RYT-300 Immersion Yoga Teacher Training w/aerial certification Jan. 24

Heartwood Retreat Center in Bradenton Florida

Ginny Shaddock
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2 reviews
Jan 24 - Feb 14, 2019
Group size: 10 - 17
RYT-300 Immersion Yoga Teacher Training w/aerial certification Jan. 24
Heartwood Retreat Center in Bradenton Florida

Ginny Shaddock
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2 reviews

Jan 24 - Feb 14, 2019
Group size: 10 - 17

About this trip

 The Heartwood RYT 300/500 certification is a comprehensive 300 hour  advanced yoga education program for yoga teachers who have already  received their RYT-200 certification and are now looking to dive deeper  into yoga theory and philosophy as well as refine their communication  and information base to enhance their teaching skills. The program is  geared to helping yoga professionals learn to make a viable career in  health and wellness to deeply explore yoga  specialties along with one on one mentoring to guide them in learning to  present workshops, retreats and specialty classes.  This coursework  expands the skill-set for yoga teachers preparing them to authentically  teach a variety of specialty classes.

Educational units include:


Advanced Teaching Skills, 

Advanced Meditation Weekend/Rounding,  

Bhagavad Gita/Advanced study of Sutras/Philosophy, 

Intro to Yoga Therapy, 

Trauma Informed Yoga 

Workshop  and Retreat Planning and implementation.

Restorative Yoga  Certification 

Yin Yoga Certification 

Chair Yoga Certification 

Yoga for Seniors  

Choice of Aerial Yoga Certification OR Reiki Master Certification

Journey  through the Subtle Body (Vibrational Healing, crystals, Chakra  cleansing and more.) 

The Heartwood 300 hour immersion certification is recognized worldwide through Yoga Alliance. You can check Heartwood Yoga out on the Yoga Alliance website to see over 120 reviews from people who have graduated from our program and gone on to forge successful careers or positive life change. The program unfolds in a way that one concept stacks on another, so you leave with a deep understanding of yoga and the competence and confidence to share the practice with others if you do indeed plan to teach.

Experienced Teachers:

All instructors involved in yoga teacher training at Heartwood are E-RYT-500 certified or above, all are yoga therapists registered with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapy) or LMT (Licensed Massage Therapists), Reiki masters and have other credentials to add to their experience.

Engaging Syllabus:

We follow a detailed syllabus to assure the program is progressive and comprehensive, and so students have notes to refer to later. These are long, very full days, yet inspirational and engaging. We are careful to pace the day to keep everyone's energy up and Heartwood is a very inspirational place, so we often move out of the yoga center to have a discussion around our fire pit (which is also a fountain if the weather is warmer) or under the shade of trees near the medicine wheel, or in our meditation gazebo.  We have a gorgeous meditation garden that won a national award and was featured in Country Garden Magazine too, so we enjoy many inspirational environments to enhance our learning. We also spend one day at the nearby beach for outdoor class. Sarasota has the number one beach in America with soft white sand and beautiful sunsets and is a crystal vortex due to the natural quartz infused sand.

The Following is a more defined explanation of each educational unit (10-20 hours each depending on subject.) 

Advanced Teaching & communication Skills

This  20-hour coursework includes material focused on a deeper understanding  of hands on and adjusts, teaching and communication skills, advanced  postures, props, and sequencing.


This  coursework includes 16 hours dedicated to Ayurveda basics and  understanding the principals of Ayurveda yoga and healing, including  Gunas, Agni, The five mahabuhutas: (five elements), the Tridoshas and  how they affect our energies, prakriti (Body constitution), Ritucharya  (Season Routines), and herbs and Ayurvedic cleansing techniques 
Ayurvedic  approaches to yoga add a new degree of awareness and teachers learn to  adjust a practice to serve different body types and constitutions as  well as seasonally.

Meditation & Rounding Practices
This  14 hour course that covers expanded techniques for practice and  teaching meditation as well as experiential learning through “rounding”  processes. Includes the theory and science of meditation, and a variety  of specific meditation styles and practices including zen meditation,  japa mala, mindfulness meditation, and more. Learn more

 Trauma Informed Yoga
This  course covers the anatomy & physiology of how trauma manifests on  the body and mind, with the theory and practice to effectively teach to  individuals who have experienced trauma. It includes trauma sensitive  language & sequencing, as well as a review of the special  considerations of yoga for survivors of sexual and physical abuse,  eating disorders, addiction and recovery, veterans and first responders  & yoga in the criminal justice system.

This course involves 15 hours to cover deeper perspectives on the Bhagavid Gita, the Yoga Sutras & the Upanishads.

Intro to Yoga Therapy - Advanced anatomy
This  course reviews anatomy basics and goes on to deepen the studies to  include a more involved look at the body and its functioning systems. We  also explore the science and practices that help a yoga teacher work  with students struggling with common physical issues such as Sciatica,  Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Hip and Knee replacements, Digestive Disorders,  HBP, Migraines & Headaches, Scoliosis, Shoulder Injuries.

