Restore to Renew Winter Retreat: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Three Rivers, MI, USA

Helen Lee & Alex Nicandro
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Jan 10 - 12, 2020
Group size: 8 - 13
Restore to Renew Winter Retreat: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
Three Rivers, MI, USA

Helen Lee & Alex Nicandro
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Deposit: $200
Jan 10 - 12, 2020
Group size: 8 - 13

About this trip

"Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all the fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with your own, becoming the Breath of Life itself."   -Morihei Ueshiba

Winter tends to be a time where the cold effects our inner weather systems to retreat inward.  In this 3 day retreat, celebrate the Full Wolf Moon and the beauties of quiet and stillness of the snow and bare trees. You will travel to the deep mountains and hidden valleys of yourself as you prepare the mind, body and spirit to reawaken with the rise of the new year. Find a deeper connection to yourself and others through a journey of healing, gratitude, and restoration. Move forward through the Winter season with peace and a renewed sense of self.

Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, meditations, silent meals, mindfulness practices will be incorporated. Reiki by Nicole Vail will be include in a couple of the practices.  Bio is below.

Massage is available, to book contact David directly at

Please pack warmly and bring a pair of boots for walking, cozy sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, warm socks, leg warmers, etc so you stay warm and comfortable. 

The Hermitage is a retreat community in southwest Michigan on 62 acres of rolling hills and trails for leisurely walking.  It is a peaceful haven that offers a nurturing and supportive environment for rest and deepened practice.

12 hours of continuing education are available for RYT with Yoga Alliance

What to Bring

*Yoga mat

*2 yoga blocks

*Yoga Bolster

*Yoga Blanket

*Journal and pen

*If you have mala beads and/or neti pot, please bring with you.

Nicole Vail has been practicing various forms of yoga for nine years, and become 500hr yoga

teacher certified two years ago. During her training, Nicole was exposed to the healing effects

of energy work through Reiki, and became Reiki Level II certified due to a passion for bringing

this healing energy and its benefits to clients and friends and family alike.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that uses energy from the practitioner to encourage

healing and balancing in the patient, whether the patient is suffering from emotional or

physical imbalances. Energy can become stuck in different parts of the body, and reiki can help

to induce opening and clearing through the energy channels in order to allow prana – or vital

life energy – to flow freely and naturally. Nicole has assisted patients in alleviating bodily pain

such as chronic headaches and knee injuries, as well as reducing anxiety and stress and

reducing the symptoms of menopause, and has experienced in her own life how powerful this

gentle healing modality can be.


Cancellations prior to December 6th will be honored at 50%.  After December 6th, no refunds will be made. Reimbursement is possible if you find another participant to take your place in the retreat.


Please note Three Rivers, MI is 1 hour ahead of Chicago.  The drive will take approximately 2.5 hours.  Plan to arrive Friday, January 10, between 3-4pm.  Retreat concludes Sunday around 2pm.  If you would like to arrive a day early or stay an extra night, additional reservations can be made through The Hermitage.

The Hermitage is located in southwest Michigan, located at 11321 Dutch Settlement Rd, Three Rivers, MI 49094.  Traveling by car from Chicago is about a 2hr 30min drive.  

All participant information must be complete to secure your retreat registration.  

About your Retreat Leads

Helen Lee, E-RYT® 500, YACEP®, has been teaching yoga since 2007 and completed her 200hr yoga certification from Chicago Yoga Center and 300hr yoga certification from Rishikesh Yog Peeth in India. She has led Yoga Teacher Trainings and traveled to Mexico, Belize, Finland, Italy, India, China and South Korea to lead workshops and/or retreats.  She has organized Summer Beach Yoga and the money raised have been donated to the following organizations: Ten Thousand Ripples, Obama Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Certified in Aerial Yoga, Barre and Pilates, these components have supported and strengthen her current practice and teaching.  Yoga, meditation and mindfulness is a powerful, healing practice that can bring the balance of strength and grace into anyone’s life.  Mindfulness is a practice, Helen maintains to cultivate and evolve in herself, her teaching and students.  She continues to be curious, intrigued and delighted by simple discoveries in solo travels and silent meditations retreats.

Alex Nicandro began practicing yoga in curiosity of finding a new way to be physically active. The mind-body connection she discovered in this practice served as a profound tool for navigating everyday stressors, big and small. With much desire to deepen her knowledge and serve others, she completed her 200-hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga in 2013 and has been teaching yoga since. She believes that yoga creates a landscape for self-discovery, mindfulness, confidence and a pathway to peace. She has devoted and shaped her line of work to teaching yoga and coaching through other forms of fitness-based classes. She has led and helped facilitate various yoga teacher trainings and programs of continuing education. While her personal practice grows, she continues to seek opportunities to serve through new teaching collaborations in the yoga community.

What’s included

  • Yoga and Meditation
    6 sessions of either meditation and/or yin or restorative yoga.
  • Food
    6 healthy delicious vegetarian meals. Please provide allergies/dietary needs during registration.
  • Lodging
    You will either stay in St. Joseph's Barn or Ken Hanby Center
  • Transportation
    I am happy to help organize carpools. Three Rivers, MI is an hour ahead and about 2.5 hours away from Chicago.
  • Yoga Supplies and Props
    Please bring a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, yoga bolster and yoga blanket and anything else you would like (yoga strap, meditation cushion, etc)
  • Extra Snacks
    While meals are provided, if you'd like to bring anything extra such as your favorite snack, feel free to bring those along.

Available Packages

Single Occupancy - Full Bed
Sold Out
Deposit: $200
Single Occupancy - Twin Bed
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Deposit: $200
Double Occupancy - Twin Beds
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Deposit: $200
Deposit: $200

Single Occupancy - Full Bed
Past Trip

Your Organizer

Helen Lee & Alex Nicandro
Helen and Alex first met back in 2014 when Alex took Helen's yoga class. Since then they have worked together in yoga management and co-led yoga teacher trainings. Both appreciate structure and believe to ground and complement each other's qualities. They continue to form both a professional rapport and close friendship.


I have been on two of Helen Lees retreats, they are full of self discovery through gentle guidance and movement. She allows space for silence and time to connect with nature and life’s gifts. She is truly unique in her teaching and a wonderful facilitator.
By lynne kennetz on Jul 20, 2018
The Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat in Three Rivers, Michigan that Helen led was a wonderful experience that has both revitalized my spirit as well as grounded me. The therapeutic effects of being out in the countryside, practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and sharing all this with a lovely group of people is huge. The wisdom of Helens teachings is still unfolding as I continue to contemplate the many riches of this special weekend. Thank you Helen !
By Tracey Dobson on Jul 19, 2018
Helen is an incredible teacher that approaches her sequences with thoughtfulness and a genuine love for her students. Her classes introduce meditative themes that are interlaced with her sequences from start to finish. She has an extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy and has a very well-rounded background of study. She uses personal experience to make advanced themes relevant and relatable. One sixty minute class with Helen will leave you relaxed, focused, and mentally and physically stronger than you were when you entered the room.
By Caroline Tell on Apr 05, 2017
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