing with when completing your participant information.

Is the retreat weather permitting?

Safety is our biggest concern, so as long as the roads are safe to drive on and there aren't any rainstorms or wildfires, the retreat is on!

Will there be free time between activities?

YES. Yes. And yes! This is a weekend dedicated to nurturing yourself and there will be plenty of free time to do as you please.

Do I have to participate in all activities?

The only activities that you are asked to attend are the opening and closing ceremonies. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to join in or sit out anytime you choose.

What is there to do on the property during free time?

Hiking, soaking in the cedar hot tub, reading by the pool, sunning on the deck, getting creative in the art barn, journaling, meditation, and more! Bear Creek Redwoods Open Reserve is 1 mile away, about a 25 minute walk.

Will there be any alcohol/other substances or can I bring my own? 

We won't be serving any alcoholic beverages this weekend and ask that you leave the substances at home. Thank you!

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Proof of vaccination is required for all guests and it is highly recommended that you take a PCR or rapid antigen test 72 hours prior to your arrival to ensure a negative COVID result. If you need assistance finding access to a testing site please feel free to reach out.

All facilities will be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines. There are hand washing and sanitizing stations around the property and HEPA air filters in every shared indoor space with plenty of windows for fresh airflow.

Mask requirements will adhere to Santa Clara County mandates at time of retreat.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made up to 15 days prior to start of retreat for a full refund. Any cancellations after that will receive a 50% refund. No fee if cancelling due to testing positive for COVID-19 prior to retreat.

If for any reason the retreat gets cancelled by your organizer, you will receive proper notice and a full refund.

Suggested Packing List

- Comfortable clothing (for yoga, hiking, relaxing)

- Yoga mat

- Towels (for showering & hot tub/pool)

- Bathing suit

- Bedding (blankets/sleeping bag, pillows)

- Tent & camping gear (if you're camping)

- Flashlight/lamp (for navigating the property at night)

- Toiletries (soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.)

- Reusable water bottle

- Journal & writing utensil

- A book

- Sunscreen

- Hiking/walking shoes

- Sandals or slip ons

- Mask

- Vaccination card

What’s included

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
    Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra
  • Hiking
  • Cedar Hot Tub & Pool
  • Food & Beverage
    Ayurvedic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), healthy snacks, tea & coffee, water!
  • Sleeping Accommodations
    Shared indoor sleeping Yurt - 7 single beds in a large yurt, summer camp style!; One single sleeping Yurt; Six campsites around the property
  • Amenities/Facilities
    Full kitchen, practice yurt, 3 showers, 4 bathrooms (3 compost toilets, 1 plumbing toilet), 1 large shared sleeping yurt, 1 single yurt, 6 campsites, art barn, electrical outlets, cell service

What’s not included

  • Tent & Camping gear
    Tent, bedding, lanterns, headlamps
  • Yurt Bedding
    Fitted sheet provided for shared Yurt beds, you will need to bring your own blankets and pillows.
  • Flights/Transportation
  • Travel Insurace
  • Wifi

Available Packages

Tent Camping

Immerse yourself in nature and sleep in your tent on the retreat property.

Up to 6 tent/camping sites available, good for single or double tents. Prices are per person, even if you're sharing a tent. If you are sharing a tent, please indicate who you will be sharing with when filling out your participant information.

Shared Sleeping Yurt

This is a communal sleeping arrangement in a shared sleeping Yurt with a fireplace. Seven (7) single beds available in one large Yurt  - summer camp style! 

Fitted sheet provided for each single bed, you'll need to bring your own blankets/sleeping bag and pillow.

*Use of fireplace is dependent on county rules at time of retreat.

Single Sleeping Yurt

One (1) Single Yurt; suitable for one, fireplace and bed provided, you'll need to bring your own blankets/sleeping bag and pillows.

Note: This yurt could be suitable for two people who don't mind getting cozy in a full size bed. Contact your organizer for more details on booking for two.

*Use of fireplace is dependent on county rules at time of retreat.



Sample Itinerary
Subject to minor changes.

Day 1

Arrive & Settle In - 2-3:30pm

Welcome Ceremony  - 4-5:30pm

Mini Ayurveda Workshop & Cooking Demo (optional) - 6-7:30pm

Dinner - 7:30pm

Yoga Nidra - 8:30pm

Day 2

Morning Yoga - 8-9:15am

Breakfast - 9:30am

Aromatherapy & Reiki Meditation w/ Lakenda - 10:30-12pm 

Lunch - 12:30pm

Free Time - 1-3pm (Hike, relax in hot tub/pool, lay out on deck, read, etc.)

Creativity as Self Care Workshop - 3-5pm

Dinner -6:30pm

Sound Bath - 8:30pm

Day 3

Morning Yoga + Sound Healing - 8-9:15am

Breakfast - 9:30a

Free Time/Packing Up  - 10:30- 12pm

Lunch - 12:30pm

Closing Ceremony- 2:30pm

Departure - 4pm

Your Organizer

Natalie Somers
4 reviews
Natalie Somers, E-RYT, YACEP, and Embodiment Coach, is deeply passionate about helping others experience more clarity and belonging in their life through embodied movement and conscious awareness. Inspired by somatic movement and Hatha Yoga, Natalie’s classes offer a space to notice and explore felt sensations in the body as a way of connecting to the wisdom within. Natalie is a trauma informed yoga teacher and dedicated to creating a brave, supportive & inclusive space for embodied healing and transformation.


There are a million micro decisions that lead each of us to a specific moment in time. I am always grateful for those moments that lead me to time with Natalie. She has the innate ability to create a space for each person to show up in whatever way makes sense for them. Somehow she is able to set a tone that is kind and gentle, filled with love and light, grounded and approachable, yet deeply personal. The location she chose was reflective of her gift of putting people at ease with her warmth and kindness. It was a perfect retreat for a day - just far enough from the city to feel like you were embarking on a mini journey. The room itself was both spacious and intimate with all the comforts and calming energy of your favorite yoga studio. And the grounds provided time for quiet reflection and moments of solace. Natalie thought of everything - from the truly delicious and healthy lunch, to warming tea for the drizzly weather. Her approach to the day, and integrated teachings, allowed each person to have a uniquely individual experience while also engaging in the power of group.
By April T for Well Within: A Day-Long Somatic Sanctuary on Apr 15, 2023
I had such an amazing time with Natalie’s Rest, Reflect, and Reconnect Retreat. Salamander camp was beautiful and a perfect place to relax. The food was delicious. Such a perfect weekend!
By L. Suzy K for Rest, Reflect & Reconnect: A 3 Day Yoga & Self Care Retreat on May 03, 2022
I love Natalie! this was so wonderful! Had such an amazing time soaking, eating, talking, nidra-ing, etc. Loved every minute of it.
By Erika V for Rest, Reflect & Reconnect: A 3 Day Yoga & Self Care Retreat on May 03, 2022
This was such an amazing weekend! Natalie truly went above and beyond. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Beautiful group of people that I now call friends, a great location, and fulfilling activity. Thank you so much Natalie!
By Cayla K for Rest, Reflect & Reconnect: A 3 Day Yoga & Self Care Retreat on May 01, 2022