sacred wild woman dance Retreat // Mai 2022 island La Gomera Spain

La Gomera Spain

Eva Neeracher
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May 14 - 21, 2022
Group size: 5 - 10
sacred wild woman dance Retreat // Mai 2022 island La Gomera Spain
La Gomera Spain

Eva Neeracher
  • Email address verified

May 14 - 21, 2022
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip


"awaken your souls creative path..." Welcome! be part of my sacred wild woman dance-Retreat/ Mai 2022 on the powerful island La Gomera / Canarian island /Spain.

As a dance-artist / dance-therapist & creative Life Coach I am very happy to have you!

  « Are you ready for a holistic time-out & courageous re-orientation? Come, and dedicate to yourself the gift of a healing body & soul restoration, with loving self-care. Open your wings in a life-affirming way and let your YES carry you into a new chapter of your life. Let yourself be guided by your soul and bring your authentic life vision into abundant fruition. »

Imagine being immersed in sacred feminine power, grounded, barefoot on mother earth. Riding the waves of creativity, and cultivating your life plans in sacred sisterhood, amongst like-minded souls. Let your unfiltered joy of life flood into your dancing, held by the power of nature. The magnificent view of the ocean opens your heart & empowers your mind to integrate the limitlessness of the horizon into your creative process. Let your inner wild child take your hand as you venture into territory of uncharted waters while finding new grounds that can hold your vast potential

**Retreat day-insight: 

We will explore within a personal group-size with lots of space for individual mentoring and our Retreat day will start with 4 hours programm of my movement ressources like: dance &art- expression, Yoga& meditative -moments, creative life- visualisations, intuitive writing & painting, dance-therapie & life-Coaching-essence….

We will be indoors in a safe & lightful Studio space directly on the beach & enjoy dancing outdoor by integrating the power of the nature elements, to get grounded and open the mindset with a limitless horozont ! 

Trust! Your inner child will take you by the hand and guides you back to your source of pure life-joy! To bring your haert -fire back into shine by releasing old baggage, to create space for your new authentic Self and your souls new vision of life. I love to be part of your journey with my longtime experience of group-leading process with interdisciplinairy methodes of Coaching & dance therapie.

 Open your haert and fly! We will playfuly find your next chapter, your haeert-projects...Enjoy the empowering uplift of the sisterhood-group and the healing experience of your authentic wild nature!


«sacred Sister-hood, pure  nature-power, re-born, just be Your-Self, self-empowerment, Re-booth, outdoor, playfulnes, inner child, creativity, no limits, freedom, open horizon, adventure, out of comfort-Zone, release old density, break- trough,  surfing the creative waves, Ocean-view, star-lights, fire-place, neu-start, Vision, new Life-chapter, womans-power,  collectiv-haert, mindfulness, thankfuly, joyfull-godess, instinct, wild-plants, dancing, free-expression, painting, creative-writing, authentic- growing, Self-Care, body work, Yoga-elements, power of breath, soul-wispers, potential self-development all in flow…island-womans-sacred life…»

Booking Info

Please book latest until 30.of march 2022! last 4 spots available:-)

 my Retreat- intention is to offer you a deep& profound experience

with lots of personal coaching & individual mentoring for your next steps in your Life-chapter.

Thank you for booking  your Retreat- spot directly with me.

Make sure you book early, I have only limited spots availabe, to keep the group-size personal.


 notice, that your accommodation & food is not included in the participation fee!

Please book your accomodation directly at the wonderful Retreat -Location: Hotel Finca El Cabrito, its a wonderful eco hotel located directly on the beach, inbedded  into nature with wonderful restoring energie! 

For accomodation-booking the friendly team of the Hotel will assist you:-) 

Please contact: 

Feel welcome to contact me for more details  about my wild woman dance Retreat-Program:-))

Looking very much forward to meet you in person! Namaste!

What’s included

  • dance& Yoga
  • dance therapie
  • Life Coaching
  • art expression
  • Vision-work
  • creative writing
  • body work
  • Sister hood power
  • Acomodation
  • food
  • Airport transver


Wild woman dance Retreat
"awaken your souls creative path.."

Your Organizer

Eva Neeracher
dance-Artist/ creative Life/Coach& dance-therapist