Sampoorna Yoga Winter Retreat 2021

Chateau Frandeux, Rue des Pèlerins 4, 5580 Frandeux, Belgium

Sampoorna Yoga
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Nov 19 - 21, 2021
Group size: 15 - 33
Sampoorna Yoga Winter Retreat 2021
Chateau Frandeux, Rue des Pèlerins 4, 5580 Frandeux, Belgium

Sampoorna Yoga
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Nov 19 - 21, 2021
Group size: 15 - 33

About this trip

Want to deepen your practice of yoga?
Never done yoga before but curious to start?
Need a break to reconnect with yourself?

Join the Belgian Sampoorna Yoga Team for a yoga weekend retreat at the beautiful Chateau Frandeux in the Ardennes. You will return recharged and rebalanced on all levels!

What we do during the retreat

Hatha Yoga - cleansing of the body and energy systems

Twice-a-day hatha yoga practice with breathing exercises, yoga postures and deep relaxation. Suitable for all levels – beginners will receive special attention and advanced students will get the challenges they need to develop further. Special focus of the Hatha Yoga sessions will be cleansing.

Meditation - cleansing of the mental system

Guided and silent meditation. We will use the precious hours of the early morning to move towards the state of highest concentration and creativity by turning the mind inwards.

Mantra Chanting - cleansing of the emotional and energy systems

Repetitive singing of mantras, vibrational manifestations of aspects of the Divine – a very effective and beautiful method to concentrate the mind and to purify the heart. You don’t need to be a good singer to experience the power of chanting!

Nada Yoga (Yoga Of Sound) - cleansing of the energy system 

Rhythm and melody is common to everything in nature, and we will explore sound vibrations by both listening to and producing sound. You will experience the healthful effects of sound on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

Jnana Yoga (Yoga philosophy) - cleansing of the intellectual system

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of theory”, but we must practice with proper understanding and purpose. During the talks and discussions we will explore the yogic scriptures and concepts.

Enjoy personal treatments, sauna, or take a forest bath

In your free time, we offer personal treatments like Shiatsu, sound bath, oil massage and Reiki.  On Saturday afternoon you can enjoy the grand sauna and cool down in the adjacent lake or have a great walk in the surrounding forest and meadows.



18:00 Arrival and check-in
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Introduction and satsang (mantra chanting and meditation)


06:00 Meditation, chanting, talk
08:00 Hatha yoga
10:00 Brunch
11:00 Karma yoga and free time
13.30 Afternoon snack
16:00 Yin yoga
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Meditation, chanting, talk


06:00 Meditation, chanting, talk

08:00 Hatha yoga

10:00 Brunch 

11:00 Karma Yoga

12:00 Meditation, chanting, closure

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Clean up & bye bye


Château Frandeux  (

The domain Frandeux is situated on the outskirts of the Belgian Ardennes, in the region “Les Famennes” and belongs to the province of Namur. The area is also called “the Valley Country”, a land with castles and a rich and varied heritage. The village of Frandeux is formed by some 40 houses and is situated in the valley of the Vachau, about 6 km from Rochefort.

There are single, double and triple rooms with en-suite or shared shower, so prices are according to type of accommodation. Kids are welcome to join, they can sleep on extra comfortable stretchers in the parents bedroom.

Organisation and teachers

All organisers are certified Sampoorna Yoga teachers (US Yoga Alliance 500hrs) and direct students of Shri Yogi Hari:

Eknath (Belgium) 

decided to lower the volume and slow down the tempo after 25 years as a professional musician (Erwin Vann). He has been practicing Tai Chi, Aïkido, Yoga and Chi Kung for many years. Already in his teens – while practicing the saxophone – he learned yogic breathing techniques. Eknath started practicing yoga in 1994 and followed workshops and retreats with several teachers, until finally taking the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Hari in 2008–2009. In May 2010, Eknath co-founded the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels. Father of two, Eknath is also a Certified YogaKids Teacher.

Hanna (Finland)

first discovered yoga in 2001 during a burn-out after many years of corporate career. She personally experienced the amazing healing and transformation that yoga can bring on all levels, and wanted to share what she had learned. Hanna followed the Sampoorna yoga teacher training with Yogi Hari in 2008. Together with Eknath, Hanna is a co-founder of the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels. She also continues to work  as a consultant and trainer, sometimes introducing yoga tools in business challenges.

