Sadhana Retreat

Dangriga, Belize

Nikita Sandouka
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Sep 16 - 20, 2023
Group size: 23 - 23
Sadhana Retreat
Dangriga, Belize

Nikita Sandouka
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Sep 16 - 20, 2023
Group size: 23 - 23

About this trip

The Sadhana Women's Retreat is a destination of self-discovery intentionally designed to empower women to recognize the power and gifts they possess within. 

This experience is curated for women who are ready to step into their Purpose! 

The Sadhana Retreat will take place on a secluded island in Belize, which provides the perfect environment to connect, release, surrender, discover, unwind, heal, and most importantly - HAVE FUN! 

Your package includes an all-inclusive trip (airfare excluded) from the time you land in Belize, until the time we bring you back to the airport. 

Book NOW! Your Higher Self & Inner Child is waiting! 

What’s included

  • Domestic Transportation
    Once you arrive in Belize, you will be traveling to the boat doc via a 15 minute commuter flight. From there, paradise is only a 25 minute boat ride away. This accommodation is roundtrip
  • Private Island in Belize
    We will stay on a private island in Belize located on the Caribbean Sea.
  • Gourmet Meals
    Be prepared to enjoy the best authentic Belizean cuisine, prepared by natives with love and care. Your first day will include fresh lobster, crab, and conch fish directly from the Caribbean Sea.
  • Yoga/Meditation
    Guided morning Yoga/Meditation will be available under the serene bungalow of Serenity Place, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea
  • Snorkeling
    Enjoy a group snorkeling trip in Belize AMAZING Barrier Reef! The second largest reef in the world.
  • Local Alcohol
    Hyper Vodka, 5 Barrel Rum, Crystal Light Rum, Coconut Rum, Belizean Rum, and local Beer & Wine.
  • Non-motorized Equipment
    Exclusive use of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Snorkel Gear, Fishing Poles, and other non-motorized island toys.
  • Snacks/Refreshments
    All day snacks/refreshments
  • Accommodations
    Your stay will be magical in either an Over-Water Bungalow or Oceanfront Cabana. Open your eyes to the sun-rising over the Caribbean Sea. SPECTACULAR
  • Indigenous Ceremony
    Enjoy an Indigenous ceremony from Mayan Natives, followed by a traditional pig roast.
  • Self-Love Workshop
    We will dive deep within ourselves to understand the conscious and unconscious ways to identify and maintain self-love as well as how it is needed to find and maintain True Love.
  • Creation Workshop
    Creation is the act of bringing something into existence. This workshop focuses on the foundation of creation. You will understand the meaning, process, obstacles, and expectations of creating
  • Know ThySELF Workshop
    This workshop will allow for exploration of the energies within our individual souls, our challenges, and how to use our talents to fulfill our soul's purpose.
  • Devotional Ceremony
    Musical meditative ceremony designed to bring awareness to suppressed emotions stored in the body. End with a self-devotional dance ceremony designed to move negative energy through and out the body
  • Concierge Service
    Resort staff available, ready, and willing to help with any and all guests needs.

What’s not included

  • International Flights
    Your international flight to & from Belize City is not included in the retreat price.
  • Optional Reiki
    Optional: Limited Reiki sessions will be available for purchase by our very own Retreat/Workshop lead, Sadeeriyah
  • Opt. SoulContract Read
    Optional: Limited Soul contract readings will be available for purchase by our very own Retreat/Workshop lead, Robyn Love
  • Optional 1-1 Coaching
    Optional: Limited 1-1 self-actualizing coaching sessions will be available for purchase by our very own Retreat/Workshop lead, Sherretha

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $250

Available options


Day 1

DISCLAIMER: International Flights should arrive in Belize City no later than 2:30 PM CST. 


-Meet & Greet over drinks and fresh lobster, crab, and fish caught directly from the Sea just hours before you arrive. 

-Relax and enjoy the island! Don't forget to catch the breathtaking sunset! 



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