Safari & Yoga Retreat with Lamya & Payal

  • Pench,India
  • Dec 9 - 13, 2016
  • Trip Size: 8 - 25 people


Deposit: $140


Yoga and Safari Retreat ~ Mahua Vann, Pench
9th – 13th December, 2016

Stop. Reset. Rejuvenate with Payal and Lamya

A winter Yoga and Wildlife Retreat at an eco friendly resort in Pench, Madhya Pradesh, right in the heart of India. Immerse yourself into nature, experience the magic of Indian forests, allow the body to be energized with asana and mind centered with pranayama and meditation. This retreat has been designed to enable release from patterns carried forward over the years, so you can move into the new year refreshed, balanced and luminous.

- Daily yoga, Meditation sessions, Bonfire & more.
- Safaris to Pench National Park
- Nature walks
-Accomodation at the Mahua Vann cottages
-Healthy Meals

Payal and Lamya strive to bring the practice of attention and mindfulness to all aspects of life. Maintaining alignment in the body to create alignment within the thoughts and emotions in order to inspire a life of the highest purpose is a daily practice. Coincidently, both these yoginis have lent inspiration from teachers like Elena Brower, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker and imbibed the teachings of Swami Rama in order to create a practice that links the power of the breath and mind to create the highest sense of harmony within the body,mind and spirit.

They believe that nature holds the secret tonic to enliven our spirits and find as many outlets to teach in the outdoors. Sharing and connecting in nature is essential to psychological and physical wellbeing.

Location :

Mahua Vann is an Eco- Sensitive resort and while it gives travellers all the comforts, it encourages its guests to soak the experience of nature, silence , abundance of fresh air and just a sense of being in serene surroundings. There is plenty of birdlife and forest around, with tiny villages in its vicinity.

Mahua Vann stands true to its name as a property created inside a forest with more than 300 large trees spread over 11 acres. Mahua Vann is surrounded by seasonal streams on two sides and a pond, blessing its cottages with a view of water bodies pleasing to the senses. Out of 20 cottages, 12 are designed to give the guests a sense of privacy, while 8 cottages are in cluster, allowing visiting groups an opportunity to bond with each other.For more:

The resort is family friendly & special arrangements can be made for accompanying spouse or children.Kindly reach out to us for the same.

Investment : INR 36,000 Rupees/AED 1980 /USD 550
25% Deposit in advance to be paid to reserve a confirmed spot.
Kindly book in advance to allow us to make all suitable arrangements.(For safaris there is an ID requirement)

Refund/Cancellation Policy
-Full deposit return incase of cancellation before November 15th, 2016
-50% of deposit return incase of cancellation before December 1st, 2016
-No refunds after 1st December

For bookings & further enquires contact :

Lamya Arsiwala
+91 9820184584

Payal Khanwani
+971 50 6720549

About the Teachers :


Lamya believes that the practice of yoga has the power to heal the body and mind enabling us to create for ourselves a life truly worth celebrating. Once one begins to scratch the surface by committing to a particular practice, there is an ocean of opportunity for self–exploration and transformation. She currently co – owns The Yoga House which now has three operating centers and teaches Retreats around India. When she’s not in Mumbai working on healthy dishes and teaching, she spends time outdoors, allowing herself to soak in wisdom from nature. She believes time in nature can be very therapeutic for the soul and body as it cleanses and absorbs heaviness from the body and harmonizes one with their true nature and environment.

In the past five years that she has been teaching yoga, she has discovered that the aim of asana and pranayama is to teach oneself to relax. Just as we learn to breathe deeper, let go and relax in our poses on the mat, we can learn to relax, soften and let go off the mat. She believes that learning to accepting oneself where we are on the mat puts us in a position to accept our limitations off the mat without self-judgment and guilt. The focus of her class in to learn to operate in all aspects of life from a place of LOVE -- Starting with loving the body as it is, in every moment and embracing its limitations wholeheartedly. She believes the body responds only if we approach ourselves and our practice from a place of acceptance and self appreciation. The practice is here to take us back to our hearts.


With a passion for health and life ,for Payal, yoga is nurturing, soothing and empowering. She believes Yoga takes care of developing and ‘discovering’ ourselves on all levels : physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.
She completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife® in Dharamsala, India. Fascinated by human biology, health and science drove her to study Biomedical Engineering in India, Germany and Switzerland. She is born and brought up in Dubai and has spent a few years in India where she first stepped on the mat at the age of 17. She realizes that the world of inner engineering of yoga and that of health engineering are very similar at their core, both understanding the experiences that come up during the ‘process’ of living.

She is patient and loves to teach and learn constantly from inspiring teachers from different parts of the world such as Rod Stryker ,Shiva Rea, Coral Brown, Simon Park, Poonam Stecher Sharma , Max Strom, Sanjeev Bhanot and others. Teaching a combination of different forms of Hatha yoga she has always tried to spread the joy of Yoga and awesomeness of existence on and off the mat.

Her interests are in Yoga, Ayurveda and other spheres of Eastern Medicine. She has experience in scientific biomedical research with a publication on music meditation. She loves her subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience that makes the human body the most fascinating to learn about.

What's Included

- Daily yoga, Meditation sessions, Bonfire & more.
- Safaris to Pench National Park
- Nature walks
-Accomodation at the Mahua Vann cottages
-Healthy Meals
-Transportation from the airport to the resort

Not Included

Flights to India/Nagpur are not included.

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