Secret Stash Ganja Yoga Denver Getaway

Denver, CO, USA

Katherine Harris
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Apr 24 - 27, 2020
Group size: 5 - 9
Secret Stash Ganja Yoga Denver Getaway
Denver, CO, USA

Katherine Harris
  • Email address verified
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Apr 24 - 27, 2020
Group size: 5 - 9

About this trip

Time to gather up some amazing guest, as we set out to a beautiful Airbnb in lovely Denver, Colorado. Here we will host a special 4/20 getaway that includes thought out meals, yoga, meditations, art, picnics, along with canna education & activities to bring you closer with your tribe but to your self as well!  

A great way to connect to a cannabis conscious community and a way to support the  movement of diving deeper in to the plant, body, soul connect.  

*We need at least a minimum of 5 guest to make this getaway a go! (possibly 4) 

 *DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on property needs.

Be sure to carefully read all of the information listed below before booking. 

This is a BYOCannbis event.  

BUT we will be in Denver and there are recreational places we can go if needed.  

Be sure to check out more of our content and service options: HERE

Once you have put your deposit down you will be added to the Secret Stash Yoga Tribe Group on Facebook (or IG). This way we can stay connected and share more information about the trip. Like what to pack and what to expect. This getaway will be full of fun activities and this FB group will allow for some fun raffles regarding to trip, and brainstorming of great ideas to make the trip even better! Sponsors coming soon! 


IG: @SecretStashYoga / FB: @SecretStashYoga

 #CannabisYoga #GanjaYoga #CannabisYogaRetreat #GanjaYogaGetaway #420

Location / Transportation


This getaway will take place in the lovely city of Denver at a private location. 

Address will be released when ticket has be paid in full. 


Meet us there  or grab a ride! (Pick up from DIA, Pick up in town, etc.) 

Please contact us with your location if you would like more information on transportation before making your  decision. 

This is a 'Add-On' option below to add transportation to your package.  

Choose this option if you need a ride! 

We will do our best to accommodate and get you here based on your location!

Accommodation Information

Coming soon 

Payment Info

Coming soon 

Ganja Yoga FAQ

Coming Soon 

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    You have the option to choose which sleeping quarters you would like in the package choices listed. Bathroom, kitchen, shared space
  • Meals
    8 meals will be provided during your stay (Breakfast & Dinner) Other meals & snacks are your responsibility, Please list food needs / allergies in noted to organizer at check out.
  • Transportation: Optional
    This is determined on a case by case bases. There is an transportation "Add -on" $$ option if you need or would like transportation to or from the location. Details will be discussed.
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
    You will be guided by a certified, insured yoga instructor through some Ganja Yoga movement.
  • Fun Group Activities
    Exciting various activities & workshops will be set up for the guest to enjoy. Art, tarot, sound healing, and other forms of connecting and relaxing. stay tune for a more detailed list
  • Networking
    A chance to meet new people, start new connections and network with like mind yogi's like your self! All levels welcome!

What’s not included

  • Cannabis
    NOTHING FOR SALE! This is a BYOBud event. Your host will share via sponsors & personals. There are recreational shops in town!
    All transportation to and from this getaway is your responsibility
  • Misc. Cost
    Be sure to bring enough $$$ for other cost out side of the ticket price. You are responsibly for any paying any of the cost for other things you may need.
  • Negative Vibes!
    No thanks

Available Packages

Private Room

Option for your own bedroom ; 1 person per room. 

There will be an add on option $$ (below) : 1 person add on.

 If you would like to share your private room / bed with a friend, spouse, colleague  (Queen bed).  

This would be a great way to share the cost of this getaway. For a small add on fee, you both could split the cost, giving you a chance to attend with some one close to you!

Specific details and pictures soon.   


Deposit: $350
Shared Room / Space

Option for a bed in shared space

This package would pertain to any of the following; Sharing space with a fellow guest; two beds in one room, pull-out couch, open loft space, air mattresses. twin beds, etc.

Specific details and pictures soon

This package does not qualify for the add on option below

Deposit: $350

Available options

Your Organizer

Katherine Harris
Katherine is a certified yoga instructor and founder & coordinator for Secret Stash Yoga. So, looking to Enhance your Yoga experience? Well Elevate yourself with our ganja infused events that encourages relaxation, spiritual awareness, bliss and inner self-reflection through the combination of cannabis and yoga. It is our mission to hold an educational, safe space where outlets are combined to be explored and used to deepen your connection to plant, body, soul. Find out more! FB / IN : @SecretStashYoga

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