Sacred Storytellers Retreat

Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

Oct 14 - 17, 2021
Group size: 1 - 15
Sacred Storytellers Retreat
Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

Oct 14 - 17, 2021
Group size: 1 - 15

About this trip

It's your time to birth your soul book and share your story in a book that magnifies your message and your mission.

You're no stranger to transformation. You've birthed and rebirthed several versions of yourself and your work. And your soul-led business is your sacred way of contributing light to the planet. 

You know in your bones that your deeply moving book will amplify your light like a supernova. 

It will be the catalyst for invitations to podcasts, summits, media platforms, and so many other ways of sharing your medicine with a wider audience.

You're so ready to… 

  • Be seen as an expert in your niche for your soul-inspired message
  • Use your voice to share your journey and empower others
  • Rise to the next level of income and impact in your business 
  • Honor your deep yearning to birth your book and hold it in your hands

Yet up until now, it hasn't felt clear how to make this life-changing project happen.

You're not sure how to get started. You wonder what's involved in being published.

And it's hard to find the time to dedicate to writing. Even though you enjoy writing and your soul yearns for this story to emerge and be shared.

You may even have heard that "it's so hard to write a book," and your intuition resists the process, knowing there must be an easier way.

You've likely explored some possibilities -- checked out a book coach, looked at an online writing course, or watched a training about publishing your own book.

But so far nothing has felt right.

The reason is that the missing piece isn't information. 

Right now, your book already exists within you. It's part of you. It's YOUR powerful story. You don't need an expert or outside wisdom to tell you what your story is.

Instead, what you're craving is the ritual and rite to awaken your book, and the sacred space to tend to its birth.

So that you can welcome your book to the world with ease, flow, and joy.

This is exactly why we created the Sacred Storytellers Retreat. 

It's for soul-led business owners like you who deeply crave being fully seen. You're ready to write and publish a book that shares your profound message and expands your impact. 

Sacred Storytellers is a weekend retreat that invites you back home to your highest wisdom so you can write and publish the book that's in your heart.

In this intimate weekend retreat, you will experience...

🔥 Sacred time and space to fully immerse yourself in the energy of creation and ignite the book that's dormant within you

🔥 Accelerated results because you'll dive into your intuition, supported by sacred rituals to supercharge your creativity

🔥 The inspiration of being surrounded by nature with her beauty and solitude, away from the concerns and demands of daily life

🔥 The organic buzz created when a group of committed, soulful light leaders gather with a shared purpose and intention 

🔥 Unlocking your voice and your vibration with movement, meditation, and ceremony

🔥 Clarifying your ideas and allowing the process to flow with writing support and guidance

Right now, it's so frustrating that your book remains an idea rather than a reality.

You have a deep yearning to write, but you aren't prioritizing it in your life. You're so tired of making excuses for not carving out the time to write your book, and there may even be a heaviness, feeling like you're not setting the boundaries that are truly in alignment with what you want.

With each passing day, you're more and more aware that you need to create your own platform for your message. Social media is fleeting, and we never know what may be censored or one day gone. 

Meanwhile, you see how your message could be lighting up the world. Sharing your medicine with more people. And creating the activations that will heal people and the planet. You don't want to wait another year to rise into this next level of influence and leadership.

Instead, you're ready to create the book that becomes a tangible point of connection.

You're so excited to share your story and show others what's possible for them. 

So you can be a catalyst for even greater change to take place on this Earth as your book gains your invitations to share your message through interviews, summits, podcasts, and media outlets. 

Following the Sacred Storytellers Retreat you will have…

  • The key elements of your book mapped out so you're one step closer to becoming a published author
  • Clarity about your book's purpose and how it will support your mission and your message
  • Greater ease and flow around writing plus techniques to rekindle your inspiration 
  • A deeper connection with your creativity and the tools to call her forth to support you
  • A renewed feeling of alignment from actively taking steps to make your dream a reality

Meet your Guides

Annette Maria is Founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Best Selling Author, Host of Sacred Dance Podcast & Intuitive Facilitator of Healing. Through Sanctuary Publishing she supports entrepreneurs in becoming published authors to make a greater impact. Annette believes through storytelling, you can show others what is possible for their lives. She wants to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s purpose. 

Megan Barnhard is the author of five books and the founder of Write with Megan. As a Story Magician and Intuitive Writing Coach, she helps people discover their wise writer within and their inner content goddess so they can share their soul message with ease and flow through connected copywriting and transformational books. She is on a mission to revolutionize marketing and spread light online, and she believes that writing is everyone's birthright. 

