Resting in the Arms of the Pachamama: Shamanic Healing Retreat

La Puerta, Jalisco, Mexico

Jan 26 - Feb 4, 2023
Group size: 12 - 15
Resting in the Arms of the Pachamama: Shamanic Healing Retreat
La Puerta, Jalisco, Mexico

Jan 26 - Feb 4, 2023
Group size: 12 - 15

About this trip

Luzclara and Amy Maiima are medicine women, who live their lives in service to the Pachamama, the Cosmic Mother--the divine feminine source of creation, from INKAN cosmology.

This retreat is a collaboration, and a calling to heal the wounded feminine we as women, collectively carry in our bodies. These wounds show up as mother issues, competition with other women, excess striving to succeed, issues with body-image, shame around sexuality, and blockages around the voice. 

This retreat is about healing in sisterhood. 

We heal, when we remember our Divine Mother. 

We heal when we open to receive her unconditional, boundless love and allow it to purify our hearts, minds and bodies. 

This is our sacred work. Are you in? Are you ready to...

-Immerse yourself in the most pristine natural environment to support your healing and restoration? 

-Surround yourself by a community of supportive women?

-To be guided through somatic practices, and shamanic healing rituals to support you in letting go of wounds, and patterns that hold you back from living your most fully expressed, joy-filled life?

-Learn how to invoke the Pachamama and create offerings? 

-Learn how to work with the elements of nature for healing and connection? 

-Learn rituals for purification, chord cutting, and connection with healing energies. 

-Soak in the mineral pools, and ozone hot tub surrounded by a pristine mountain forest?

-Experience a sound healing, and a sacred soul music transmission? 

-Receive and share your wise woman wisdom?

-Be nourished by the most pleasurable and healing foods?

-Rest deeply, surrounded by the pristine Mexican mountain jungle?

-Receive healing bodywork and energy work from some of Mexico's finest healing arts practitioners? 


You'll be initiated by a community of women who hold a vision for your most wild, present, fully-expressed, and spiritually awakened version of yourself. 


The retreat will be held at Equilibrium Healing Resort—an off grid wellness sanctuary located in the mountains one hour south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Fully immersed in nature, this digital detox  will support your body-mind in resetting with the cycles of nature. This  property is solar powered and spring fed.

We'll begin each day with a spiritual practice of a purification and  grounding ritual to connect you with the spirits and elements of nature.   After breakfast, you'll be guided you through different shamanic  healing practices and ceremonies to support you in liberating the  wounded feminine from your somatic-spiritual bodies.

Amy and Luzclara will help you track the patriarchal patterns, and  ancestral traumas stored in your body. In this process of liberation,  you'll find your most wild and divinely feminine expression and be  encouraged to show up as fiercely and joyfully in your truth.

In the afternoons, time to rest and enjoy a healing spa treatment, spend time writing, spend time in the natural spring fed  pool, ozone hot tub, or hike to secret waterfall, to integrate your experiences and rituals. We will also have time for the beach, and to visit a local Mexican market. 

This retreat is for those seeking a true digital detox and immersion  in nature. It’s for women, who want to experience the profound  transformation that can happen when we surrender to the spirit of the  Pachamama, the divine feminine source of creation that loves you unconditionally. It’s for women, who want to learn how to step up and  learn how to be a fierce ally, in a sacred sisterhood. 

The collective container that we will co-create together, is one that  will help you anchor your living Spirit on earth, so that you feel the  confidence to fully express yourself and live into your gifts in this  lifetime.  

Accomodations for Optimal Rest

Nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains, just south of Puerto Vallarta, Equilibrium is a truly unique micro-climate. Your experience surrounds you with countless tropical birds, orchids, butterflies, medicinal plants and more. A perfect space to connect. The architecture of the property has been designed to connect all of your senses with nature. 

There are single, double and triple rooms available.

All rooms are spaciously equipped, have private bathrooms, and pillow top mattresses. 

Other things to expect

The climate in the mountains of Mexico during the winter months, will be warm during the days and cool during the evenings, which helps since there is no air conditioning.