Restorative Yoga Certification
This  18-hour course explores the techniques and methodology of restorative  yoga, a gentle, calming therapeutic style of practice that restores the  nervous system.  This training covers a broad range of healing  techniques and modalities that can be incorporated into restorative  classes, including theory and Science of restorative yoga, hands on  assists, props and poses for restorative yoga, breathwork and guided  imagery, yoga nidra, acupressure yoga and trigger points, essential oils  for healing, gong and sound therapy for relaxing nervous system,  restorative Sequencing & class pacing, and anatomy of the nervous   system.

Yin Yoga Certification
Yin  yoga training offers 16 contact hours devoted to yin studies that  include the yin history, theory, methodology, sequencing and postures  of yin yoga as a specific practice for spiritual, physical and energetic  enhancement and as a compliment to a traditional yang practice. Two  hours are devoted specifically to anatomy with special emphasis on  ligaments and fascia tissue. This course also covers meridians and  energy pathways as well as the use of essential oils to stimulate the  energetic body. 

Yoga for Seniors
Yoga  for Seniors is a 16 hours course focused on the specific needs and  considerations of older populations to help yoga teachers design and  lead an appropriate senior yoga practice. The course includes anatomy  for older populations, yoga for beginners, and material covering the  following issues: Knee and hip replacements, Wrist & bone density  issues, Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease,  Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Parkinson's, the side effects of  medications and specific emotional and physical challenges facing those  age 60 and above. What to do in emergencies if accidents or medical  problems occur in class. Posture modifications, props, & sequencing  yoga for seniors is reviewed, as well as creative class ideas to keep  seniors engaged, developing affirming attitudes and connections to the  class and providing new ways to teach core yoga philosophy and  practices.

Chair Yoga Certification
This  16-hour course will provide yoga teachers with a strong understanding  of Chair Yoga: theory and practice. Participants will gain the skills  required to bring yoga to students who might otherwise not be able to  embrace a practice as you learn how to adapt the classical Yoga asanas  to the chair rather than the floor in a therapeutic context. Material is  offered for students of a variety of skill levels and circumstances,  but the emphasis is for mature adults and those with physical  limitations that need a chair to make yoga accessible. An anatomy  segment focuses on deteriorating joints and common issues that senior  clientele may be dealing with, such as Hip and knee replacements,  Osteoporosis, Glycaemia, wrist weakness and loss of balance.  A  small portion of the seminar is devoted to more aggressive yoga practice  techniques to explore how a chair can be incorporated into a  traditional practice, or for office workers. Since the circumstances  (and thus the chairs) may vary for different teaching situations, we  make available and encourage the attendees to explore different chairs,  including wheelchairs, office chairs, balance balls, and traditional  yoga chairs.

Workshop and Retreat Planning and implementation.
This  course is partially a group endeavor but includes independent study. It  begins with 2 three-hour group lessons to learn how to plan, implement,  and organize a workshop or retreat along any yogic theme or purpose.  Students learn the dynamics of teaching a longer program, with  budgeting, marketing, organizing, and the business of executing such a  program.   They are then expected to work one on one with the program  directors to refine and evolved their individual workshop or retreat and  they are encouraged to follow through and offer this to the public.  Heartwood makes the facility available for the manifestation of these  special programs (and we attend to offer feedback) or the student can  host the program elsewhere and finish with follow up communications with  us about what was learned. 



Journey through the Subtle Body & Reiki Master Program
This  course includes 16 hours of Reiki Master Training. Includes vibrational healing with Gong  meditations & singing bowls, crystals & grids, Chakra cleansing,  Auras and more. 

Aerial Yoga Certification
Aerial  is offered as an elective only for those students who have not already  taken this course in their RYT-200 at Heartwood. Aerial Yoga weekend  explores a wealth of alternative yoga exercises, assisted postures, and  safe inversion techniques using the Om Gym system of yoga hammocks and  handle supports as well as traditional Aerial Silks. We cover:  History  of aerial yoga, Aerial yoga class levels – designing a safe class for  different skill levels/ using aerial slings for private sessions.  Careful exploration and teaching techniques of more than 50 supported  yoga poses based on Iyengar theory, physical safety issues and concerns,  Warm-ups, proper pose progression, class sequencing. Yoga Therapeutics  using gravity and the swing for effective spinal traction and/or  internal cleansing. Inversion Theory of physiology and anatomy, Aerial  teaching practicum and learning hands-on assists. Students in the Aerial program have training from 9-5pm and can join the subtle body gong meditation or crystal grid training in the evenings if they wish.

