Sacred Union One Day Retreat

Miami, FL, USA

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Dec 11, 2021
Group size: 40 - 40
Sacred Union One Day Retreat
Miami, FL, USA

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Dec 11, 2021
Group size: 40 - 40

About this trip

Hey Tribe!

We are so excited and honored to host our first Sacred Union - Day Retreat right here in sunny Miami. We invite you to explore this invitation as a calling to your highest soul's purpose. Please read carefully and tune in to your body and listen to what your intuition is telling you. If you are reading this right now, trust me, you are at the right place!

Creating and nurturing sacred relationships means everything to the enjoyment and fulfillment of the human experience. Through our relationships we can truly practice Divinity, both in giving and receiving. Sacred Union is a safe container uniting Men and Women to experience the sacredness of the opposite sex. We will laugh, cry and dance together as we heal past and generational traumas and write a new blueprint for human interaction and relationships based on love, deep connection and authenticity.  

Sacred Union has created a full day designed to go even deeper than before. In this sacred day we will explore journaling, exercises, breathwork, dance, partnered activities, group healing and ceremonies to elevate your relationship consciousness, lighten your past baggage and allowing your relationships to be easy, fun and meaningful exchanges.

The main goals for this One Day Retreat are to learn where you may be misaligned with you own masculine/feminine energies and to give you THE SACRED tools necessary to have successful relationships in your life!

THE WORK STARTS NOW! Trust us, we know. We have been on the path of creating empowered sacred relationships for a long time and have experienced nearly every frustration and mishap through direct personal experience, through the stories of our sacred friends, and from the clients and students we serve in women's and men's circles, one on one coaching, and workshops. 

Through all of these sessions, we have discovered the tools and practices that develop a sacred union within oneself while simultaneously harmonizing the relationships around us as divine. 

And we have found that the deeper levels of this this work requires community. A community who holds space. A community who loves to do the work and creates a sacred container together for healing and transformation. A community who learns how to hold space for each other as we process our deepest traumas. A community who smiles and cries with us. A community who becomes a family of sacred reflections.

*If creating and nurturing sacred relationships interests you, then you are called to join this community for the Sacred Union One Day Retreat.

*If you are in a relationship wanting to learn how to do the work together to overcome past programs and traumas that hold the relationship back from expressing this love to the fullest potential... come to Sacred Union and learn the tools.

*If you are single and looking to heal your past programming so that your new relationships are consciously co-created and bulletproof against misunderstandings, assumptions and protective behaviors... come to Sacred Union and transform.

The angels sing, the doves fly and we all feel the shift when our relationships become deeper, more connected, and more SACRED.

Come play and learn in our Sacred Union Day Retreat to:

*Elevate all of your current relationships with the opposite sex. 

*Understand Feminine and Masculine energy and learn how you may be imbalanced. 

*Manifest your new relationships from a higher frequency!!

*End the confusion once and for all in relating to the opposite sex.

*Enjoy the wonders of being fully present to the opposite sex.

*Learn valuable relationship tools to explore, express, share, play and navigate life together consciously.

*Communicate effortlessly all needs and conflicts with the opposite sex.

*Heal deep wounds and trauma bonds in a proven group and partnered healing format that frees up your energy for expressing and receiving love.

*Master masculine and feminine energies, polarity, and play.

*Improve all your relations with the opposite sex, making them so much more fulfilling and fun! 

*Explore sacred play and connection with the opposite sex in a safe container.

*Invest in your inner work to embody your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Archetype.

Meet other Men and Women who are growing themselves on this journey and stay connected.

Imagine how much better your life will be when you train your body and nervous system to experience the opposite sex from a healed state and install new programs based on love. 

What will you be capable of when greater love pours through you and from you?

Meet Jeanette and Jeff

Jeanette Rios Evans  -  Transformational Life Coach | Sacred Healer | Holistic Health Practitioner | Medicine Music Singer 

Jeanette is a modern day Curandera whose soul mission is to use all her gifts, knowledge, and love to transform lives as a guide to greater self-love and understanding so that we are all free to sing our own song from the depths of our soul. Through her own personal journey in finding her true voice and trainings in modern modalities, she has come to lead 400+ women to heal and assist them in living their best lives. 

Through the company she founded, I AM SACRED, Jeanette leads in person and virtual sister circles, group coaching programs, and retreats for women and men. Jeanette shares her gift of song as a medicine music singer at international spiritual festivals and in the recording studio.

Jeff Parker - Transformational Life Coach | Theta Healer

  Jeff Parker LOVES you. His mission is create elevated spaces for authentic connection, healing and fun. Jeff is a spiritual healer and conscious community leader. Through wellness events, workshops, and one on one coaching, Jeff enthusiastically guides humans to heal their traumas, take command of their programs, tap into their highest potential and live in alignment with their highest truths. 

Jeff founded the Miracle Men Movement to elevate new leaders and bring conscious Brotherhood as a medicine to the community.  Miracle Men gather to strengthen their hearts, connect, share pain and wisdom, practice vulnerability and healthy emotional relating, train the spiritual body, up level knowledge, heal, explore Divine Masculine archetypes, and participate in rites of initiation.

What to expect

We don't want to give away all the details but if you have experienced a Sacred Union event then you know you MUST SURRENDER and well, you are in the SAFEST CONTAINER AND HANDS! If it's your first time with us just #TRUST THE GUIDANCE OF THE UNIVERSE!

START/MEET Time is promptly at 9:30 AM (Location will be emailed once you reserve your spot)

Lunch will be from 12:30- 1:45 PM (Please bring your own lunch or we will happily provide a vegan lunch option for $25 - see purchase at checkout)

Fruit/snack breaks will be included.


END TIME is at 6 PM 

Please Email us with Questions to

What to bring

 You absolutely 100% need to bring the following:

* Your own water bottle 

* Yoga mat/ or cushion to sit.

* Bring your journal and pen

* Comfortable clothing + swimsuit /coverup. We will have a playful celebratory ceremony 

Email us to get on a call with Jeanette or Jeff to discuss any questions/ concerns. 


A deposit of $111 is to reserve your spot and will not be refunded if you would like to cancel. 

Spaces are very limited for this retreat and we are calling in committed souls to join us on this transformative day.

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Available Packages

Sacred King
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Deposit: $111
Sacred Queen
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Deposit: $111

Available options

Catered Vegan Lunch

Your Organizer

The Sacred Union is a safe sacred space for men and women to experience one another through the lenses of love. Come listen, learn, share, and hold space for the opposite sex. Come play in all the different roles that are so rightfully yours. Together we will explore some powerful exercises and discussions aimed at creating a greater understanding of the feminine and masculine and creating balance and harmony within ourselves. We will laugh, cry, move, and sing as we explore as one tribe.