Retreat at Home with Dr. Ann West and Anjay

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat
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4 reviews
Jun 26 - 28, 2020
Group size: 1 - 50
Retreat at Home with Dr. Ann West and Anjay

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat
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4 reviews

Jun 26 - 28, 2020
Group size: 1 - 50

About this trip

Take an opportunity to retreat at home with us. In the retreat program we are including many classes and modalities that are available at our regular retreats at a very affordable rate. Our offering is to meet the needs for healing, transformation and spiritual awakening in the comfort and safety of your home.  

Benefits include the following:

● Receive some of the benefits of our retreats in the comfort of your own home

● Learn meditation techniques to calm your mind and destress

● Daily Mindfulness movement class

● Somatic practices - to learn from the wisdom of the body

● Learn the art and practice of Spiritual Inquiry

● Class in Emotional Intelligence and Compassionate communication

● Explore what truly matters in your life by connecting to essential values

● Learn and practice the miracle of group healing as a giver and a receiver

● Practice Holistic Breathwork to release what you no longer need by integrating,

transforming and healing anxiety, depression and stress

● Meet your Spiritual Family and enjoy the sense of a deeper connection to others.

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Online Spiritual Retreat
Retreat at Home with Dr. Ann West and Anjay

Daily Schedule (All times are PST) 

Friday, June 26 

6 pm - Introduction  Evening meditation and inquiry    

Saturday, June 27  

8am - 9.15am - Meditation and Yin Yoga  

11am - 1:15pm - Holistic Breathwork™ Morning session  

2pm- 4pm Private Sessions with Ann or Anjay - By Appointment (Not Included) 

4pm - 5.15pm  - Group Healing   

6pm - Evening Meditation and Inquiry


Sunday, June 28  

8am - 9.15am - Meditation and Chakra Kundalini Meditation  

11am - 1:15pm - Holistic Breathwork™ Group Session/Sharing   

4pm - 5.15pm  Compassionate Communication/Emotional Intelligence - staying out of fear, choosing love  

6pm - Evening Meditation and Inquiry

Your Organizer

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat
4 reviews
Pura vida in Spanish means pure life. It became our mantra and our intention. Aligning our way of living with what we see is true, so the conscious spirit can thrive and live it’s full potential. Pura Vida is a non-denominational, spiritual, health-focused eco-retreat center in a tropical paradise in Mexico. Our beautiful accommodations are right by the ocean, for those seeking connection with nature and themselves. We offer a combination of a spiritual retreat, spa by the ocean and alternative, holistic healing therapies. Our peaceful, secluded ocean front resort is located in Yelapa, Mexico, a small bay within Puerto Vallarta Bay, accessible only by boat. It’s only 2 hour direct flight from Los Angeles or 3 hour flight from San Francisco. We have been successfully supporting thousands of people over last 15 years by integrating many modalities in our Holistic Healing and Personal Transformation programs. We are happy that most people report lasting changes in their lives.


Words. Words cannot do justice to the experience I had at this retreat. If anyone ever needs a life reset, this is the place to go. Let's start out with the basics. The accommodations are great. I had a room with AC unit, although there are rooms that are strictly open air. My bathroom was outside and I loved it. There is something about showering outside that feels so freeing. There are some rooms with a bathroom inside as well. The views from my room were awe-inspiring. I was by the pool and would go there after dinner and it felt like my own personal pool as everyone else would go to their rooms after dinner. Now for the other stuff. Rachael and Holly are AMAZING souls and were the staff we saw each and every day. Carolyn is a treasure and is so helpful getting together all the details for our trips and just being an overall fountain of knowledge and love. The kitchen and juice bar staff are always so pleasant as are the boat captains. Dana and Claudia are just souls that will touch your being and leave you feeling...(words cannot suffice). They are just magic! Data, the gal who has a lil shop on the grounds is so sweet and can answer any questions you have as to the wares she sells. I just graduated after 6 long years of study and needed to unwind on a molecular level and also find myself again. This place delivered that and so much more. From the trip to the waterfall, to the botanical garden, to the various group breathworks (especially the one on the private beach), to the temezcal and the cacao ceremony, to the delicious food provided to us each and everyday. Each and every experience led me to be a more relaxed and understanding sense of self, which not only resulted in understanding myself better but also understanding others. It provided me the release, the insight, and the love from so many avenues that I honestly don't know how to encapsulate or state how thankful I am that I found this retreat. I am so blessed to have had this experience and the Watsu and other niceties such as body scrub/wrap, massages, reiki, and reflexology carried home the inward, self-care journey that changed me as a person. I will definitely be back and just cannot thank all the people we came in contact with from the staff, to the shamans, and to Matias, another helpful soul in our journey together. Thank you all so much and wishing you the best always and forever.
By Elsa P for Personal Transformation Retreat on Jun 26, 2023
The retreat was a huge disappointment. The leader (Chris) and session providers showed up late... they had a hard time sticking to the schedule. It was unorganized. Only 3 yoga sessions the whole week when it was supposed to be daily.
By Mindy L for Holistic Healing Retreat on Dec 19, 2022
Wonderful retreat! Nature, spectacular views, waterfalls, sacred ceremony, yoga, meditation, music, massage, spiritual renewal. All things I love. Best of all I felt a deep love and connection to the people I met. The other retreat members were diverse. We all opened up. The the staff really love one another. They are committed to the vision and purpose of the center and it showed. I will be going back again! It was magic. ❤️
By Karen M for Holistic Healing Retreat on May 23, 2022
We ( Husband and Wife) had an amazing experience. This retreat is very spiritual. emotional, and full of healing. We had no idea what to expect- we showed up with an open mind and loved every minute. Our retreat was a very scheduled event with very little down time- we enjoyed all the events, workshops, and personal sessions. The food was 5 start amazing!!! The staff was also 5 star amazing!! The retreat is very rustic and LOTS of stairs to climb to go anywhere on the resort. Better communication is required regarding the schedule, workshops, excursions such as; length of time of events, specific details, what to bring, content, and physical requirements would have been helpful to prepare prior to arrival. This location is very beautiful and peaceful. The beds were comfortable. Tips are not included in the price and expect to be tipping quite a few people. Bring small enough bills as they do not have the ability to make change. We would attend this retreat again and will look into booking the next spring retreat offered in 2023.
By Lisa M for Holistic Healing Retreat on Apr 04, 2022

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