Revitalise and restore Yoga in sunny Gambia

Kartong, West Coast Region, The Gambia

Feb 2 - 10, 2018
Group size: 8 - 15
Revitalise and restore Yoga in sunny Gambia
Kartong, West Coast Region, The Gambia

Feb 2 - 10, 2018
Group size: 8 - 15

About this trip

Get away from your busy life to the beautiful smiling African coastline for  a week in Gambia, West Africa. Take the opportunity to relax and  de-stress in the sunny seaside eco-retreat centre set in African forest  next to miles of untouched and secluded sandy beaches.

This Yoga  holiday is a must for those who want to unwind from a fast paced  lifestyle. Sandele is an award-winning eco retreat with numerous awards  for responsible tourism in Africa.

The Venue and local culture

Based in southern Gambia, West Africa, Sandele  Eco retreat and Learning centre has been awarded ecological prizes due  to it's sustainability and responsible tourism contributions. Its a very  special place in the way the propieters have set it up, around 6 years  ago, after years of exploration, discussion and negotiation. The land  where Sandele is situated is registered in the name of the Kartong  Village, who sub-let the site to the owners. Sandele supports the  Kartong villagers by providing local employment, and after 25 years the  site and the buildings on it will revert to the village. By investing in  this retreat you are also greatly helping this village.

It's  a place you just simply cannot help but relax into. The environment is  beautiful, magical and relaxing. The pace of life is appropriately slow.  What better place to nourish and deepen your yoga practice, surrounded  by natural beauty and so near an unspoilt palm fringed beach. There will  be trips to the local village, bird watching and even boogy boards are  available during your week to offer a real complement to your asana  practice.

From  the 2 - 4th February you will be able to witness the local Cultural  festival of music and dance taking place in the village of Kartong. A  fabulous immersion into Gambian culture and spectacle, with a suberb  backdrop of miles of sandy beach and sea.

Yoga retreat

To the  sound of the morning waves, there will be a 2 hour morning practice at  8/8.30am and an evening practice welcoming the setting sun and rising  moon at 5/5.30pm. Practising in the setting of the yoga shala on the  beach or the palm forest you will be able to feel the Earth's energy,  the steady rhythm of the Gambia and connect more deeply to your own  unique rhythm. We will work on flowing and dynamic sequences of postures  enlivening your physical prowess, there will be a focus on breath and  breathing practices and we will also marry the slow rhythm of life in  the Gambia in more restorative meditative practice. There will also be  guided meditation practice. The Yoga will be open to all abilties.

What’s included

  • 2 meals a day
    Sumptious breakfast and 3 course dinner
  • Yoga tutition
    2 sessions daily
  • 7 nights accommodation

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    Fligths to and from the Gambia
  • Transfer
    To and from the airport to the hotel

Available Packages

Single room
Deposit: £200
Shared room x 2

Double room and ensuite bathroom

Deposit: £200
Shared room x3

Twin bedded room and a single . Very large rooms and bathroom.



Day 1 - 6 example times
Yoga sesssions x 2

Yoga sessions will start at 8/8.30am and be more dynamic lasting for about 2 hours.

Yoga sessions in the evening start around 5/5.30 ( or sunset time) and wil be slower and more restorative.

The daytime is free for you to wander on the beach, swim in the sea sunbathe or go for a trip to the river or village nearby.

Your Organizer

Omkari Yoga Thomas
Debbie has trained in India and the UK, qualified as 500 hr RYT and has been teaching for over 9 years. She loves it and is a very experienced retreat leader. Her main aim in any yoga class is for wellbeing and connection to self to be experienced. She delivers through breath practices, postures and guided relaxation. Debbie’s previous career as a professional dancer and dance teacher inspires her passion for Yoga from a range of traditions, leading her to develop an interest in the connection between movement, breath and spirit.