What to expect from your time at Sacred Storytellers

In this weekend retreat, prepare to fully step into your own divine creative possibility.

We've curated this experience as a balance of expert guidance to ignite your creative fires, and the sacred time and space to create.

You'll have the practical and energetic tools at your fingertips to immerse yourself in the experience of your book. 

As well as the powerful energy of an intimate community of women on the same journey as you, so that you're surrounded by the radiance of divine feminine creativity. 

Annette will lead the group in meditation and movement to ignite the fires of creativity so you fully unleash your voice. From this activation, you'll find it's easy and juicy to slip into the stream of creation and write from your infinite flow.

Megan will lead the group in writing experiences to unlock your story and the structure of your book so that it whispers to you exactly how it wants to be born. You'll have the support of masculine structures to guide your faminine flow so it feels easy and safe to create. 

Throughout the weekend, you'll have access to 1:1 writing support to iron out any rough patches in your book or in your creative process. This is your time to bring any blocks or resistance to the surface and lovingly dissolve them. 

Following the retreat, you'll be invited to a Celebration Ceremony. This will be your opportunity to hold yourself lovingly accountable for taking action following your time at the retreat. We will celebrate with you and hold space as you decide your next steps, whether you are still writing, revising, or ready to publish. During this ceremony, you will also receive expert guidance about the next steps to take to bring your book fully into the world, ready to hold in your hands. 

Even though you know you're meant to write this book and share your message…

It's completely natural to wonder Who am I to publish a book and share my story? 

Here's the truth about that voice…

It's not coming from you. It's the voice of a society that tries to control, contain, and constrain you.

It's the fear of being seen. Of wondering what will happen when the world sees your light at its full brilliance. When you no longer have the excuse of waiting until you write your book until you go all-in on being visible.

But oh, gorgeous soul, what will happen if you don't shine your brightest? 

Who needs your light -- right at this very moment -- who can't see it because your message isn't out there as bold and as beautiful as it could be?

You know you're here to lead change. To create transformation. 

That little voice of doubt is only the last vestige of society's hold on you.

Slip it off. Stand in your full, naked power.

And join us for the adventure of a lifetime as you step into the spotlight and shine.

It's your time.

Join us to truly retreat into your spacious heart and listen to what she wants to tell you


Dive into this 3 day experience that we created for you to get to know our energy & passion behind why birthing your book in a sacred process is deeply important -> 

What’s included

  • 3 nights at Everland
    Eco-Retreat & Immersive Art Park. We will be housed within the Sanctuary of the Inner Compass Retreat Center.
  • All meals included
    Organic & Locally Sourced & Accommodating to all dietary preferences
  • Airport Transfer
    Transport from Denver Airport
  • Writing Support
    Workshops & 1:1 support throughout the weekend led by Megan Barnhard
  • Meditation + Movement
    Morning meditation & movement to come back to the present moment & allow creativity to flow led by Annette Szproch
  • Cacao Ceremony
    Enjoy a cacao ceremony upon arriving to open your heart & open this portal to deeper expression
  • Sound Bath
    Enjoy a transcending sound bath to raise your frequency & heal on a cellular level
  • Cold Plunge + Sauna
    You have access to a cold plunge & sauna on the property
  • Pre-Retreat Ceremony
    1 month prior to the retreat to get your creative juices following, we will meet via Zoom
  • Celebration Ceremony
    1 month after going home, there will be an integration session via Zoom
  • Airfare into Denver CO
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

Available Packages

Shared Room- Pay in Full
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Shared Room- Payment Plan
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Deposit: $840
Solo Room- Payment Plan
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Deposit: $1,111
Solo Room- Pay in Full
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Everland Staff

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Day 1- Tuning In
Tuning In

Arrive to the Sanctuary of the Inner Compass Retreat Center on 10/14

Settling into the land of Everland & energy of this potent portal 


Enter the Welcome Ceremony adorned by Spirit Crowns & embarking on a Cacao Ceremony 

*This is an intuitively run retreat, things may alter to fit group needs*

Your Organizer

Annette Maria
Annette Maria is Founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Best Selling Author, Host of Sacred Dance Podcast & Intuitive Facilitator of Healing. Through Sanctuary Publishing she supports entrepreneurs in becoming published authors to make a greater impact. Annette believes through storytelling, you can show others what is possible for their lives. She wants to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s purpose.