Mazatlán, Sin., México

30 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 20
Mazatlán, Sin., México

30 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip

Discover the best of Sinaloa´s wilderness while exploring the tropical wetlands and taking part on sea turtle conservation in the Mexican Pacific. Live an unforgettable experience releasing sea turtle hatchlings into the sea to begin their lifelong journey and explore the mangrove ecosystem of El Verde Estuary.

What’s included

  • Pick up service
    We pick you up at yor hotel lobby!
  • Ground transportation
    On SUV or Van we will drive for about 40 minutes north of Mazatlan to the Sea turtle sanctuary.
  • Refreshings
    Cold soft drinks and water
  • Appetizer
    Ham & cheese croissant
  • Expert guides
    Bilingual naturalist guide + local community guides
  • Briefing
    Learn about sea turtle ecology and conservation in Mexico + mangrove ecosystem biodiversity
  • Release program
    Help baby sea turtles get to the sea for the first time to begin its lifelong journey.
  • Explore the mangroves!
    Boat or kayak option to explore the mangrove ecosystem of El Verde. *subject to local conditions
  • Drop off
    We will drive you back and drop you off at your hotel or lodging location
  • Propinas
    Para capitanes, guías y chóferes.

Available Packages



Price per one adult on one of our charter expeditions.

Minimum numbers apply. There is a possibility of cancellation after confirmation if there are not enough passengers to meet requirements. In the event of this occurring, you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund. 



Price per children (4-11) in any of our charter expeditions.

Children under 4 ride for free.

Minimum numbers apply. There is a possibility of cancellation after confirmation if there are not enough passengers to meet requirements. In the event of this occurring, you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund. 

Private Tour (up to 7 passengers)

Choose this option for a Private Tour on AC Van for up to 7 passengers.



Sea Turtles & Wetlands
Take part on sea turtle conservation efforts and explore the mangroves

On this adventure you will visit the Sea Turtle Sanctuary of El Verde Camacho, a natural protected area that preserves the nesting habitat of Olive Ridley´s sea turtles as well as the mangrove ecosystem within the El Verde Estuary, right at the mouth of Mazatlan´s most important rivers: El Quelite. 

8:00 am     Pick up at hotels begins

8:30 am     Ground transportation to El Verde-Camacho Sea Turtle                                       Sanctuary, about 30 minutes north of Mazatlan.

9:00 am     Welcome and briefing by community guides in charge of the project and our naturalist guides. You will learn about sea turtle ecology, and the conservation efforts in place within the sanctuary (30 min)

9:30 am      Help baby sea turtles reach the ocean for the first time as you take part on the sanctuary´s hatchling release program.

10:30 am     Explore the mangrove ecosystem of El Verde Camacho. CHOOSE YOUR OPTION: Kayak or Boat tour. You will discover Sinaloa´s wildlife at its best. On this tour you will learn about mangroves and the great biodiversity they support. 

12:00 pm     Free time to grab some refreshings and appetizers, explore around or just relax at the beach before returning to Mazatlan.

1:30 pm      Back in Mazatlan!

Disclaimer: Conditions apply to perform this excursion on kayaks, wether single or double opccupancy. Despite the level of the activity is easy to moderate, with paddling times that do not exceed 1 hour, local conditions can vary. Make sure you have some kayaking experience and be in good physical condition if you intent to choose the kayak option. Otherwise, the boat tour is great option for the whole family! 

Mangrove excursion is subject to water levels in the estuary and other local environmental conditions). 

Minimum age for children on kayaks is 12 years old and in the company of an adult on a double kayak. Single kayaks only for 18+. 

Your Organizer

Onca Explorations
30 reviews
Our ecotours and expeditions are specially designed to enhance your connection with nature and to inspire you to love and protect our living planet. Our one of a kind travel experiences combine elements of exploration, science, experiential learning and cultural exchange, with sustainable tourism activities, for you to witness and experience profound connections with wildlife. While we explore, we learn, we educate, and we document to promote awareness about the value and threats to biodiversity.


We could not have been happier with our experience. We did not see a humpback whale, but we heard them singing with the underwater microphone and then had an unexpected experience when we got to see a Bryde's whale instead. Larger than the humpback! It is always a gamble you will not see anything especially late in the season, but on this day, we did! Crew was wonderful and made our trip one we won't forget.
Our guide Oscar did a great job organizing this trip and accompanied us during the tour. The local guide Don Santos was able to find all of the birds (including the Tufted Jays) that we wanted to see and more. The cabin is rustic but comfortable and quiet. We were happy to meet Don Santos' family at their home in El Palmito where his wife prepared and served us our meals. Overall recommended for those who would like to make the trip to see the Tufted Jays while lettings others take care of the logistics, while also supporting the people and community that are working to protect this vital habitat. Thanks to everyone involved!
By Michael J for TUFTED JAY PRESERVE | BIRDWATCHING (2 Days | 1 Night) on Mar 30, 2023
Ciro was absolutely fantastic as our guide! We saw so many humpback whales including moms with calves and several breaches. They were very respectful of the whales while piloting the boat too. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience in Mazatlán at the end of whale watching season!
We enjoyed the excursion, the staff were wonderful and shared a lot of very interesting facts. We were disappointed we didn’t see any whales, however, we understand our date was pretty late in the season. We’ll try again with ONCA in the future.
This was such a great experience and definitely a highlight of our week in Mazatlán. Communication was excellent throughout the booking process as I had to make a couple of changes to our original reservation. Oscar was our guide and it's evident how passionate he is about oceanography and marine research. He is extremely well educated in these topics and his passion was contagious. We saw a massive pod of about 50 dolphins! Then, after looking and looking for the whales for some time, we made a quick haul about 4 miles offshore and found a pod of 6. It was so spectacular to see them up so close! The rough boat ride (it was quite windy that day) was totally worth it. We stayed with them for quite some time and I never got the sense that Oscar and the other gentleman on the boat with him were just trying to check off a box and get back to the marina. Super, super cool. I loved that you go out on a smaller boat because that means fewer people. There were only 8-10 customers on the boat. Our family of 6 sat up front, another couple sat on the bench in front of the captain, and 2 people in the back. I loved being in the front, although the smaller boat experience may not be for those who get seasick easily, especially if the water is rough that day. So just know that going in. It didn't bother me one bit, but I know it does for some. Highly recommend this company! Go for it!
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