Sophie (Belgium)

got her first yoga experience at the age of 15, learning breathing and relaxation techniques that enabled her to play the violin without pain and stress. Practicing and teaching yoga is her passion and life path. Saraswati took the 200h and 300h advanced Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2015, 2017 and 2018 with Shri Yogi Hari. She is a mother of 3 children and  founder of The Yoga Bar. Since 2015, Saraswati has been a fulltime yoga teacher. Together with Eknath, she also offers a 200h Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dutch.

Ramdas (Belgium)

As a professional musician, Ramdas discovered yoga through music without even knowing it, just by being touched by the soothing presence of his then music teacher. Day by day, Ramdas discovered another possible world: peaceful, sincere, full of life, colors and love. He decided to go deeper and to take part in the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training (200h) with Shri Yogi Hari during the summer of 2013. More involved in his practice than ever, he’s very much looking forward to share this growing yoga passion with everyone who crosses his path.

Cancellation terms

  • Up to 30 days before retreat starts: refund minus 30€ admin fee;
  • 30 – 15 days before retreat starts: refund minus 100€ cancellation fee;
  • less than 15 days before retreat starts: no refund possible.


Unfortunately Covid19 is far from over, and we need to take it into account in this retreat.

We ask you to present a valid Covid Safe Pass upon arrival.

We will use only the large yoga hall for all sessions – both satsangs and yoga classes.

Further information

Language: The retreat is given in easy English, but we also understand and speak Dutch, French, Finnish and Italian.

After registration a few weeks before the start, you will get further practical information about how to get there, carpoolingpossibilities, what to bring etc…. Please feel free to contact us in case of any doubts or questions:


Email: ‘info[at]’

Phone: +32 (0)496/127 266 (Hanna)

What’s included

  • 2 nights
    accommodation at Chateau Frandeux
  • meals
    Friday dinner, Saturday 3 meals (breakfast, light lunch, dinner), Sunday 2 meals (breakfast, lunch)
  • snacks, tea, water
  • Meditation & Kirtan
    morning and evening meditation and kirtan
  • Yoga Philosophy
    brief lectures on yogic philosophy
  • Yoga classes
    Sampoorna Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga
  • Workshops
  • Pickup at train station
  • Travel
    travel to and from the venue is not included. Carpooling can be organised, and pickup from nearby train station will be arranged
  • Sauna
  • Massages
    a limited number of appointments for Ayurvedic massage by our resident massage therapist Jaspal will be available

Available Packages

Single room
Available until 0 days before departureSold Out
Shared room
Available until 0 days before departureSold Out

Your Organizer

Sampoorna Yoga
1 review
We're a team of 4 certified Sampoorna Yoga teachers, direct students of Shri Yogi Hari. Vyasa (Germany) Practices yoga since 2000. Spends 2 years at Yogi Hari’s Ashram, studying all paths of yoga. Works as an engineer, shiatsu therapist and yoga teacher. Gauri (Belgium)  Practices yoga since 2001. Takes the TTC at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in 2005 Today she combines raising 3 kids with working as a school and yoga teacher. Eknath (Belgium)  Practices yoga since 1994. Takes the TTC with Yogi Hari in 2009. In 2010, co-founds the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels. Studied functional anatomy and Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley. Eknath is a professional musician. Hanna (Finland) Discovers yoga in 2001 during a burn-out. She experiences the healing yoga brings on all levels. Takes the TTC with Yogi Hari in 2008. With Eknath, she co-founded the Sampoorna Yoga Studio. Also works as a consultant and trainer, introducing yogic tools in business challenges.


It was a first experience for me with Sampoorna Studio and I liked it very much. It was a real joy to practice with Sampoorna members and the participants. This retreat helped me to go deeper inside me and I really felt the present moment. I progressed physically and mentally. The chanting still resonates in my mind. The room was perfect. The vegan cuisine was amazing and I'm grateful to Sophie who managed both cooking for the group and giving an/or attending yoga classes. I'm looking forward to be there at the next retreat in March 2022.
By Claire B for Sampoorna Yoga Winter Retreat 2021 on 01 Dec, 2021