Sacred Music Tour in Morocco

6 reviews
May 3 - 13, 2023
Group size: 1 - 28
Sacred Music Tour in Morocco

6 reviews

May 3 - 13, 2023
Group size: 1 - 28

About this trip

Join Gnawa musician Samir Langus and Omar Aena for an 11 day tour through Morocco as we explore Gnawa & other sacred music traditions from throughout the land. 

We will travel to 5 different cities, meeting with musicians, artists and other masters of these deep & rich traditions. We will have private concerts, musical ceremonies and other experiences that will immerse us into the spirit of Morocco.

If you are interested but have questions, feel free to e-mail us at

What’s included

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • All Breakfasts
  • Two Dinners
  • Ground Transportation
  • Musical Concerts
  • Flights
  • Lunches and most dinners
  • Non-music activities

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Day 1-2

Welcome to Morocco!

We will start our tour in the coastal town of Agadir, located in the south & the hometown of your co-host, Samir Langus. Fly into Agadir on May 3rd. One airport shuttle will be available to take people to the hotel at 2PM. 

Day 1 - Upon arrival to the hotel, you'll meet the group and team for check-in, starting at 3PM. Once everyone arrives, we'll meet for our first dinner together & opening night. 

Day 2 - After breakfast we will visit the 16th-century kasbah, perched on a hilltop just outside of town. From there we will take a tram from the top of the hill that will give us panoramic views of Agadir.

We’ll stroll the historic medina and the atmospheric Talbourjt quarter & admire various landmarks throughout the city.

The rest of the afternoon can be spent enjoying Agadir’s sandy beaches.

After dinner, we will get our first musical immersion with a group of authentic Moroccan folk & Gnawa musicians at Jazzawiya. 

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Omar and Amira, I have come to a conclusion. Magical. The trip was magic. All around us, with us in every way. Magic that awakened dormant seeds and brought to life love, laughter and deep connection. I know I was deeply touched and I believe everyone was deeply touched in some way. Thank you for making this happen. On the practical: Proubably an on going debate about the bus or train or plane. The bus was really long and yet one of my highlights was eating at the bus stop, shopping , then going across the street to the historic Site known as a stop for travelers on the Silk Road. Amaizing place. It was there I practiced whirling my first time. The place was beautiful. And…Bus. Long long days. Food was over all fine. The Retreat center food really good. Group dynamics- really good. Leadership: Omar- excellent. You are Amaizing Teachers/ cultural exposure: every one and more: Haleh, Chem Baba, Shamstick (forgetting his name) the talk about Sufi hats and all the beautiful felt, exposure attending evening events Rumi’s birthday, semma gatherings, everything informed each other when developing a stronger picture of a Sufi culture and practice while recognizing how much more there is to learn. Group schedule: could be improved. More clarity so folks could slip out for personal needs and or space for options of things to do. Beside schedule need for clarity I also wonder if personal time was consumed by 3 days of bus time. Overall: Amaizing. Thank you! thank you! I send love and gratitude.
By Kelley J for Sufi Tour & Retreat in Turkey on Oct 17, 2023
There are no words to describe how nourishing and expanding this Journey with Lila Series Tours was. Firstly the accommodations, food , and travel provided were all exceptional. Most amazingly this was a journey of the heart, of participants and experiencers , not of tourists and intellectual accumulators. We became an international family of joyous participation from whatever varied levels of exposure we had had previously to Sufi culture. I am deeply grateful and astoundingly enriched by this journey. I will never be the same. Thank you , Mahalo, Tesekkur ederim!
By sarah m for Sufi Tour & Retreat in Turkey on Oct 16, 2023
Very well organized, nice, safe space for a large group. Plenty of adventures off the beaten path, and the big tourist attractions too. Highly recommend.
By Leslie Z for Sufi Tour & Retreat in Turkey on Oct 06, 2023
Oh No!! Just spent 30 minutes writing a Glowing Review of this Amazing Tour, part of the Lila Series, and just now lost my internet connection, so my entire review is in the Ozone layer somewhere.... No time to redo it now. Rating: 10 Stars!! The absolute best group tour I have ever experienced in my 67 years of International Travel. Hands down!! Or rather, Hands on Drums.... Kudos to Omar Aena, Samir Langus and Yana Chudnaya for curating and organizing and gently herding all 30 of us on the most intimate, life transforming, immersive, Friends for Life Journey and Adventure! So much more than just a "mere" group tour.... I plan to go on every Lila Series Tour available in the future.... So, Just Do It!! Just sign up and GO, already.... From the Back Of The Bus.... Grandmere Deborah Dragonfly, the Matriarch of this Tour and Damn Proud Of It!! May 23, 2023
By Deborah Jo K for Sacred Music Tour in Morocco on May 23, 2023
This trip enriched my life, made it fuller, and will stay with me forever.
By Sallie S for Sacred Music Tour in Morocco on May 22, 2023
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