Equilibrium is a healing resort, surrounded by nature including indoor/outdoor elements. Jungle wildlife is part of this experience, and you'll be sharing the jungle, home to many species of birds, insects, monkeys, and geckos that are all part of web of life. Please respect this natural environment. 

Nourish the Body-Mind with Vital Food

At Equilibrium, Food is medicine. They have gathered healing knowledge from many ancestral cultures around the world to share with you. With the perfect combination of clean food and spices your body and taste will awaken. Their signature, plant based, seasonal menus are designed in sequence with your best interest at heart. We want you to bring home delicious and simple tips to enhance your new nutritional path.

Retreat Benefits

, At the conclusion of this retreat, we anticipate you'll leave: 

  • Feeling lighter, well rested, and restored.
  • With a more embodied sense of confidence, and authentic freedom of expression.
  • With rituals to cultivate a relationship with the Pachamama, and the spirits of nature
  • Feeling grounded, and having somatic skills to habituate a regulated nervous system. 
  • With confidence for facilitating a women’s circle in your community
  • Knowing how to create an altar for the Pachamama. 
  • Inspired to show up fully for yourself and the women in your life. 
  • With new friends and a sisterhood for life!

Travel to Puerta Vallarta

  • Plan to arrive to Gutavo Dias Ordaz International Airport, or Puerto Vallarta Airport,  no later than 2 pm on arrival day. You will be greeting by the Equilibrium Healing Resort team, and they'll take you directly to the resort.
  • On departure day, you will arrive at the Puerta Vallarta Airport at 11:00 am. International flights require a three hour window prior to your departure, so please keep this in mind when booking your departure time.  
  • Flight details, and a copy for your valid passport, a copy of your travel insurance card, and the signed liability waiver are due 1 month prior to travel.

Your Guides

About Luzclara

Luzclara  is a Chilean medicine woman, Great grandmother, ceremonial leader,  shamanic practitioner, and sound healer who dedicates her life to the  healing of herself, Mother Earth and all of her beings. She has been  working for the last 40 years in awakening the sacred feminine energies  in the planet using ancient methods of ritual and magic. She now resides  in the Sacred Valley in Perú after a powerful call from her heart to be  in this part of the Earth. 

She  has trained and studied with different indigenous shamans around the  world; among them, shamans from Chile, the Q´ero shamans of Peru, the  Quichua Ayahuasca shamans of the Amazon jungle of Ecuador and Sun Bear,  Chippewa Medicine Man of North America. Her travels have included India  and Tibet where she has deepened her sound healing techniques.

For the last 40 years she has been uniting traditions of the Americas and leading ceremonies and workshops in both hemispheres. 

As  a young woman, Luzclara left her country after the violent takeover of  the military dictatorship in Chile. She went to North America where she  lived nine years of exile, first doing much political work for her  country, and then after a painful illness, she realized she wasn't  "walking her talk", but instead, living a big contradiction:  Fighting  for peace. Since then, she redirected her life to the healing of  herself, and others.

In 2018 she had a vision where  she would bring women together to pray for Mother Earth in different  parts of the planet, so she started the Intercultural Women  Convergence,  the first one being held in Pisaq, Valley of the Inkas in  September 2019 where 560 women came from 35 different countries. Also 13  Grandmothers sharing their wisdom.

About Amy Maiima

Amy is a somatic psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and teacher, specializing in complex trauma resolution, nervous system regulation, and Andean Indigenous Energy Medicine.

She's a bridge-synthesizing modern neurobiology and ancient wisdom for her clients to support them on their journey to full integration and healing of the multidimensional self.

She has studied and taught somatic, shamanic, and energetic modalities for over twenty years, and continues to be a dedicated student of soul-embodied healing and indigenous energy medicine, as a Hampi Paqo under the guidance and mentorship of Túpaq Ttito Kuntur.

Through one-on-one healing, classes, spiritual mentoring, sacred music, pilgrimages to the mountains, and healing intensive workshops, Amy helps you harness your inner healer-to heal yourself, so you can live in authentic alignment in service to others.

Covid-19 Safety

Equilibrium Healing Resort has the highest standards for sanitation and safety to help prevent and/or spread COVID-19. Retreat participants are expected to comply with all related COVID-19 requirements in the destination country as well as home county. Please check the CDC Guidelines for questions or concerns. 

