Savory and Soulful Sicily!

Syracuse, Province of Syracuse, Italy

Sep 12 - 19, 2018
Group size: 10 - 15
Savory and Soulful Sicily!
Syracuse, Province of Syracuse, Italy

Sep 12 - 19, 2018
Group size: 10 - 15

About this trip

Renewal & Connection!

And oh my... such a feast for the senses!

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Get refreshed, pampered and rejuvenated with a total mind-body infusion... 

Breathtaking beauty, ancient architecture, delicious Italian cuisine... and time to relax.

Adventure with Barb Minemier & Elaine Alpert for the curated experience of a lifetime!

Ancient cities, fabulous winery, Italian cooking class, farm-to table dining in the Sicilian countryside! 

And sprinkled in every other day... Morning Gatherings to experience living life in the flow.  

We’ll share guided meditation, uplifting tools and connecting conversation to infuse your life with more ease and freedom--for our trip of course, but also when you return home!

We look forward to spending time with you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of us!

Barb and Elaine 

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Your Travel Hosts...

Barb Minemier, Health & Wellness Guide

Elaine Alpert, M.Ed. International Workshop & Retreat Leader

Benedetto Perrone, Owner of Viaggia Connoi Travel Agency

A little background on Elaine & Barb's collaboration:

This is Barb's 4th time to take a group to Italy, she loves everything about this experience! Barb and Elaine met synchronistically in New York City... and cooked up this idea to pool their respective talents with a mutual love of adventure travel... and Adventures With Soul was born!

Barb's passion is helping men and women feel good in their bodies again and losing weight by counting chemicals not calories. Through working with Barb lives are transformed. As you take baby steps in making lifestyle changes and see your accomplishments - your confidence soars and has a ripple effect in all areas of your life. "I love it when clients connect the dots and experience a shift in their mindset." It's emotional for me to watch and it is for them to experience. Having fun in my life is a priority for me and I bring that aspect into my practice as well. Creating change can be fun! 

Elaine is a lover of all things transformative. She's been leading workshops & retreats for 25 years, helping people learn how to get free from the inner critic--to stop holding ourselves back and purposefully step into the life we were born to live. To become more real, loving and open to 'life as it is.' Graduate school was an opportunity to develop The MindPeace Method... How to not only face life's biggest challenges but learn to thrive in their midst. In answer to her calling, she founded a nonprofit to support mothers to reclaim their lives after the loss of a child. Whatever life brings, we can discover our capacity to Dive Deep and Come Up Light.

And Benny... we are so fortunate to have him join us! He's not only a fabulous travel agent who has lived all his life in Italy, he's family (literally)! Benny knows Italy like the back of his hand, including the spots only locals know about. He's so much fun to have around! And at 6'7", easy to find in a Sicilian market;)

Here's what people are saying...

 "Having traveled most of my adult life to interesting and captivating places, this trip was right up there with my top two favorites, Israel and Africa. Our trip hosts were most accommodating and every event during the trip was well organized. Benny was very helpful arranging side trips during down time at a nominal fee.  The hotel was very charming and the staff was helpful and gracious.  The people in Sicily were down to earth, lovely people wherever we went.  


The tour group was fun to be with, meeting new people and spending time with dear friends was wonderful.  Barbara’s partner Jo being able to converse in Italian made things easier. The cost of the trip was very affordable, considering all the perks that were included.  Any travel agency here in the states could not meet the standard of this trip at the cost offered to us.  I only have praise and gratitude to express about this experience. This trip gave me memories and good feelings to carry through life, which is so appreciated by me.   

Someone told me once, “The most valuable thing you have in life as you grow older, are your memories."  This trip has given me just that, good memories with caring people. Thank you! 

       --Nance K. Agresta

What’s included

  • Transport from airport
    Private transfers on arrival & departure
  • 7 Night Stay
    5-Star Hotel on the Mediterranean
  • Arrival Dinner
    Enjoy the beauty of a Sicilian evening
  • Daily Breakfast
    Let's make mornings a breeze!
  • Dinner at Winery
    Winery tour, wine tastings & dinner
  • Farm-to-Table Lunch
    Organic Farm in the countryside
  • Sicilian Cooking Class
    Recipes of the region and we get to eat them too!
  • Complimentary Massage
    In our Hotel Spa...aaah...
  • All Guided Tours
    Local culture & history in Ortigia, Syracuse, and Noto
  • Transport to all events
    Private, professional transportation
  • Guided Meditation & more
    9:00 Morning Gatherings to get both relaxed and energized for the day:)
  • Trip Facebook Group
    Get to know each other & swap tips ahead of our trip!
  • Airfare
  • Treasures you find!

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Add this code if paying in full to save $400 PAYINFULL

Add this code if making a $1000 deposit to save $200 PAYDEPOSIT

Deposit: $1,000


Arrival & Dinner!

We meet in the Catania airport and head to our beautiful 5-Star hotel in Ortigia, an ancient island city. Our relaxing base camp for all 7 nights while we explore the fascinating East Coast culture of the largest island in the Mediterranean. 

This first evening we’ll savor a delicious Sicilian dinner together while taking in the beauty of the city at night. 

Your Organizer

Barb & Elaine
Joined in March 2018
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