Root to Heart

Pawling, NY 12564, USA

Maryn Azoff
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8 reviews
Jun 14 - 18, 2023
Group size: 15 - 15
Root to Heart
Pawling, NY 12564, USA

Maryn Azoff
  • Email address verified
8 reviews

Jun 14 - 18, 2023
Group size: 15 - 15

About this trip


This is your opportunity to dive in + experience the power of your authentic voice.  

Join vocal transformation coach, Maryn Azoff, her partner, masterful charango player, Patrick Surdam on a private retreat center, tucked away in the forested hills of upstate NY at Growing Heart Farm. During our time together you'll learn the science + magic behind using our voices to heal our body, manifest our reality + liberate our spirit.  

A Vocal Transformation retreat is designed more as a soul expedition than your typical retreat. The schedule is rigorous and designed to produce a breakthrough. The week will educate, inspire and challenge you in ways that are designed to produce profound and lasting results. Learn the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human voice as we journey through chakra system and discover where our own voices may be stuck, blocked or weakened by past trauma or lack of sufficient development. Join a community of heart led humans and immerse yourself in a judgement free, nurturing environment where you can be free to express yourself authentically and be received as you are. These retreats are life affirming and empowering and will lead to amazing changes not only in the capacity of your voice, but the entirety of your life.

The classes will cover the anatomy of the voice, the chakra system and the human psychological development, proper vocal technique and finding your authentic voice plus the confidence to share it with the world. We will also cover primal voice release and spend time singing and learning new songs together.

What people can expect from Vocal Transformation work:

⁃ A wider vocal range

⁃ More power and control over their voice

⁃ More dynamic control

⁃ A deeper emotional connection for more effective singing and communicating 

⁃ A deeper connection to one’s soul and purpose, for a more authentic voice and expression

⁃ A greater and more consistent connection to one’s creativity

⁃ Healing of past trauma for a healthier and happier life

⁃ More confidence and magnetism

⁃ Increased well being and consistent joy 

Whether you use your voice professionally, are an experienced singer or just embarking on vocal exploration, this retreat will open you up to the power of your personal vibration, teaching you how to unlock its potential.  You will never look at your voice the same way again. 

 included on your journey…

  • 4 nights, 5 days either in a room or camping
  • 3 delicious farm to table meals per day 
  • daily in-depth workshops on chakras + bija mantras
  • breath work + vocal support
  • sacred councils + speaking authentic truth
  • movement practice
  • guided meditations
  • Fire circle and outdoor dining/gathering area
  • evening bonfire + music gatherings 
  • free time to relax + renew 

not included::

  • transportation to and from 
  • 1 plant medicine ceremony ($150)
  • camping gear

What’s included

  • Delicious organic meals
    three meals a day prepared by a chef that will nourish your body and spirit
  • Transportation
  • 1 plant medicine circle

Available Packages

Shared room with bed
only 1 left

You will share a room with separate beds. Shared bathrooms.

Deposit: $800
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Deposit: $800

Your Organizer

Maryn Azoff
8 reviews
Vocal Transformation is a modern approach to an ancient method to fully claim the range and resonance of your voice while opening up your connection to the creative that flows through you. It blends the spiritual and the scientific to produce profound results in opening up the full capacity of the human voice. Vocal transformation is a process of deprogramming, that opens the channel for spirit to once again drive the creative process and for the practitioner to reclaim their fullest expression and most powerful voice.


Maryn led our group through a truly life changing experience. I cannot believe how much progress I, and EVERYone else in the group, made in just 2 days! Because Maryn truly communicates from her heart, you find yourself gripping to every word -- absorbing more information in a short weekend than you would ever think possible. Thank you for creating such a positive, judgement free environment, and thank you for pushing me! I truly turned over a new leaf with your help. I cannot recommend attending this retreat enough!
By James Philipp for Vocal Transformation and Growing your Heart Voice on Mar 04, 2020
From seed to fruition, all aspects of the experience were imbued with love, thoughtfulness, nurturance, and care. Thank you to everyone at Ravencrest!
By Carrie Goldberg for Songbird retreat: Experiential Transformation on Aug 25, 2018
This was an amazing retreat. Maryn and Mia were fabulous luminaries, creating a safe nurturing environment for growth and exploration. The property was majestic, all of the people on staff are easily approachable, knowledgeable, and wiling to help. The food was fresh, healthy and delicious.
By Irene Vance for Tribal Rhythm and Song with Mia Luz and Maryn Azoff on Aug 09, 2018
Maryn and Mia provided a wonderful experience using drumming as a means of meditation. We did a vision quest and a spirit journey, as guided meditations, to the accompaniment of drumming. We also did a water ceremony and a pipe ceremony, following Native American traditions (Ojibwa and Lakota), with excellent background explanations and paraphernalia. Also learned Native American chants. Sam Perry gave a wonderful walk-in-the-woods introduction to herbs and their use. We learned and practiced drum rhythms. The food was absolutely suburb vegetarian fare, from the Raven Crest Farm. The experience was fun, meditatively meaningful and full of warm camaraderie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.
By Jon Stout for Tribal Rhythm and Song with Mia Luz and Maryn Azoff on Aug 08, 2018
Absolutely THE most unforgettable, freeing experience. If you want to find your own voice in the sounds of distant coyotes, wind in the pines, healing human vibrations, primal screams, digeridoos, oms, drums and quiet conversations while finding your balance in pine straw, water, fire, stars, music, gratitude and human experience, do find your way to Raven Crest. The farm's forests, ponds, ceremonial perches and brilliant night skies are other-worldly. Amazing, home-grown organic meals, herbs and earth-friendly fruit and vegetable fields nourish and ground all who enter this place. Maryn is a master of the voice and ray of love sent directly from the sun herself.
By Charles Muller for A Songbird Retreat: The Unleashed Voice on Jun 21, 2018
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