Cancellation Policy

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space. 

Final payments, along with all paperwork is due by November 15th.

After November 15th, all payments and are non-refundable and non-transferable

In the event that you need to cancel your trip, an email must be received by November 15th. 

Cancel for any reason travel insurance is required for this trip, in the event that you need to cancel for any reason. This is due by November 15th with final payment.

What’s included

  • Airport Transfers
    Round-trip transfers to/from the airport to Equilibrium Healing Resort
  • 9 days of accomodations
    at Equilibrium Healing Resort, in the mountains an hour outside of Puerta Vallarta, MX. There are single, double and triple occupancy rooms available, all with pillow top matresses and private bath
  • Gourmet Meals
    3 gourmet, vegetarian meals per day
  • Snacks and Drinks
    Healthy snacks, healing juices, and smoothies
  • Rituals & Practices
    Daily movement and mindfulness practices, shamanic healing rituals, and wisdom teachings to support you in purifying your multidimensional body and aligning it with your most authentic expression
  • Beach & Market Day
    A beach day excursion, followed by shopping at a traditional Mexican market.
  • Healing Resort Amenities
    Access to a private spring fed mineral pool, an ozone hot tub, miles of nature paths, incredible flora and fauna of the Mexican jungle
  • Pre-departure Meeting
    We will gather for a logistics meeting and to meet one another, the beginnign of december.
  • All Flights
    US domestic, international, or flights within Mexico
  • Baggage Fees
  • Travel Insurance
    Trip Cancellation insurance is required for this trip
  • Meals on Travel Days
    Meals on travel days, and 2 additional meals on your own at a local restaurant
  • Visa and Airport Taxes
    Any visas or taxes required for international travel
  • Gratuities
    Tips for kitchen staff, drivers, cleaning staff etc.
  • Additional hotel nights
    made necessary by airline schedule changes, or other factors.
  • Spa Services & Gratuity
    Spa services and Healing Sessions (optional)
  • COVID Related
    Testing or Vaccinations required for travel. Check the latest CDC Guidelines and Mexican Embassay requirements.
  • Additional Excursions
    Additional cooking class, jungle tours, horseback riding, kayaking (optional)
  • Consistent WIFI
    This is a remote, mountain property and thus WIFI is not reliable. We invite participants to embrace this rare opportunity for a digital detox.

Available Packages

Triple Occupancy
Available until November 15, 20229 left
Deposit: $500
Double Occupancy
Available until November 15, 20226 left

Double Occupancy with Private Bathroom

Deposit: $500
Single Occupancy
Available until November 15, 2022only 1 left

King Sized Bed, private bathroom in a casita

Deposit: $500


Days 1-9
Resting in the Arms of the Pachamama: Shamanic Healing Retreat


Our nine days together, will unfold in alignment with Spirit.
But, this is an example of what to expect: 

7AM:  Purification and Grounding Rituals, Mindfulness and/or Movement

8AM: Breakfast

9AM to 12PM: Wisdom Teachings, Shamanic Journey, Movement, Group Healing Rituals

12:15PM: Lunch

1:15PM to 3:15PM: Free time for spa treatments, hiking, writing, solitude, etc.

3:30-6:00 PM: Wisdom Teachings, Shamanic Journey, Temezcal Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, Water ceremony, Movement, Group Healing Rituals 

6:15PM | Dinner

7:30 to 9PM | Evening Ritual could include any of the following: sound healing, sacred music, Temezcal Ceremony, fire Ceremony, singing and chanting, dancing, Sisterhood Talking Circle, 

Your Organizer

Amy Nicholson, LLC
Hi! I’m Amy, your partner in healing. Together, we will heal your trauma, nourish your nervous system, and open the door to full embodied presence so that you can live your life fully expressed, offering your unique gifts to the world. Bridging modern neurobiology, and ancient shamanic healing wisdom, I guide my clients in the process, and practice of self-healing. I teach my clients to cultivate habitual, spiritual presence, to experience a deeper connection to themselves, their families, their communities & the earth.