Staying at Heartwood

Our accommodations, if you are need to stay with us, are dorm style, with 4 or 5 people to a room with a shared bathroom. We also have an RV offering two private spaces that we use when our rooms are full. Please note we have space only for 11 people each session at this time, and usually the residencies fill early. The beds are full size, comfortable and the rooms feature lovely décor. Students don’t spend much time in the dorms, other than to sleep. The yoga center is open 24-7 and has a holistic library with couches, a lobby with internet, and a full service kitchen so if you want to get a snack, or find privacy to study, relax or just be, the center is only a few feet from the dorm space. The grounds are inviting too with a fire-pit you can visit at night, a garden and we have an art room making it possible to wander with a cup of tea, find a place to land to reflect or to be engaged in a mindful project. Laundry facilities are available too. We have complimentary bikes for a leisure ride to the nearby state park, or to get to area stores and eateries (4 miles) if you wish. We do not charge extra for staying here in our dorm facilities on the property, and this is made available for the convenience of those traveling to attend, so the accommodations are only for those coming from out of town are available on a first come first serve basis.  

When  our dorms fill, students are offered  an option to stay in a private room with bath at the home of  one of our fellow teachers who live close nearby.  This can be a lovely option for privacy while taking advantage of no-fee accommodations. For this option, you will need a vehicle to get back and forth. They live close, but you will still need a car.

Local residents and people with family or friends in the area often attend these programs and ask if they can get a discount since they do not need accommodations. We do not offer a discount in these cases, because our pricing does not factor in overnight stays in setting tuition but does include a meal plan for everyone participating, and all materials.

Students who are staying with us are welcome to come a day early to get settled before the program (which begins on the first day at 9am) and leave the day after graduation. Check in time is 3pm and check out is 11:00am. We are happy to provide rides to the airport for RYT-200 or 300 programs the day before and after a program for flights during 10am and 8pm. If you arrive beyond these hours or on an alternate day, you would need to use an Urber or Lift. Shorter programs require you to provide your own transportation to and from Heartwood. 

What’s included

  • Meals and Snacks
    We seve lunch vegetarian lunch and dinner daily (vegan and gluten options available) every day expect on Aerial weekend (early release). Self serve breakfast foods, snacks & leftover always on hand.
  • Syllabus
    You will receive a comprehsive syllabus of the material we cover in the training.

What’s not included

  • Books
    When you register, we will provide a list of required books that can easily be ordered on line.

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $500


Program Schedule
How the program unfolds


RYT-300 Immersion

Daily - 9:00-10:30 Asana Practice and break

10:30-6:00 Core Program with subjects as listed below

6:00-7:00 Dinner

7:00-9:00 Philosophy and Specialty workshops

Jan. 24-25 Advanced Teaching Skills

Jan. 26 & 27 Ayurveda

Jan. 28 Intro to Yoga Therapy

Jan. 29-30 Chair Yoga

Jan. 31 & Feb 1 Senior Yoga

Feb 2 & 3 Aerial yoga or Reiki Master Program

Feb. 4 & 5 Yin Yoga Certification

Feb.  6 Beach Day and rest of day off 

Feb. 7  & 8 Trauma Yoga, Subtle Body & Anatomy

Feb.. 9 & 10 Restorative Yoga Certification

Feb.. 11 Workshop and Retreat Planning 

Feb. 12 & 13 Adv. Meditation and Silent Rounding

Feb. 14 - classwork in morning.  Graduation at 3:00 pm - We finish at 5:00 pm.

Your Organizer

Ginny Shaddock
2 reviews
Ginny EastShaddock is an ERYT-500 yoga teacher, a certified yoga therapist with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), a Reiki Master and a trained Ayurveda Counselor from the Kerala Institute, India and a registered member of the National Ayurveda Medical Association. She has a BA in Business Management from Eckerd College and a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing from Lesley University. Her extensive background in dance, yoga and the healing arts have helped her create a multi-faceted school with an educational program that combines arts awareness, physical training and mind-body awareness for ever-broadening learning experiences. She is the director of Heartwood Yoga Center and Heartwood Retreat Center, and the founder of the Florida Reiki Association, as well as Yoga for the Balanced Child, a YA certification program designed to qualify teachers to share yoga with children ages 3-teen.


The program felt all encompassing and whole. It was spaced out well, to allow you to delve into different areas while others elements were being absorbed. Physically and spiritually demanding, but if you are willing to go there, you will emerge forever changed. The hospitality was wonderful, Ginny really makes you feel at home and the food was divine.
By Deborah H for RYT-200 Immersion Yoga Teacher Training, Jan. 4, 2019 on Jan 29, 2019
What a wonderful, warm, welcoming community! Food was fantastic as was the teaching, instruction and pace of the course. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge the instructors have and that they are constantly willing to openly share their experiences and knowledge with students. I respect the instructors and Director immensely for their honesty and willingness to offer students support throughout the teacher training process and thereafter!! What an exceptional experience - one that I am certain is unique and unlike any other. This program is unparalleled! I look forward to the 500!! PS - the property is absolutely stunning!!!
By Angela C for RYT-200 Immersion Yoga Teacher Training, Jan. 4, 2019 on Jan 22, 2019